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TIP rawax 2022-08-15 12" Electronica WW EXCL
Freddy Fresh 
The Harvest / RX3
RAWAX proudly welcomes Mr. Frederick Schmid aka Freddy Fresh to the label Family! We are very happy to present you one of the true pioneers of Electronic Music on the RX - series. "The Harvest" marks only the beginning of a journey which hopefully takes a long path.
More to come!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3HqYBMw
Artist: Freddy Fresh
Title: The Harvest
Label: RAWAX
Cat: RX3
Format: 12" Vinyl
Release date: August 2022
Genre: Ambient Techno/ Electronica
A1. Freddy Fresh - The Harvest
A2. Freddy Fresh - House - Spanner
B1. Freddy Fresh - Misunderstood
B2. Freddy Fresh - Twain
B3. Freddy Fresh - Horlywagon

W+P by Frederick Schmid
Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com, info@dbh-music.com
EUN Records 2022-05-17 12" Electronica WW EXCL
0n3 EP (incl. Remixes by Akiko Iwahara, Charlton) / E001
Catalogue-number: E001
Release Artist: Thøht
Title: 0n3 EP
Remixers: Akiko Iwahara, Charlton

A1: E001 - thøht - 1nh4l3 (Original Mix)
A2: E001 - thøht - 3xh4l3 (Original Mix)
B1: E001 - thøht - 3xh4l3 (Akiko Iwahara Remix)
B2: E001 - thøht - 1nh4l3 (Charlton Remix)

Thøth in Egyptian religion is the god of the moon, of reckoning, of learning, and of writing. The ancient Egyptians regarded Thøth as One, self-begotten, and self-produced. He was the master of both physical, moral and spiritual (divine) law.

EUN Records' Thøht in a synonymous, as the name itself, ever-evolving path graces the Berlin-based substantial label with ''0n3 EP'', the first installment of its vinyl release series. As One, learns and delivers the language of techno beyond any other language, a language not written in hieroglyphics but a universal language written in blasting techno soundscapes. Akiko Iwahara and Charlton take over the flip side with two staggering remixes!

Support by :
Abstract Division
Astronomical Telegram
Blue Hour
Cannibal Cooking Club
Cristian Marras
Dez Williams
Dr. Motte
Electric Indigo
Electric Rescue (2)
Ethan Fawkes
Fernanda Martins
Figu DS
HD Substance
Inigo Kennedy
Joy Fagnani
Laurent Garnier
Lindsey Herbert
Local Suicide
Lower Order Ethics
Michel Lauriola
Projekt Gestalten
SHDW & Obscure Shape
Takaaki Itoh
EUN Records 2022-05-17 12" Electronica WW EXCL
0n3 EP (incl. Remixes by Akiko Iwahara, Charlton) / E001C
Catalogue-number: E001
Release Artist: Thøht
Title: 0n3 EP
Remixers: Akiko Iwahara, Charlton

A1: E001 - thøht - 1nh4l3 (Original Mix)
A2: E001 - thøht - 3xh4l3 (Original Mix)
B1: E001 - thøht - 3xh4l3 (Akiko Iwahara Remix)
B2: E001 - thøht - 1nh4l3 (Charlton Remix)

Thøth in Egyptian religion is the god of the moon, of reckoning, of learning, and of writing. The ancient Egyptians regarded Thøth as One, self-begotten, and self-produced. He was the master of both physical, moral and spiritual (divine) law.

EUN Records' Thøht in a synonymous, as the name itself, ever-evolving path graces the Berlin-based substantial label with ''0n3 EP'', the first installment of its vinyl release series. As One, learns and delivers the language of techno beyond any other language, a language not written in hieroglyphics but a universal language written in blasting techno soundscapes. Akiko Iwahara and Charlton take over the flip side with two staggering remixes!

Support by :
Abstract Division
Astronomical Telegram
Blue Hour
Cannibal Cooking Club
Cristian Marras
Dez Williams
Dr. Motte
Electric Indigo
Electric Rescue (2)
Ethan Fawkes
Fernanda Martins
Figu DS
HD Substance
Inigo Kennedy
Joy Fagnani
Laurent Garnier
Lindsey Herbert
Local Suicide
Lower Order Ethics
Michel Lauriola
Projekt Gestalten
SHDW & Obscure Shape
Takaaki Itoh
TIP Terre Rouge Records 2022-03-29 12" Electronica WW EXCL
Cedric Dekowski X Mehdi El-Aquil 
Terre Rouge / TR-01LP
after SARS-CoV-2 and further pandemics, TR-LP01 is about to reach it‘s destination. The first generation of interstellar immigration has taken place and some listening bars and clubs are about to open their doors. Terre Rouge...

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3hDp79X

Mehdi El-Aquil - Monorail (9min 20sec)
Mehdi El-Aquil - Noise Reduction (6min 18sec)
Cedric Dekowski - KK88 (11min 58 sec)
Cedric Dekowski - Houston we have no problem (7min 45sec)

Label: Terre Rouge
Cat.: tr-lp01

Format: 12inch LP /inside out full artwork cover

Release: End of March 22

Mastering by Lopazz

Cover by ZweetnM

Distributed by
dbh-music.com & www.terrerougerecords.com
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hueso records 2022-02-21 12" Electronica - Downtempo
Los Jaivas / HR-35
Artwork, Layout – Pablo Castro (3)
Bass, Piano, Programmed By – Max Loderbauer
Bass, Programmed By, Vocals – Argenis Brito
Concept By – Pier Bucci
Electric Guitar – Barraco Parra (tracks: A5)
Mixed By, Mastered By – Tobias Freund
Producer – Mambotur
Programmed By – Pier Bucci, Tobias Freund
Written-By – Los Jaivas, Violeta Parra (tracks: B3)
hueso records 2022-01-18 7" Electronica
Indice De Desempleo 
Warema KK! / HR-25
Recorded in Estudio Magnética, Santiago de Chile, june 1988. Limited to 100 copies.
hueso records 2022-01-18 7" Electronica
Acid Call 
Clap Ya Feet / Puerta 7 / HR-26
TIP System Records 2021-09-17 12" 2xLP Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
Julien Bracht 
Now Forever One / SYS005LP
Fresh off of a remix for Grimes’ “My Name is Dark”, producer Julien Bracht has been powering through CV19 studio seclusion on full-power, with a distinct vision for brighter days ahead. Bracht’s new album, “Now Forever One,” an emblem of dark analog synthwave, is set to drop June 11. Bracht’s first solo album under his own namesake is cut with surgical precision for the shoegazing astral sound travellers who long to break out of their pandemic quarantines, and reconvene for techno-induced ascension. The album’s first single, “Melancholia,” and it’s accompanying video, is already breaking hearts and charts. An exquisite sonic hybrid of communal revelry and profound introspection, “Now Forever One,” focuses Bracht’s multilayered craftsmanship on resolving this era’s angst with sensory exploration and optimism.

As a lifelong drummer, Bracht’s insatiable musical energy lead him to bang out his first 3 EPs within one year of first being signed in 2011-12. In 2015 he founded the band Lea Porcelain with Markus Nikolaus in London. Their hypnotic post-rock debut release in 2017, “Hymns to the Night,” gained instant acclaim from UK tastemakers Lauren Laverne, Steve Lamacq and Zane Lowe, to name a few. The lads broke back onto the international stage with dates on several major festivals around Europe, including the Leeds/Reading Festival, Great Escape Brighton and Latitude. Rich output combined with the inclusion of live drums in his solo live sets quickly gained Bracht recognition and slots on the global tour circuit.

“Now Forever One” forges Julien Bracht’s transition from techno djing, while continuing the explorations of texture and timbre over functional song structures from Lea Porcelain, to a more open-ended search for the aural sublime — the substrate on which music, life and light glide to create momentary nodes of meaning in an increasingly meaningless sociopolitical atmosphere. These are crucial themes to Bracht’s process and approach. “The intention in my music is to strengthen people’s awareness and minds… I want us all to gather in spirit and stick together.”

The album exemplifies Bracht’s hunt for elemental juxtaposition with the warm Prophet 6’s sawtooth howls and bright pads against chillingly indifferent pulsing basslines and percussion. Clocking in at just under 65 minutes, “Now Forever One’s” tracks are sequenced to take the listener through the full emotional arch of a 15-hour rave, with an emphasis on those moments of collective epiphany where heaving techno floors become the perfect microcosm for an idealistic and interconnected future. Interspersed with improvisational one-takes, the album submerges the listener in polyrhythmic meditations, of which “Streets” and “Nocturne” are standout examples, and soars on the vaulted synth melodies of future dance floor favourites “Melancholia” and “Dreams of Euphoria.” Sascha Ring of Apparat & Moderat puts it perfectly: “I played “Melancholia” the night I got it at Mutek Festival in Mexico City, and instantly knew it’ll shine on a big floor at the right time. It’s just the right balance of majestic melodic deepness.” The sounds are both triumphant and exploratory.

Greater than the sum of its parts, Bracht’s latest release hints at the artist’s emerging potential for nailing our moment’s zeitgeist; learning to live smaller while constantly seeking higher heights. Inhabiting the fertile ground between solitary rumination and dance-floor convenance, the launch of “Now Forever One’s” lunar expedition into the techno oblivion of pandemic lockdown is oddly fitting.
TIP otake records 2021-05-10 12" 12 Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
palms palms 
plant serum / otake041
palms palms – plant serum

palms palms, also known as lampsey lamps, has been making music ever since he felt like it. He creates melodies for both terrestrial and extraterrestrial forms of life, including plants, earthworms, lydgae and amyopi.

01. palms palms - caress the roots
02. palms palms - feed your microbes
03. palms palms - light talk
04. palms palms - power plant
05. palms palms – juices

06. palms palms - when things are not right, flowers blossom
07. palms palms - cut the dead stuff
08. palms palms - take this
09. palms palms - take that
10. palms palms - touchfeel
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TIP Vordergrund Musik 2021-04-13 12" lp Electronica WW EXCL
Martin Merz 
Vertigo / vgm020
Artist: Martin Merz
Title: Vertigo
Label: Vordergrundmusik
Catalogue No: VGM020
Release Date: 16.04.2021
Format: Vinyl LP

The sound of MARTIN MERZ is a scenario of gloomy soundscapes and
analogue bass figures, paired with elements from Industrial and EBM which
takes the listener into the abyss of an urban future.
For his electronic compositions MARTIN MERZ isn’t only fishing in technowaters
as he also lets his listeners glide through ambient landscapes which
transform into pumping organic shapes of groove and synth melodies.
It’s those bubbly basslines making love to space-filling spheric sounds and
tribal drums that turn everything into a timeless and dancy work of art.
otake records 2020-10-19 12" 12 Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
Owl Parade / otake037
Golden – Owl Parade

A1 A Meeting In The Cuckoo Forest
A2 Blackbird Dawn
A3 Cranes Cry
A4 Magpie Dance
B1 Owl Parade
B2 Sparrow March
B3 The Crows Will Come
B4 Goldfinch Funeral

Release date: 19 October
Label: Otake Records
“Owl Parade” is the result of solo work of Przemysław Adach, having 15 years of experience in sound production, which resulted in a wide range of projects and singles in cooperation with many vocalists, rappers and musicians in the country and outside. This album combines everything at once – ambient, trip-hop, chillout with a large admixture of electronics, while mixing flavors with a cello, electric guitar or dynamic drums.
TIP Ellon Music 2020-06-15 12" LP Electronica WW EXCL
Flip Fantazia 
The Trip / ellonLP001
Fresh from their release on John Digweed's Bedrock
Records under their more covert Techno guise
'Cypherpunx' the Brighton based duo Flip Fantazia
unleash their debut album ‘The Trip’.
Touching on influences from Air to Bonobo, The xx
to DJ Shadow, ‘The Trip’ guides you down a road
less travelled meandering through Downtempo,
Electronica & Trip Hop with a few Jazzy twists &
Essentially Flip Fantazia is a meeting of two minds,
four hands, several synths, quite a few guitars,
some very clever computer software with a variety
of drum machines. The prolific duo spend most of
their time writing, recording, producing, mixing &
mastering original music down in an old bank vault
in Brighton... well, Hove actually! Their real names…
Douglas Horner & Tim Belcher.
Born from a project focussed mainly on music for
Sync, writing for Ninja Tune PM, Cavendish Music,
Delimusic, BMG PM & Deep East + more this is their
first artist album to be commercially released.
Their first brief for Ninja Tune’s Production Music
company was to create an authentic 60s sounding
Samba song and a Boogaloo / Salsa, both of which
appear on the Ninja Tune Latin Excursions album.
Along with a contemporary breaks / glitch remix of
the classical masterpiece Flight Of The Bumblebee
and a piece of funk with a foodie flavour for two
other Ninja Tune production music albums. Another
brief came in for some Australian influenced Beach
House from delimusic to be used on the BBC
Commonwealth Games Gold Coast 2018 coverage,
so out came the Didgeridoo and five new tracks
were born. Writing to brief is a delight & an
adventure for Flip Fantazia covering many genres
from authentic Samba to electro disco new-wave
post modern cosmic soul funk afro-boogie punk
alt+indie dance crossover and everything in
between! So it was tough to narrow The Trip down
to 10 original tracks which best illustrate the
authentic Flip Fantazia sound.
The Trip is a 10 track album which we hope
encapsulates just that with a vinyl release set for
May 29th on Ellon Music with pre-orders available
from https://flipfantazia.bandcamp.com

Flip Fantazia - The Trip [Ellon Music]
release date Vinyl + Digital 29th May, 2020
Artist ~ Flip Fantazia
Title ~ The Trip
Format ~ Vinyl LP + Digital
Cat.No. ~ ELLONLP001
Label ~ Ellon Music
Release Date ~ 29.05.2020
Style ~ Downtempo / Electronica
A1 Hombre - 5:54
A2 Breathe - 3:58
A3 Wombarra - 3:42
A4 S900 ft ERaze- 3:22
A5 Protect & Serve ft Ursula Rucker - 4:36
B1 Play The Crowd - 3:29
B2 Fracture - 5:25
B3 Fly By Night - 5:33
B4 Sliver Spoon - 3:36
B5 Free By Design - 4:13
Promo contact:
Vinyl distribution by dbh-music.com
Tel: +49 (0)69 40893556
Digital distribution by
TIP After 6 am 2020-02-17 12" Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
Guinea Pigs Agree / A6A03
after6am presents redeye - guinea pigs agree. after 26 years this masterpiece of trance/ ambient will be back on black gold - remastered!
highly recommended!

Artist: Redeye
Title: Guinea Pigs Agree
Label: After 6 AM
Genre: Trance/ Ambient/ EDM
Release date: 25.11.2019
Cat: A6A03
Format: 12"
A. Guinea Pigs Agree
B1. Untitled
B2. Floating Community

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
connaisseur recordings 2019-04-05 12" Electronica WW EXCL
daso / cns033-3
FORMAT// Digital album / 12" Vinyl
CAT-NO// cns033LP
TITLE// Daso
LABEL// Connaisseur
RELEASE-DATE// 05.04.2019

TRACKS (Vinyl) //

A1: Ambon (min 3:35)
A2: Burning Heart (min 6:27)
A3: Hey Babe (min 2:56)
A4: Deeper (min 5:44)
A5: Cotton (Min 2:06)
B1: Elements (min 6:52)
B2: Danubian (min 3:15)
B3: Arpo (min 5:12)
B4: My Pony (3:27)
B5: Ecotranse (min 1:28)

Connaisseur posthumously releases Daso’s self-titled long player to create a final memento for his musical legacy.

We first came in touch with Daso when we saw him performing live at the
Dachkantine in Zurich around 2006. He really had this stage talent which
fascinated us straight from the beginning. At this party we agreed on the first release on Connaisseur, the "Adventure EP" including the strong "Sam n Max", which was a great presentiment of the many releases to come.
Daso was a unique character with a lovely sense of humour, and surprising quirks which could be like marvels to us. One moment, we would be worried just seeing him crossing a busy street and in the next, he would be rocking the stage with major self-confdence and the attitude of a real rock star.
In our history of Connaisseur, he defnitely was one of our most important
artists, and some of his best music was released with us. He played many label nights, and together we enjoyed uncountable laughs, discovered cities and countries while touring and collected invaluable memories.
It is the way of the world that we as a label eventually focussed on new artists, and Daso, too, embarked in new directions. We still stayed in touch, even though the gaps between our contacts became bigger with time. The frst time we realized that Daso was ill was in the frst quarter of 2016. We had invited him to our 10th anniversary party in Berlin, but he didn’t feel well enough to be able to come. Shortly after this, he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with cancer. We were shocked. Daso was always such a positive person, it simply didn’t add up for us that someone like him could get sick.
Obviously an irrational and unjust thought, but it just felt so unfair.
When he started chemo therapy I spoke to him on the phone, and my label partner Martin, who lives in Berlin, gave him a frst hospital visit early in summer of that year. A bit later we visited him together, and yes, he was optimistic, still full of humour and also motivated to pick up his career again as soon as possible. This impression was of course only from a distance, but I was delighted to see how confdently he presented himself on socials after all his treatments, and how after recovery he started playing gigs again.
At some point I realized Daso hadn't been active on his socials for a while, which concerned me. This was in the frst quarter of 2018. His last post on Facebook had been made on November 30th and I knew this couldn't bode well. After contacting some common friends I was told his prospects were not good. I was about to go on an Easter holiday but planned to visit him on my next monthly trip to Berlin. I didn’t have the chance. On Easter Monday, April the 2nd, 2018 Daso passed away.
At Daso’s funeral, which was on a wonderfully sunny day in late spring, his father came up to me and asked if I might be interested in releasing this album, which Daso had been able to fnalise in the last months and weeks of his life. We didn’t decide on doing so lightly, knowing that the release of a post-mortem album can bring up certain issues. However, in the end, we agreed to do it, as we sincerely strive to create a fnal memento for Daso's musical legacy.

The self-titled album Daso will be released on April 5th, three days after the first anniversary of Daso's obit.

Alex Flitsch
(Head of Connaisseur)

DJ Feedback:
Ripperton: A true multifaceted producer, who has always been honest in his music. I really liked his sense of melody.
I would have very much liked to see him evolve over the years. Here is at least an overview...
He was a real enthusiast gentleman!
Daniel Bortz: R.I.P. R.I.P. Daso <3
Karotte: so sad that my friend daso is passed away last year. great last album from him. more listening but typical melancholic sounds for that we love him and will be always in our techno hearts.
Catz n Dogz: very good album and sad to loose such a talented producer RIP
Vince Watson: Sad to hear this horrible story. What a beautiful way to exit this world and move onto the next one. I hope I can play Ambon and Xrays where possible as those were my choices for what its worth. RIP
Bog: Really nice and interesting range of textures on the LP. 5/5 from me.
Joris Voorn: RIP Daso. Great album!
The Drifter: It's great that this is coming out. Bravo. Very sad that he passed away so young. A great talent. Daybreak and Meine are for me stone cold classics. I still play them regularly. I met him a couple of times, a lovely fella. RIP Daso x
Sandrino: had a full listen to the fist song though and i got goosebumps, also knowing Daso´s fate. RIP
Peter Kruder: I always loved Daso's music and this is such a sad story ! Great that he had enough energy to finish this album and fantastic that you've got the trust of the family to put it out. Will keep a special place for this. Thank you for the music Daso !
Marcus Worgull: thanks a lot for everything, Daso !
Oona Dahl: Daso and I became friends through our mutual fascination with beautiful and unique sounds. He sent me a link to this album months prior to his passing. Its a special and timeless work of art. Happy that it is out for the world to sink into. Love you Daso!! May your legacy live forever in your music.
Patrice Bäumel: I am happy that Daso lives on in his beautiful music. "Daybreak" will forever be one of my all time favourite tracks. This album is a beautiful goodbye from true artist. <3
Iron Curtis: R.I.P. maestro!
Ruede Hagelstein: Daso Forever
Alex Niggemann: Great music, great guy. Big loss. Thanks for sharing
Tiefschwarz: beautiful. RIP

Presse & Radio:
Aufruf Groove: https://groove.de/2018/12/21/daso-posthumes-album-erscheint-auf-connaisseur-recordings/
Aufruf Faze: http://www.fazemag.de/daso-posthumes-album-erscheint-connaisseur-recordings-bittet-um-mithilfe/
News Release party Groove: https://groove.de/2019/03/01/daso-gedenkparty-und-release-des-posthumen-albums/
Weitere Ankündigung Faze: http://www.fazemag.de/ein-letztes-mal-daso-die-daso-lp-kommt/
News Resident Advisor: https://www.residentadvisor.net/news/43415
Feelctronica: http://feelectronica.de/2018-starb-er-jetzt-kommt-ein-album-von-daso/
TIP Dock Records 2019-01-21 12" 12 Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
Various Artists 
Ambient Rounds Vol. 0 / Dock017
DOCK 017
release 16.01.2019
10th anniversary of dock exclusive vinyl/lp !
a1. oid: reminder 2222 (w+p andrei antonets)
a2. rasmus hedlund:valve glow (w+p rasmus hedlund)
a3. asncrn : anomalie des wassers (w+p lars & gunnar hemmerling)
a4. dubloner: long grain dub (w+p kenneth james gibson)
a5 philipp adam:gravity (w+p philipp adam)
b1 brendon moeller:luckiest ( w+p brendon moeller)
b2 fenin: rollin (w+p lars fenin)
b3 randweg:freibad (w+p randweg , mixed by eric michels)
b4 ant:stat:k:raumschleifentaktik (w+p marc kleeberg)
mastered by Cem Oral
By this compilation in a beautiful hardcover as a 33 rpm exclusive
we celebrate 10 years of dock records !
Shout outs to all our supporters /music lovers and involved artists
over the years....
as stated before: we don´t care much about trends and hypes.

dbh - http://www.dbh-music.com/
TIP lower parts 2018-11-01 12" Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
Sone Urbia 
Sone Urbia / lp16
Sone Urbia is a collection of improvisations recorded live during the period of 2011-15. A grainy meditative voyage into layers of field recordings, old sampled records, synthesizers, acoustic and non acoustic instruments. 
This album works as a mixtape separated in two sides, two journeys; two soundscapes. 

** The 12" vinyl edition comes mixed (with track separation)
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Vordergrund Musik 2018-02-23 12" lp Electronica WW EXCL
in between / vgm009
01 Ephemeral
02 Wearing Lights feat . Cokiyu
03 Paradise Flycatcher
04 One feat . Oh sleep
05 Fragile
06 Driftwood feat . Lucid
07 Mountaintop
08 Soaked feat . Ela
09 Game of Drones

With his album IN BETWEEN re:deep presents not only an impressive specimen of his musical spectrum. The artist also merges Deep House elements and experimental Folk as well as extremely minimized Indie Pop into a whole new sound concept. re:deep intensively bends the boundaries of the genres, delves deep into the soundscapes of different epochs and styles. Thereby warmly crackling field recordings blend into analogue basslines and sequencers as well as melancholic guitar drones meet sensitive vocals.
The always smoothly appearing and cocooning sound is the subtle recurring theme of the whole album, which develops a close intimacy and captivates by its analogue warmth, which you can't escape of. Tender strings float on vibrant drums and wafting surfaces. The album features the Japanese artist COKIYU, her voice in combination with the arrangement form a symbiotic relationship and evolve WEARING LIGHTS into a journey through slowly drifting Electronica landscapes.
The field recordings, which were made - inter alia - in Iceland's rough countryside, are particularly noticeable between the lines and infuse the soul of the album as well as the love to detail in general. A total of nine tracks are featured on the album, which convince not only by their sound density and close interconnectedness, but also by the shift in emotions. Music, that is enjoyable at your home as well as on the dancefloor and - after all -just touches your body and soul.

Mit dem Album IN BETWEEN präsentiert re:deep nicht nur eine beeindruckende Werkschau seines musikalischen Spektrums. Der Künstler fusioniert Deep House Avancen mit experimentellem Folk sowie bis aufs Mark reduziertem Indie Pop zu einem vollkommen neuen Soundkonzept. Genregrenzen lotet re:deep intensiv aus, und taucht tief in Klangwelten unterschiedlicher Epochen und Stilarten. Dabei treffen warm knisternde Field Recordings ebenso selbstverständlich auf analoge Basslines und Sequencer wie auch schwermütige Gitarren-Drones auf feinfühlige Vocals.
Der stets weich anmutende und umhüllende Sound zieht sich dabei fast unmerklich wie ein roter Faden durch das gesamte Album, dass durch seine analoge Wärme unweigerlich eine intime Nähe entwickelt und in den Bann zieht. Zarte Streicherarrangements gleiten auf IN BETWEEN über pulsierende Drums und dahinschwebende Flächen. Japanerin COKIYU ist als Featuregast vertreten und beflügelt mit Ihrer Stimme WEARING LIGHTS – Stimme und Arrangement gehen hier eine vollkommene Symbiose ein und avancieren den Track zu einer Reise in langsam dahingleitende Elektronika-Landschaften.
Zwischen den Zeilen machen sich vor allem die Field Recordings bemerkbar, die unter anderem in der schroffen Naturlandschaft Islands entstanden sind und die Seele des Albums ebenso erfüllen wie die Liebe zum Detail überhaupt. Die insgesamt neun Tracks überzeugen jedoch nicht nur durch die Klangdichte und tiefe Verwobenheit, sondern auch durch den Wechsel der Emotionen. Musik, die gleichermaßen im heimischen Wohnzimmer, sowie auf Tanzflächen ihren Platz findet und am Ende eines gemein hat – Körper und Seele zu berühren.

TIP black wall 2017-09-30 12" Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
Black Wall 6 / BLWA006
Upcoming Black Wall #6 is another great space journey with tracks by kurvenschreiber, Michel, Shine Grooves, A5, Alex Danilov

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Black Wall 6
Label: Black Wall
Genre: Techno/ Ambient
Format: 12"
Rel.date: 15.03.2017
A1. Kurvenschreiber - Interne Unterbrechung
A2. Michel - Sometimes Rainy
A3. Shine Grooves - Untitled
B1. A5 - Untitled
B2. Michel & Alex Danilov - Ese One
B3. Kurvenschreiber - 32

Worldwide exclusive: www.dbh-music.com
hueso records 2017-08-20 12" 12 Electronica
atom tm 
radetzky loops live / hr-45
TIP Future Beat Alliance Records 2017-04-04 12" 12 Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
Future Beat Alliance 
Mode 2 / FBAR001
DBH Music welcomes Future Beat Alliance Records! Mr. Matthew Puffett is presenting his own label with unreleased music from the past and of course with re-issues of his timeless productions. The kick-off is the re-issue of "Mode 2" which was originally released 1996 on Void records.
This beaty comes as remasterd vinyl only release!

Artist: Future beat Alliance
Title: Mode 2
Label: Future Beat Alliance Records
Genre: Ambient, Electro, Techno
Format: 12" (Vinyl only)
Cat: FBAR001
Rel. date: 08.02.2017
A1. Electric Blues
A2. Deep Enuf
B1. Mode 2
B2. Volatile Memory

W+P by Matthew Puffett
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @ LH Audio
Cut by W.J. Henze @ LH Audio
Artwork design by Diane Hartmann & W.J. henze
Worldwide distributed www.dbh-music.com

Artist info:

Matthew Puffett's production career began in 1996 with a string of releases on Void Records, under aliases including Mode-M, Soul Electrik, and the pseudonym that would go on to host the majority of his work: Future Beat Alliance. The name - taken from an Afrika Bambaataa sleeve - may have been a nod to the early-80s hip hop that was his first musical love while growing up in Oxford, but the music bore the unmistakable influence of the Detroit techno that had become his obsession.

Puffett's sound - steeped in rich melodies, soulful chords and sci-fi textures – soon caught the ear of like-minded labels such as Ferox, Archive and Delsin, which released his debut album, Disconnected, in 2001. A series of 12”s followed over the next few years for labels across Europe, including Emoticon, Project Recordings, Versatile, Suicide, Recondite, Rush Hour and Spectrum, culminating in his second album, Patience and Distance, for EevoNext.

After moving to Berlin, Puffett signed to the city's legendary Tresor label for a trio of EPs in 2010, and started a monthly DJ residency at their infamous club, playing alongside scene giants such as Juan Atkins, Octave One, Mark Broom and Redshape. He has also formed his own label FBA Recordings, to reissue selected highlights and unreleased gems from his extensive production archive.
TIP mainrecords limited 2017-02-28 12" 12" colored mini lp Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
main ltd #10 / mainltd010
Welcome to the final chapter of mainrecords limited series. Out in early 2017.

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TIP rawax 2016-05-31 12" 12 Electronica WW EXCL
Neil Landstrumm 
The Paskal E.P. / Rawax013ltd
Neil Landstrumm ‎– The Paskal E.P.
Genre: Electronic
Year: 1995
A1. Basic Bull Man
A2. Blow
B1. Planet Stewart
B2. Jake's Room
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