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Sport 2023-05-15 12" Miscellaneous - Bass/Club
Raise & Sgt. Risk 
Sport9000 / Sport9000
Label: Sport
Release: Sport9000
Artists: Raise, Sgt. Risk
A – DJ Raise & Sgt. Risk – Putney Acid feat. svmthoX
B – Sgt. Risk – smOKe

Sport 9000

A – DJ Raise & Sgt. Risk – Putney Acid feat. svmthox

Named after a delicious and rather skittish old synth that provided us with the monstrous bassline on this, “Putney Acid” starts off mellow enough before the beast rears its head and tears along a swinging, syncopated rhythm and well dosed injections of bubbling acid. It’s all counterbalanced by snippets of svmthoX’ bright voice, filling the whole upper frequency space of the tune. One for the heads, no doubt.

B – Sgt. Risk – smOKe
Clocking in at 160+, “smOKe” starts off equally subdued as its flipside, powered by interlocking layers of muted drums and a hollow-ish sub. the only bright things in this tune are the odd banging snare, and crunched up snippets of breaks pushing to the fore. for those deep and dark introspective moments on the floor.  

rawax 2023-01-30 Hats, Caps & Beanies Miscellaneous
Rawax Beanie Red / RWX Beanie Red
TIP DBH Records 2022-10-11 12" Miscellaneous - Electro Pop WW EXCL
You / DBH-009
DBH Records presents Axodry "You", originally released on icoic ZYX Records in 1988!
The re-mastered vinyl edition contains for the first time the unreleased version of "You" !!!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3NJcOag

"In 1988 RaHen composed, programmed and mixed the song ‘You’. The song was sung by the great singer Mark Jefferis, who already had a huge success with TXT. Frank Poulton wrote the text. The audio engineer of this song was the incredible Tommy Schmidt / Cream Studios. This production was completely realized in Frankfurt am Main / Germany and is considered another milestone of the Sound Of Frankfurt." *
*Ra Hen

Artist. Axodry
Title: You
Label: DBH Records
Genre: Synht Pop/ Electronic
Format: 12"
Release date: 09.09.22
Cat: DBH-009
A1. You (The Beauty And The Beast MIx)
A2. You (Beasty Dub Mix)
B1. Suspense (New Age Gore Mix)
B2. You (Unreleased Mix)

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP BOY Records 2022-09-19 12" Miscellaneous - EDM WW EXCL
Cosmic Jam 
Girl Don't Cry / BOY3303-12-21
Another great release on BOY Records in the rebound.
Cosmic jam - Girl Don't Cry from 1988. Essential early Electro/ Hip-Hop from the german group. (re-mastered viny edition)

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3naVuRI

Artist: Cosmic Jam
Title: Girl Don't Cry
Label: BOY Records
Genre: Electro/ Hip Hop
Format: 12"
Cat: BOY8803-12-21
Release date: 19.09.2022
A. Girl Don't Cry 7:10
B1. Tell Me How You Feeling 4:05
B2. We're Jamming (Computer Style) 5:10

Produced by Michael Zosel
Written by Cosmic Jam
Re-mastered by Oliver Lieb @ Lhaudio.com
Vinyl cut by W.J. Henze @ Lhaudio.com
Worldwide exclusive manufactured ynd distributed by www.dbh-music.com
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TIP Bungalo Disco 2020-10-05 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Italo Brutalo 
Detroitalo / BD003
Artist: Italo Brutalo
Release: Detroitalo
Label: Bungalo Disco
Date: 10.10.2020
Contact: order@bungalo-disco.com
Detroitalo merges the best of both worlds - Detroit and Italo. The proclamation of an entirely new genre is accompanied by Bungalo Disco`s latest outing - the Detroitalo E.P. Italo Brutalo`s latest masterpiece on your favorite label. Detroit stands for innovation and its unique character - always several steps ahead. In contrary `Italo Disco` songs are simple, basic and catchy - and therefore appealing to the masses. Combining these two genres might feel like inbreeding of the most severe degree : It´s so obvious and at the same time so unimaginable. It almost feels like two lovers who had been at war for generations and now-after reconciliation- have the urge to finally let go their mutual desire.
All songs on this release are legitimate descendents of Italo Disco and Detroit Techno. Starting off with "La Bambola" which can literally be called the big sister of the Detroitalo offspring, it´s gripping arpeggio line leaves nothing to be desired and instantly indicates in which direction Detroitalo is heading. The record`s second and eponymously named track perfectly reflects the new style with its restless bassline. More Detroitalo siblings are to be found on the flipside of the release. "Down the Drain" with its acid elements and techno-ish Italo arpeggio, sounds like it was
directly transferred from the 80ies to the year 2020 and far beyond. Ultimately, you can get a glimpse of what driving in the "Motor City" looks like. On the one hand stop-and-go-traffic on the other speeding through endless alleys of the grim and bleak City of Detroit. A murky bassline combined with apocalyptic strings and effects set the perfect mood for rollin through the D at nighttime.
TIP Cameleon Collective Recordings 2020-09-28 12" 2x12 Miscellaneous - Pop WW EXCL
Cameleon Collective 
1979 LP / CC001
LABELNAME_ Cameleon Collective Recordings
ARTIST_ Cameleon Collective
FORMAT_ vinyl, digital
RELEASE DATE_ 18.04.20

A1 AMer-You
A2 LiRle_Secrets
A3 Snowbal
B1 Small Town King 1979
B2 Blue Sky Thinking
B3 DriMing Thru
C1 One Fine Day
C2 Teflon Kid
C3 Why
D1 Ghost Of Ze
D2 Small Town (King remix)

Brand New Grooves, Fresh from the Old School
Special Gatefold 11-Track, 12” Vinyl Edi1on
Fresh from Anglo-Portuguese groovers Chameleon Collective comes 1979: a double slab of 12” vinyl oozing deep down
and dirty funk grooves, jazz-inflected licks and the pure, unsullied essence of late 70s, West Coast US jazz-influenced
Drawing inspira1on from – and paying homage to – the music and vibes of Steely Dan, The Crusaders, Herb Alpert, Joni
Mitchell, Sergio Mendes, George Duke and Miles Davis, 1979 is one big ‘high five’ to HiFi. Digitally recorded at pris1ne
96/24 resolu1on for uncompromised magnificence and mixed by Andy Bradfield (Elbow), it’s pressed the old-fashioned
way for superb aural depth and purity.
So who are Chameleon Collective? Multiple platinum album-winning UK-based record producer Jonathan Miller (EMI/
Universal Music) for one… along with the incomparable tones of Portuguese singer Maria Leon, trumpeter MaR Holland,
best known for his work with Van Morrison’s band, members of seminal ounits such as Incognito and many more
members of a truly stellar cast.
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TIP Bungalo Disco 2020-06-09 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Italo Brutalo 
Knight Fever EP / BD002
Knight Fever is the second release on Bungalo Disco. The four songs are a mixture between childhood dreams driving K.i.t.t. and a time travel from the 80s to the 20s and back – each track on its very own way.
»Taniacid« is a Neo Italo track with some spices of acid that will make you feel like driving in „Super Pursuit Mode“.
»Trust doesn’t rust« is more or likely an Italo Disco song, hard to say when it has been created. Not even Italo Brutalo himself knows it.
»Knightmares« – name is title. The psychedelic track contains just two elements. Less is more. An absolutely secret weapon on the dancefloor.
»Not a drop to drink« has originally been written on a very hot summer day in the mountains of Ibiza, what you might not expect due to its dark atmosphere with elements of old school electro music.
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TIP Bungalo Disco 2020-02-03 12" 12" limited 200 copies Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Italo Brutalo 
Paradiso Analogico / BD001
„Paradiso Analogico“ is the first release on Bungalo Disco, run by Brutalo & Italo, who synchronized to create their own multi sensual universe.
10 years ago the original version has been the starting shot of Italo Brutalo.
One decade later, three of the best producers turned the song into 2020´s spirit. Ali Renault squeezes out the dark side of the track by adding some vocals and acid lines. Balearic master Ilya Santana shows why he´s one of the leading artists when it comes to cosmic disco. Slow Motion Records Head Franz Scala delivers a sure shot to hit the dancefloor.
DB 001
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TIP Disco Bizarre 2020-01-20 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Son of Lee 
Disco Bizarre 001 / DB 001
Artist: Son of Lee
Title: Disco Bizarre 001
Label: Disco Bizarre
Release Date: Jan 17, 2020
Catalogue No.: DB 001
Distributed by DBH Music
Mastered by Herb LF
cut by Andreas Kauffelt
Pressed by intakt / Berlin

Tracklisting (in order):
A1 – Learjet To Saturn
A2 – Movin Up
B1 – Slow East
B2 – Pink Monday

Four blazing Disco Edits venturing deep into American and Asian Disco by Son Of Lee from Brooklyn. He played a seamless DJ set for Disco Bizarre at KitKat Club Berlin in November 2019 and ever since we wanted to release some of his material... What a great opportunity to start up our new label, venturing deep into Italo, Disco, HiNRG and all the
bizarre stuff in between!
TIP Machine Soul Records 2018-11-05 12" 12" vinyl only Miscellaneous - Pop WW EXCL
D3 Allstars 
Sunday Dub EP / MSR021
Artist: D3 Allstars
Title: Sunday Dub EP
Label: Machine Soul Records
Cat: MSR 021
Format: 12" Vinyl only

A1 Sunday Dub (Original Mix)
A2 Thursday Dub (Mindbenders Spaced Out Mix)
B1 Monday Dub (Deep And Round Mix)
B2 Thursday Dub (Coffee Shop Mix)

Written by Mårten Attling, Jeff Virgo, Robert Folkesson
Produced by Mårten Attling

D3 Allstars premieres on underground Swedish label Machine Soul Records with a vinyl release that really stands out. Dub techno and electronica with an organic twist of live bass, djembe and jews harp. Music for your mind, your body and your soul - in Dub we trust!
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hueso records 2017-10-30 12" Miscellaneous - Pop WW EXCL
los knock knocks 
procrastination / hr-48
Los Knock Knocks / Procrastination / 12” Vinyl / HR-48 / 2017

Both as a visual artist with a past in the art world (his first solo exhibition opened at
the Amigos del Arte gallery in 1995), as well as a self-taught minimal
improvisational cosmic garage rocker –see his La Banda’s (1993) and Jesus
Freaks (2004) projects-, Diego Hernández (Santiago, 1972), active public and
semi-privately in both fields since 1992, is one of the iconoclastically multifunctional
characters of the scene casually scattered around “free improv rock, electronic
and psychedelic collectives”, such as A Full Cosmic Sound, Kb Cabala,
Watchout!, or more specifically, The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane or False
Sir Nicholas, by way of independent DIY labels such as E.T.C.S. Records,
Cosmovisón Andina Registros, BYM, Yellow Moon and Productora Mutante,
within the more adventurous substrate of what has summarily been termed the
new Chilean psychedelic scene, which in this case may be seen as the
connection between local archival reference points of the nineteen sixties and
seventies, such as Los Jaivas, El Polen or the more extravagant moments of Los
Blops, the musical background, halfway between hardcore, conceptual prog-kraut
noise and classic rock, and an autonomous organizational outlook aimed at
practical achievements (rehearsal room or workshop home recordings, analog no-fi
immediateness, concerts and exhibitions set up among friends, and small or
outright minimal print runs of a work aesthetic and ethics equally associated to art
brut as well as to post capitalist popular mass culture, closely connected to the
cassette format rescued for home production values). Thus, DH has devoured
whatever music, cartoons and books he can get his hands on, operating handheld
cassette recorders in order to register noise and melodies privately, as well as
drawing all over his notebooks since he was a child.
As Los Knock Knocks, Diego (guitar plus a limited variety of keyboards and
effects) has published a self-titled EP, the Digital Garage Days full-length
cassette and a seven inch single with two songs taken from that tape (A Hit Is A Hit
and Crack) that came out in a fifteen copy run published by BYM, which brings us
to Procrastination (from the Latin "procrastinare", that translates into the prefix
pro, meaning “forward”, and the suffix “crastinus”, “untill next day” from “cras”,
“tomorrow”, this is, “the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished”),
his first incursion into the long playing vinyl format, and which for various reasons
spent a long time awaiting publication, is approachable as an excursion of
exotica/lounge resonances synthesized into instrumental, persistently rhythmic
passages of accentuated panoramic-expansive, almost cinematic pulses, with
Carlos Santana one minute and Lou Reed the next on an astral journey at a beach
rave with some T-1000 robots in charge of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in a
dark wave mood, in what we could consider a firm step towards unknown territory,
removed from convention and with his own well established personal coordinates.
Published by Hueso Records in a limited edition of three hundred copies.
Los Knock Knocks / Procastination
Side A:
Preferiría no hacerlo
Deep Dream
Mándamela de nuevo
Side B:
Beat Maker’s Dream
Mr. Mojo sabe
Fake Jazz
Recorded by DH at the La Band’s mobile unit between May and July 2015 in
Santiago de Chile.
Los Knock Knocks thank Steve Jobs, Iván Navaro, Swen Hauser and especially
Vicente Siche for the additional guitars and keyboards on Mánamela de nuevo.
Album cover painting by Diego Hernández. Design by Pablo Castro.
hueso records 2017-08-20 12" 12 Miscellaneous - Pop
el granchufle 
waitecas / hr-13
Artwork, Design [Sleeve], Illustration – Amanda Riffo
Mastered By – Hervé de Keroullas*
Mixed By – Acid Pauli (tracks: A1), Laurent Dagoret Français de Boisgisson* (tracks: A2, B1, B4), JGDumay* (tracks: A3 to A5, B2 to B3)
Music By, Words By – El Granchufle
Performer – Georgina*, Malfitano, Memo*, PJ*
Producer – JGDumay*
Recorded By – Damien Perrolaz (tracks: A1 to A4, B1, B3 to B4), JGDumay* (tracks: A5, B2)
Recorded By [Assistant] – Fernando Favier (2) (tracks: A4, B1, B3 to B4), Sam Metivier (tracks: A1 to A3)
hueso records 2017-08-20 12" 12 Miscellaneous - Pop
playa futuro / hr-12
hueso records 2017-08-20 12" 12 Miscellaneous - Pop
lost demos / hr-24
10.95 €SOLD OUT
hueso records 2017-08-20 12" 12 Miscellaneous - Pop
el calor / hr-36
hueso records 2017-08-20 12" 12 Miscellaneous - Pop
naked tunes / hr-28
hueso records 2017-08-20 12" 12 Miscellaneous - Pop
sei caiga el cielo / hr-21
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hueso records 2017-08-20 12" Miscellaneous - Pop
jorge gonzales 
trenes / hr-37
hueso records 2017-08-20 12" 12" LP Miscellaneous - Hip Hop/R&B
cleopatras / hr-40
hueso records 2017-08-20 7" 7" Miscellaneous - Pop
the modern wonder 
a gamba la mula ep / hr-31
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TIP Queen Constance Records 2017-08-02 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Cloud One 
Doin' It All Night / LP4545
DBH Music welcomes Queen Constance Records to the label Family! Anothe fantastic label runned by the Mastermind Peter Brown from New York City.
We're honoured to present you in future some pearls of Disco & Funk on black gold! Starting with the groudbreaking and essential "Cloud One - Doin' It All Night/ Dust To Dust" from 1979, written and produced Peter Brown & Patrick Adams!

Worldwide distributed by www.dbh-music.com
10.95 €SOLD OUT
TIP 703 2017-06-26 12" 12 Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Cloud One 
Patty Duke / 703
DBH Music welcomes Sound Of New York to the label Family!
We're honoured to present you in future some pearls of Disco & Funk on black gold! Starting with the groudbreaking and essential "Cloud One - Patty Duke" from 1979, written and produced be the genious Pater Brown & patrick Adams!

Worldwide distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP udacha 2015-08-03 12" Miscellaneous - Pop WW EXCL
local talks ep / udacha011
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TIP dubwax 2012-05-30 12" Miscellaneous - Pop WW EXCL
herzel & genoveva 
the action of staying ep / dubwax002
22 digit ltd303 state4010803 Crystalgrooves8KO RecordsAbandoned AudioacidsexAdult Centralaffekt ltdAfter 6 amAfterbeatsafuafu limitedafulabAHABALL EARSAll That JellyAmazone RecordsAmong RecordsAmouran.artAnalog ExperienceAnalog Roomandromedaanyone recordsApartmentApartment RecordsArkitypart zeroArtmindingashppeAssemble MusicAudionik Ltd.aura karma recordsAUSBLICKAVI recordsAxaminer recordsazimut recordsbadanceBalders AudioBasaecbassa clanbauhousebe chosenbeartone recordsBeef RecordsBeste FreundeBeste ModusBig Beak RecordingsBiotop LabelBipolar StateBis Bald Recordsbjblack wallblossom kollektivBlowBlue MondaysBogen Konzept RecordingsBon Vivant Ltd.boogie paradiseboomchikbootBOY RecordsBrookly Bridge MusicBSRBufosBungalo DiscoBunte KuhC-lektroCall To ActionCameleon Collective Recordingscb sessionsCécille RecordsCécille RecordsCentral Electronicschiwaxchiwax classic editionCircles & Stonescitylow recordsClandestine MusicCollect Recordscologne underground recordsCommunique Recordscompute musicConcepts Of Timeconnaisseur recordingsCorpcorrupted by societycosmo recordscounterweightcredocredo black seriesCrimsonCSMCYBLOCYRKd.ko recordsD1 RecordingsDANCERDark VortexDBH Recordsdeep clubDeep Downdeep seriesDelirium Recordsdelta codeDet Gode SelskabDetroit Classic Gallerydetroit record companyDiaphan MusicDiferit RecordsDiffikultdisc companydisc over musicdiscarded gemsDiscernible RecorddisciplinaDisco BizarreDiscoursDisk CapitaDivine RecordsDjungle Feverdmomdo easy recordsDock RecordsDomina TraxxDomina TrxxxDosmiltresdriving forcesDub Chroniclesdubwaxdum recordseat more houseEinfach Höreneintaktelectric blueElectrocute SoundplatesElectrowaxelipse musicEllon MusicEnclave RecordsEnvelope Mountain RecordsEnvelope Mountain RecordsEON Recordsepilogepilog recordsequivalenceEUN RecordsEUN RecordsEvigethenEvighetenEx.societyface to faceFactory Music ChicagoFanfar Onfckin seriousfckng seriousfizical recordsflash recordingsForce Inc.Form & TerraForm & Terra Recordsfoul & sunkfour twentyfoxy redFreddy Fresh Classic EditionFur TradeFuture Beat Alliance RecordsGabCat Recordsgenial recordsGet In Touchgipsy musicGravity SurferGRC RecordingsHamsa InternationalHARDFLOORhardworksoftdrinkharthousehauptbahnhof musikhike recordingsho do riHôtel CostesHOTMIX RecordsHouse House HousehousewaxhouseworxHouseworx Recordshowmanytimesyoudancetoit?hueso recordsIm in loveImplosive Recordsin the dark againIndicateindulge recordsIndustrial Strenght RecordsInfodump RecordingsInner BalanceInstrospection Recordingsintangible records & soundworksIntangible Records and SoundworksIntermission Recordingsinternational day offIntrinsic RhythmIntrospection RecordingsInvoluntary MovementIsolateItalo BrutaloIVUJack on BlackJesus Loved YouJunkfoodk klassikKatermukkekeezako recordsketsklang elektronikKoepelKONFUSkusi recordsla penaLaboratory Instinctlake placidlaterraLeap RecordsLegacyLevitiuim RecordsLGNLINIARLOK Recordingslove letters from oslolower partsLuminal rec.luna city labluv shack recordsMacarena MusicMachineries of JoyMade At Nightmainakustikmainrecordsmainrecords limitedMake Out MusicMakin' Madd RecordsMaschineMaster Jamsmedeia recordsmedukameleon musicMelodizemelodram recordingsmementomensch musikmental sound odysseymesmamesma recordsMeta LevelMettlewaxMezinMia Recordsmiava recordsMidi Records RomaniaMille PlateauxMIRmode of expressionmodelismeModelismemodular expansion recordsMole People seriesmolten moodsMoment RecordsMonasterionmono recordsMonochromatic RecordsMood EditsMood MusicMovida Recordsmriya recordsMultinotesmusic is artMusic Is ArtMuttis - 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