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BOY Rerords 2022-01-07 12" 12" Miscellaneous - EDM
Cosmic Jam 
Girl Don't Cry / BOY3303-12-21
Another great release on BOY Records in the rebound.
Cosmic jam - Girl Don't Cry from 1988. Essential early Electro/ Hip-Hop from the german group. (re-mastered viny edition)

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3naVuRI

Artist: Cosmic Jam
Title: Girl Don't Cry
Label: BOY Records
Genre: Electro/ Hip Hop
Format: 12"
Cat: BOY8803-12-21
Release date: January 2022
A. Girl Don't Cry 7:10
B1. Tell Me How You Feeling 4:05
B2. We're Jamming (Computer Style) 5:10

Produced by Michael Zosel
Written by Cosmic Jam
Re-mastered by Oliver Lieb @ Lhaudio.com
Vinyl cut by W.J. Henze @ Lhaudio.com
Worldwide exclusive manufactured ynd distributed by www.dbh-music.com
DBH Music Records 2021-11-17 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Electro Pop
You / DBH-009
TIP Mille Plateaux 2020-10-07 12" 2xLP Miscellaneous - EDM WW EXCL
Thomas Köner 
Motus / MP6
Mille Plateaux

MP6 Thomas Köner - Motus (2xLP)

” Motus is more (to me) than just music made with analogue synthesizers, it is about attitude, a way of relating to sound and the (e)motion it affects.

A lifestyle, where movement, being moved and moving become one. My practice is vibrational, about the skin, touch and surfaces and the gaseous medium in between.

I dream of a dance floor where Motus would be enjoyed. What kind of world, or rather, what kind of society would allow that? And when? Is this futuristic? A situation-to-come, where the understanding of music expands greatly, when blissful moments are independent of simple melodies, where harmony appears beyond I-V-vi-IV chord progressions, when the techniques of social alienation, which determine the use of all the drugs that accompany recreational music, are reversed into creative tools of exploration. ‘Motus’ is part of this exploration: to find dance, free of clock, and groove, free of rhythm. There is pulsation, and the downbeat connects to the downward beings as in stones and minerals, the upbeat connects to the upward beings as in grasses, flowers, trees and stars. Binding both together, connecting sky and earth, is the dancer. The moves / the movement is pure. It is the kiss of spirit and matter.” (Thomas Köner)

Track list:

A1 EXTENSION (Attack) 3:17
A2 COGITATION (Decay) 6:27

B1 POTENTIAL (Sustain) 4:32
B2 EXPRESSION (Release) 6:11

C1 SUBSTRATE (Binaural) 7:02
C2 OSCILLATOR (Luminous) 3:28

D1 SUBSTANCE (Suicide) 4:29
D2 SYNTHESIS (Carnal) 4:41


taken from acloser listen:

“The commonplace figure of the utopia of the dancefloor is a powerful motivator for dreams of communion, and yet, it’s constantly limited to select spaces and times in which the world’s divisions are dismantled only to be remade again once the lights go up and the music stops. Thomas Köner, with Motus, wants us to imagine that utopia beyond the rituals of the beat and the club; he wants us to turn that call of night into a sweeping daydream in which rhythm is dislodged from a certain type of audible individuality or exceptionalism. Instead, rhythm is proposed as a vibration, as an electric current whose continuity is like the dark matter that gives existence its consistency. The beat becomes the moment of looking at something, the impression of an object’s colors, the way a blade of grass rustles in the wind, the sound of an animal at a distance, the movement of a person’s lips. Köner, in other words, wants to extend the dancefloor to every interaction we have with our surroundings.

In this electronic scenario, we are conduits for the energies of “spirit and matter”, as the artist puts in the liner notes – we are the permanent transitional state for the communion of sound waves. The track names reflect this particularly futurist mixture of bodily and aural material, combining acoustic techniques with philosophical terms that detail the form the sounds take. They are mostly grinding electronic (almost purely electric) noises, like listening to an old, decaying radio, the static rising and plummeting like so many impulses and thoughts traversing the limits between consciousness and its opposite. Köner’s analog procedures resist formalization, in the sense that all of the sounds of Motus seem to emerge from an already heterogeneous mass of electricity, resisting any sort of definition, the individualization of the beat unravelling entirely. The continuum of soft-edged noise sometimes does come to resemble beats, as in “Substrate (Binaural)” but these pulses are never concise or predictable enough to draw full attention to their form, immediately morphing into new sequences that lead nowhere but to the here and now.

Toward the album’s end, the last tracks present the ultimate phase of the grand dissolution attempted by the artist. They are named “Substance (Suicide)” and “Synthesis (Carnal)”. As the noises click and twist, the idea of becoming one more vehicle for the energetic currents of reality implies an equivalent dissolution of the self, an establishment of utter continuity with everything else, the loss of any beat we could call our own. This is the dancefloor utopia realized, communion as a positive self-erasure into the fundamental vibrations – the substance – of the world. The end result is a synthesis that emphasizes not the mind but the body, the surges of electricity and the adventures of the sound wave coming to unify our shapes into radiation, into frequencies that make material differences a function of raw existence, mediated by nothing. There should be no limit to the dancefloor, because the natural world is already a radical site of potential communion. Stand outside, let the energy of the ground, the wind, and the works of humanity infuse you with blissful self-erasure. (David Murrieta Flores)

Review in Musikexpress

Review in Spex

OMG, Teil 1: Mille Plateaux wurde reaktiviert. OMG, Teile 2 bis 4: Thomas Köner hat zuerst gemeinsam mit dem Kollegen Andy Mellwig das Dub-Techno-Duo Porter Ricks wiederbelebt, meldet sich aber nun auch mit einem neuen Soloalbum auf Mille Plateaux zurück. Darauf gibt es nach vielen schönen Sound-Art-Platten wieder verlässlich mit vier Vierteln auf die Zwölf. So ein bisschen zumindest. Motus kühlt Techno auf den unteren Kelvin-Bereich herab und bewegt sich dementsprechend langsam vorwärts, verdrängt damit aber mehr Masse als eine Eismeerexpedition im Jahresdurchschnitt. Mächtig pulsierende Analog-Musik für alle, die ganz tief abtauchen wollen.

Review in The Wire

Review in Boomkat:

Deeeep techno pioneer Thomas Köner goes all the way in for his spiritual home of Mille Plateaux with a masterful new album of dynamic, grippingly minimalist sound designs - essential listening for disciples of Eleh, Rrose, Emptyset, Ø, Thomas Brinkmann

After bobbing up with new Porter Ricks material alongside Andy Mellwig in recent years, Köner takes a plunging solo dive with ‘Motus’ that brings his patented isolationist style more in line with Porter Ricks’ pulsating subaquatic dancefloor aesthetics. The eight tracks follow a murky roil of ragged rip-tide currents and crunching, pressurised tones right on the electric biting point, manifesting an elusive but heavily present sense of physicality that’s been Köner’s calling card for decades now, but rarely in this sort of purified form.
Exploring a spectrum ranging from the cavernous and reverberating designs of ‘Cogitation’ to the head-swilling acidic pump of ‘Potential (Sustain)’, and flowing from the monotone grind of ’Substance (Suicide)’ to pool in the quietly breathtaking, viscous dissolve and intoxicating fumes of ’Synthesis (Carnal)’, the German artist’s sound sensitivities are at their most heightened and attuned to the kind of detail that draw us right inside his matrix. It’s just incredibly impressive stuff from a visionary master of this artform, a richly poetic and sensual description of natural and imaginary worlds begging to be inhabited, immersed in.
““I dream of a dance floor where Motus would be enjoyed. What kind of world, or rather, what kind of society would allow that? And when? Is this futuristic? A situation-to-come, where the understanding of music expands greatly, when blissful moments are independent of simple melodies, where harmony appears beyond I-V-vi-IV chord progressions, when the techniques of social alienation, which determine the use of all the drugs that accompany recreational music, are reversed into creative tools of exploration.
‘Motus’ is part of this exploration: to find dance, free of clock, and groove, free of rhythm. There is pulsation, and the downbeat connects to the downward beings as in stones and minerals, the upbeat connects to the upward beings as in grasses, flowers, trees and stars. Binding both together, connecting sky and earth, is the dancer. The moves / the movement is pure. It is the kiss of spirit and matter.” (Thomas Köner)”
TIP Bungalo Disco 2020-10-05 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Italo Brutalo 
Detroitalo / BD003
Artist: Italo Brutalo
Release: Detroitalo
Label: Bungalo Disco
Date: 10.10.2020
Contact: order@bungalo-disco.com
Detroitalo merges the best of both worlds - Detroit and Italo. The proclamation of an entirely new genre is accompanied by Bungalo Disco`s latest outing - the Detroitalo E.P. Italo Brutalo`s latest masterpiece on your favorite label. Detroit stands for innovation and its unique character - always several steps ahead. In contrary `Italo Disco` songs are simple, basic and catchy - and therefore appealing to the masses. Combining these two genres might feel like inbreeding of the most severe degree : It´s so obvious and at the same time so unimaginable. It almost feels like two lovers who had been at war for generations and now-after reconciliation- have the urge to finally let go their mutual desire.
All songs on this release are legitimate descendents of Italo Disco and Detroit Techno. Starting off with "La Bambola" which can literally be called the big sister of the Detroitalo offspring, it´s gripping arpeggio line leaves nothing to be desired and instantly indicates in which direction Detroitalo is heading. The record`s second and eponymously named track perfectly reflects the new style with its restless bassline. More Detroitalo siblings are to be found on the flipside of the release. "Down the Drain" with its acid elements and techno-ish Italo arpeggio, sounds like it was
directly transferred from the 80ies to the year 2020 and far beyond. Ultimately, you can get a glimpse of what driving in the "Motor City" looks like. On the one hand stop-and-go-traffic on the other speeding through endless alleys of the grim and bleak City of Detroit. A murky bassline combined with apocalyptic strings and effects set the perfect mood for rollin through the D at nighttime.
TIP Cameleon Collective Recordings 2020-09-28 12" 2x12" LP Gatefold Miscellaneous - Pop WW EXCL
Cameleon Collective 
1979 LP / CC001
LABELNAME_ Cameleon Collective Recordings
ARTIST_ Cameleon Collective
FORMAT_ vinyl, digital
RELEASE DATE_ 18.04.20

A1 AMer-You
A2 LiRle_Secrets
A3 Snowbal
B1 Small Town King 1979
B2 Blue Sky Thinking
B3 DriMing Thru
C1 One Fine Day
C2 Teflon Kid
C3 Why
D1 Ghost Of Ze
D2 Small Town (King remix)

Brand New Grooves, Fresh from the Old School
Special Gatefold 11-Track, 12” Vinyl Edi1on
Fresh from Anglo-Portuguese groovers Chameleon Collective comes 1979: a double slab of 12” vinyl oozing deep down
and dirty funk grooves, jazz-inflected licks and the pure, unsullied essence of late 70s, West Coast US jazz-influenced
Drawing inspira1on from – and paying homage to – the music and vibes of Steely Dan, The Crusaders, Herb Alpert, Joni
Mitchell, Sergio Mendes, George Duke and Miles Davis, 1979 is one big ‘high five’ to HiFi. Digitally recorded at pris1ne
96/24 resolu1on for uncompromised magnificence and mixed by Andy Bradfield (Elbow), it’s pressed the old-fashioned
way for superb aural depth and purity.
So who are Chameleon Collective? Multiple platinum album-winning UK-based record producer Jonathan Miller (EMI/
Universal Music) for one… along with the incomparable tones of Portuguese singer Maria Leon, trumpeter MaR Holland,
best known for his work with Van Morrison’s band, members of seminal ounits such as Incognito and many more
members of a truly stellar cast.
jarc sounds 2020-07-20 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco DE EXCL
brooklyn baby / love ecstasy / jarc002
Low-slung house with that dusty sampled soul on one side and a disco house pumper on the other, JARC Sounds return with another double header you need in your life.

‘Brooklyn Baby’ hits all the right chords from the off. With that New York skyline in sight, jazz infused keys, dream-like pads and swooning vocal snippets take you to a rooftop blowout looking out over the Kings County.

Flip it over, for a thumping, disco channeling, house belter aptly named ‘Love Ecstasy’, that’s sure to become a staple across the scene.
white label 2020-06-29 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco
vol.1 / hot001
That supercharged sweet stuff, laced with a euphoric potency that was rumoured to come from the Crazy P camp. HotJam lines up three disco laden nuggets, works some kind of spreadable sorcery on their contents and re-files under ‘Proceed With Caution… Absolute High Grade Batch’.
TIP Bungalo Disco 2020-06-09 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Italo Brutalo 
Knight Fever EP / BD002
Knight Fever is the second release on Bungalo Disco. The four songs are a mixture between childhood dreams driving K.i.t.t. and a time travel from the 80s to the 20s and back – each track on its very own way.
»Taniacid« is a Neo Italo track with some spices of acid that will make you feel like driving in „Super Pursuit Mode“.
»Trust doesn’t rust« is more or likely an Italo Disco song, hard to say when it has been created. Not even Italo Brutalo himself knows it.
»Knightmares« – name is title. The psychedelic track contains just two elements. Less is more. An absolutely secret weapon on the dancefloor.
»Not a drop to drink« has originally been written on a very hot summer day in the mountains of Ibiza, what you might not expect due to its dark atmosphere with elements of old school electro music.
TIP Bungalo Disco 2020-02-03 12" 12" limited 200 copies Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Italo Brutalo 
Paradiso Analogico / BD001
„Paradiso Analogico“ is the first release on Bungalo Disco, run by Brutalo & Italo, who synchronized to create their own multi sensual universe.
10 years ago the original version has been the starting shot of Italo Brutalo.
One decade later, three of the best producers turned the song into 2020´s spirit. Ali Renault squeezes out the dark side of the track by adding some vocals and acid lines. Balearic master Ilya Santana shows why he´s one of the leading artists when it comes to cosmic disco. Slow Motion Records Head Franz Scala delivers a sure shot to hit the dancefloor.
TIP Disco Bizarre 2020-01-20 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco WW EXCL
Son of Lee 
Disco Bizarre 001 / DB 001
Artist: Son of Lee
Title: Disco Bizarre 001
Label: Disco Bizarre
Release Date: Jan 17, 2020
Catalogue No.: DB 001
Distributed by DBH Music
Mastered by Herb LF
cut by Andreas Kauffelt
Pressed by intakt / Berlin

Tracklisting (in order):
A1 – Learjet To Saturn
A2 – Movin Up
B1 – Slow East
B2 – Pink Monday

Four blazing Disco Edits venturing deep into American and Asian Disco by Son Of Lee from Brooklyn. He played a seamless DJ set for Disco Bizarre at KitKat Club Berlin in November 2019 and ever since we wanted to release some of his material... What a great opportunity to start up our new label, venturing deep into Italo, Disco, HiNRG and all the
bizarre stuff in between!
MUSIC FROM MEMORY 2019-12-31 CD CD - JPN2CD Miscellaneous - Pop IMPORT
Japanese released compilation of MFM's finest moments according to compiler Chee Shimizu. Features a live recording of an exclusive Music From Memory DJ mix from the man himself... BIG Tip!
MUSIC FROM MEMORY 2019-11-30 12" Vinyl - EULP + 7" Miscellaneous - Pop IMPORT
LP + 7" + insert.

Music From Memory’s latest release is a reissue of the lost Art record ‘Marea / Tide’ from Italian Wave duo Alessandro Pizzin and Piergiuseppe Ciranna also know as ‘Ruins’. Made to accompany and as a response to the works of painter ‘Luigi Viola’ the record was released limited to a run of 600 with original artworks by the painter included in the first 200 copies. A number of special showcases were performed at various galleries by the duo alongside Viola’s work, with records being available solely at those events.

Due to poor management and disagreements with the label who produced the record, 300 copies were held for many years in storage and then in fact later even destroyed, the record disappearing almost without a trace.

Finally now available again and with a bonus 7” including four beautiful unreleased tracks, the release is printed in colors true to the original work of Luigi Viola with insert.
MUSIC FROM MEMORY 2019-10-01 12" Vinyl - EULP Miscellaneous - Pop IMPORT
10 tracks by Japanese ambient musician Toshifumi Hinata. Right on point!

‘Broken Belief’ brings together a selection of recordings by Japanese multi-instrumentalist Toshfumi Hinata drawn from a body of work originally recorded between 1985-1987. Attending Berklee College of Music after spending time living in both the United States and the United Kingdom, Hinata would study under the tutelage of pianist Patricia Laliberte, graduating from the esteemed American school in 1982. Returning to Japan after becoming disillusioned with his classical training, Hinata experimented with many different forms of music. Moving away from depending simply on acoustic instruments, he would instead become entrenched in the possibilities of the latest analog synthesizers being developed at the time.

Toshifumi Hinata’s initial idea was to make his first album with just a Prophet 5 and Linn Drum Machine. Tweaking filters and creating intricate sequences, Hinata would record various sounds on analog tapes and overdub many different layers; recording violin, piano and other accompaniments separately later on. It would become a method of working for the musician which he would apply almost entirely throughout this period. A deeply submerged process; one in which he would seek, as he himself puts it, to "weave musical images".

Toshifumi Hinata would go on to record several more albums released only on CD throughout the late 1980s and 1990s, after which he focused mainly on music for TV dramas, commercials and documentaries. Now living in Tokyo he is almost exclusively focused on creating music for documentaries. The period of work released between 1985-1987 is one though that was not only a rich moment in the history of Hinata himself but of Japanese music and electronic music in general.
Barba Records 2019-05-01 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco IMPORT
Per Aspera Ad Astra / BAR018
Ukraine's arguably most interesting contemporary electronic music producer Mikhaylo Vityk, known as Vakula, returns to our label family. Having released an EP for Burek in 2012 under the Vedagor alias, for Barba he came up with a new name - Rocco Siffredi, and a spaced out 3-tracker EP titled "Per Asper Ad Astra". As it is expected from an artist as unique and prolific as he is - Rocco hits the spot, so to speak, with this 12" as well. A1, the title track "Per Asper Ad Astra" is a very late 70's reminiscent italo disco affair. Bubbly synths, flying arpeggios and pitched vocals make it feel perfectly at home in between a Giorgio Moroder and Space track, but somehow Mr Siffredi made it "his own" and sounding fresh and futuristic even in 2018. A2, "The Elements", is the records most forward momentum track and probably the most psychedelic one. It's a pure dancefloor cut with a tight drum programming counterpointed with airy synths and reverbrating guitars which are begging to be played during an open air venue sunrise moment. It's a track which exposes itself in layers of influence...from synth pop to disco and early electro. B1 cut, "Code P" is the ambient come-down tune. Rich sequences and beautiful synth pads seem to wrap themself around you as the track progresses and drown you in echoing bubbles closer to the end. Beautiful way to get lost in the record and finish it with style. We're pleased to say that Rocco delivered a diverse but consistent EP which heavily leans on the late 70s lingo of synth-infused disco and pop but carries a stamp of "today". Art by Wanda Kuchvalek.
Futuribile 2018-12-31 7" 7inch Miscellaneous - Pop
Marcelo Antonio 
Suspension / Males de Otro Lugar / FTR1005
Synth Pop touch on the next Futuribile release. Marcelo Antonio Galleguillos Torres, born and living in Valparaiso (Chile), provides two romantic and nostalgic songs written, recorded and interpreted by himself.
TIP Machine Soul Records 2018-11-05 12" 12" vinyl only Miscellaneous - Pop WW EXCL
D3 Allstars 
Sunday Dub EP / MSR021
Artist: D3 Allstars
Title: Sunday Dub EP
Label: Machine Soul Records
Cat: MSR 021
Format: 12" Vinyl only

A1 Sunday Dub (Original Mix)
A2 Thursday Dub (Mindbenders Spaced Out Mix)
B1 Monday Dub (Deep And Round Mix)
B2 Thursday Dub (Coffee Shop Mix)

Written by Mårten Attling, Jeff Virgo, Robert Folkesson
Produced by Mårten Attling

D3 Allstars premieres on underground Swedish label Machine Soul Records with a vinyl release that really stands out. Dub techno and electronica with an organic twist of live bass, djembe and jews harp. Music for your mind, your body and your soul - in Dub we trust!
dopeness galore 2018-10-08 12" eulp Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco
grand paradise hotel / DG14002
SUARA 2018-07-09 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Pop DE EXCL
Cameron James Laing 
Her  / SUARA310
British born, Berlin based singer songwriter, Cameron James Laing steps up for an outing on Suara. The original, 'Her', is an emotive and enchanting mixture of soulful vocals, acoustic guitars and swelling strings, beautifully produced and expertly executed.

Roman Poncet then flips the original into a bumping, breaksy, glitched out roller, twisting and manipulating Cameron's vocals to add a further dimension to the mix.

On the B side Prins Thomas brings his trademark Scandanavian touch to 'Her' edging the tempo up and anchoring the song to a dynamic bass, alongside echoing out elements of the guitar and strings to create a version that wouldn't be out of place on the Balaeric Islands.

Closing out the e.p. Peter Pardeike takes you back to the club, placing a rhythmic arp and weighty stabs behind a pounding kick and crisp hats, to provide a big room version of Cameron's original.

DJ Support:

Lane 8
peter pardeike remix is perfect for me thanks

superb remixes !

Oliver Deutschmann
Really like that first Poncet mix!

Roberto Capuano
Poncet's remixes are my fav here!

Eelke Kleijn
Fantastic remix by Prins Thomas!

Roman Poncet mixes for me thanks

Special Stuff

Arjun Vagale
Fantastic remix from Roman!

Vinicius Honorio
Nice remixes pack, Roman Poncet for me!

Edu Imbernon
Sweet Package!

Balthazar & JackRock
Roman Poncet main mix for me

Andre Crom
nice pack roman's mixes are quality as usual. will play!

Bastian Bux
Florian Kupfer Remix is magic!

Roman Poncet doing the business on this.

Martin Landsky
both roman poncet versions for me.... !!!

Marco Effe
Lovely mix from Roman Poncet !

Roman Poncet Remixes for me.

thanks a lot for this!!!

Very nice & deep stuff - for our sets we absolutely like the Roman Poncet Remix!

Roman Poncet Remix and Dub for us.
space center 2018-06-25 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Funk & Soul
trouble / 09sc
In 1982, a group of friends deep into post-punk, jazz and dub got together in Mad Professor's studio and lay down their youthful interpretation of a NYC disco cut. Their unique take included trombone, vibraphone, piano, and an ital dose of tape delay. They called the song Trouble and released two versions (vocal and dub) on their friend Tony McDermott's !Drum! label with artwork inspired by Russian Constructivism. TIP!
The group, comprised of Justin Langlands, Chrysta Jones, John Schofield, Tom Dixon, and Dave Killen, decided to call themselves A-Team, having no idea that Mr.T and Co. would make them almost totally ungoogle-able 30 years later. The result of their adolescent studio idealism sounds akin to otherdisco misfits like Arthur Russell, Maximum Joy, Talking Drums and wouldn't sound out of place on legendary NYC label 99 Records. Remastered with an extended Club Dub formaximum dance-floor action
lovecreation 2018-03-26 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco DE EXCL
love creation 
lovecreation 4 / lovecreation004
Love Creation 004 keeps the bar high with 3 diverse Creations edited with love.

The A side keeps it chunky with a touch of acid on 'Land Of Hunger' and a slo-mo groover with a deft vocal touch with 'Luther's Jam'.

‘Spacetalk' is given the whole of the B side for a more playable re-edit of this left of centre funk gem.
music from memory 2017-12-31 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Pop
dub oven 
skin 'n' bones / MFM026
Reissue of their 1983 release, more info sooon!
no label 2017-12-31 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Pop
bear bones, lay low  
atlantean encrypted message / RHD-032
in we go... the intoxicating title track is lifted from the great 'Visions from Limbus'* cassette (2015), while the low slung 'Welson', and the ultra doomy Dans Tes Limbes are much more recent creations to flow from Ernesto González's psychadelic fingers.... TIP!
* originally released by Lonktaar and Swollen Avant Garde. http://lonktaar.blogspot.be/ & http://swollenavantgarde.blogspot.be/

- fEeeDbAcKK:

Traxx (Nation, Chicago): loved the 1st track and the 3rd one - thank you sincerely for the download of this.

Rabih Beahni (Morphine): B side is Insane!! Will definitely play it LOUD.
edition dschungel 2017-12-01 12" 12" LP Miscellaneous - Pop
kebab- und andere traume  / ED001
Reissue of their 1987 album! A diverse blend of New Wave, Turkish Pop and Oriental-Rock, Funk & Soul, Hip-Hop but also Disco in a exotic way.
The Official 30th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue of
Elektro-Dschungel “Kebab- Und Andere Träume”

Restored From The Original Reel2Reel Mastertapes
Mastering And Lacquer Cut by Mike Grinser at Manmade Mastering
LP | 33 ⅓ RPM | 4-Page Insert With Original And Expanded Credits
music from memory 2017-11-13 12" 12" Miscellaneous - Pop
fast forward / mfm024
Solo cuts from rare as feek Workdub related cassettes....TIP!
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