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    Raise & Sgt. Risk 
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12" Miscellaneous - Bass/Club Dubstep techno
Label: Sport
Release: Sport9000
Artists: Raise, Sgt. Risk
A – DJ Raise & Sgt. Risk – Putney Acid feat. svmthoX
B – Sgt. Risk – smOKe

Sport 9000

A – DJ Raise & Sgt. Risk – Putney Acid feat. svmthox

Named after a delicious and rather skittish old synth that provided us with the monstrous bassline on this, “Putney Acid” starts off mellow enough before the beast rears its head and tears along a swinging, syncopated rhythm and well dosed injections of bubbling acid. It’s all counterbalanced by snippets of svmthoX’ bright voice, filling the whole upper frequency space of the tune. One for the heads, no doubt.

B – Sgt. Risk – smOKe
Clocking in at 160+, “smOKe” starts off equally subdued as its flipside, powered by interlocking layers of muted drums and a hollow-ish sub. the only bright things in this tune are the odd banging snare, and crunched up snippets of breaks pushing to the fore. for those deep and dark introspective moments on the floor.  

# Artist Title
1Raise & Sgt. RiskPutney Acid feat. svmthox
2Raise & Sgt. RisksmOKe