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rawax 2021-10-18 12" Electro
Kaymar Ring 
Me And Walls / RAWAX027
RAWAX welcomes Kamyar Khnanzaei aka Kamyar Ring from Iran to the family.
Kamyar delivered here a beautiful dubby electro release which will be out mid. of October 2021.
Highly recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3lONHqh

Artist: kamyar Ring
Title: Me And Walls
Label: RAWAX
Format: 12"
Cat: RAWAX027
Genre: Electro
Release date: 18.10.2021
A1. Kamyar Ring - K.Feelings #3
A1. Kamyar Ring - K.Feelings #2
A1. Kamyar Ring - K.Feelings #5
A1. Kamyar Ring - K.Feelings #4

W+p by Kamyar Khnanzae
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @ Lhaudio.com
Vinyl cut by W. J. Henze @ Lhaudio.com

Worldwide exclusive manufacturing and distribution www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP rawax 2021-10-10 12" 12 Electro WW EXCL
The Arabian Prince And The Sheiks 
Situation Hot / RWE002
Second release on the new RAWAX EAST COAST EDITION comes again from The Arabian Prince And The Sheiks!
It's the 1986 hit "Situation Hot". The re-mastered black vinyl edition will be out in June 2021. Highly recommemded!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3rWJKAM

ARTIST: The Arabian Prince And The Sheiks
TITLE: Situation Hot
GENRE: Electro/ Hip Hop
PRICE: 6.75€
RELEASE-DATE: 01.06.2021

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP Freddy Fresh Classic Edition 2021-09-15 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Invisible Man 
Cross-Bronx Expressway  / FFCE002
Chop Shop
B-Boy Anthem
One For Charley
Bronx Beatz
Uncle Timmy
Number 2 Train
Electro Beetz
138th & Grand Concourse
C'mon Bonus Beat
Back in Stock
TIP Central Electronics 2021-08-16 12" 12 Electro WW EXCL
Binary Operator 
Machine Processed Rhythms EP / CEL004
Binary Operator is back with his 2nd EP for Central Electronics. Again he delivered a mixture of electro and broken beats for dancers and digital dreamers.
rawax 2021-07-05 12" 12 Electro WW EXCL
The Arabian Prince And The Sheiks 
Take You Home Girl/ Innovator / RWE001
RAWAX proudly welcomes Kim Nazel, one of the founders of N.W.A. aka The Arabian Prince to the Family! We are happy to present you in future some classic releases and new productions, including a brand new album on the RAWAX WEST COAST EDITION. Starting with "The Arabian Prince And The Sheiks - Take You Home Girl/ Innovator" from 1985, originally released on RAPSUR Records. Our release contains for the first time the unreleased extended version of "Take You Home, Girl"!!! Another highlight is " Innovative Life" this track was done by Kim Nazel together with another legend who is Dr. Dre!!!
Highly recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3p2jqVh

Artist: The Arabian Prince And The Sheiks
Title: Take You Home Girl/ Innovator
Genre: Electro/ Hip Hop
Format: 12"
Cat: RWE001
Release date: 05.03.2021
A1. Take You Home, Girl
A2. Let's Hit The Beach
B1. Innovative Life (The Arabian Prince and The Sheiks feat. Dr. Dre)
B2. Innovator

W+P by The Arabian prince for Purple Sky Music (ASCAP)
Licensed by RAWX 2021
Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP ELECTROWAX 2021-06-21 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Konekieli / EWX-01
RAWAX got a new baby called ELECTROWAX!
We love the genre and now it became an own platform!
Starting with Kirill Junolainen aka Konerytmi from Saint Petersburg.
And as it's the first release, we celebrate it with 6 tracks!
More music for you :)
Teaser: Dbh-music – Ewx01-konerytmi-konekieli-ep-electrowax

Artists: Konerytmi
Title: Konekieli EP
Genre: Electro
Format: 12"
Cat: EWX01

A1. Konerytmi - Pori Jazz
A2. Konerytmi - Ikkunat
A3. Konerytmi - Sokeri
B1. Konerytm - Konekieli
B2. Konerytmi - Yökilpailu
B3. Konerytmi - Koodi

ELECTROWAX is a division of RAWAX; info@rawaxmusic.com
Worldwide exclusive by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP CSM 2021-06-07 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Untitled / CSM 1
DBH Music proudly welcomes the legendary NYC/ Berlin based CSM label to the distribution Family! Weare starting with the holy grail from the catalogue, which is CSM 1 by John Selway! A hard to find timeless masterpiece from 1997! The remastered vinyl version will be out in June. Don't sleep on it!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/2XcuSRF

Artist: Selway
Title: Untitled
Label: CSM
Genre: Electro/ Techno/ Minimal
Cat: CSM 1
Format: !2"
Release date: 22.06.2020
A. Shimmerdown
AA1. Solas
AA2. Recollect

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP Melodize 2021-05-25 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Polar - incl Extrawelt & John Tejada RMXS / Melodi005
Label: Melodize
Artist: Univac
Titel: Polar
Release date: 10.05.2021
A1.UNIVAC - Mandelbrot
A2. UNIVAC - Mandelbrot (Extrawelt Remix)
B1. UNIVAC - Polar
B2. UNIVAC - Polar (John Tejada Remix)

Realize the Melodize: Beartrax's explorative new label returns for its first foray into 2021 with rising Spanish talent Univac. 
Spotted by Beartrax through his release on David Vunk’s Moustache Records, he knew Univac’s cold but melodic style would be the perfect fit for the label. Both written on Univac’s Moog Rogue, these two crisp originals (amplified by incredible remixes from none other than Extrawelt and John Tejada) prove it…
‘Mandelbrot Set’ takes the lead with confidence. Upbeat, sinister and tense, it zooms right in on the details as sci-fi flurries glitch and spasm over the neck-snapping breaks. Extrawelt is a great choice for remixer as he loosens the belt and brings in layer upon layer of flabby bass that brings a whole new level of funk to Univac’s numerical complexities.
‘Polar’ is premium electro best served cold. Pneumatic beats, steam roller bass and cascades of acidic layers, it’s every bit as icy as its name suggests. Finally, Tejada throws a few bugs in our bassbins with his own jazzy, freeform take on ‘Polar’. Spacious, swinging and powered by breaks that sing from the good book of Photek, it’s the sweet glacier cherry on a deliciously glacial cake. 
tronic 2021-02-01 12" 12" Electro DE EXCL
Client_03 / Sterac Electronics / The Advent & Zein Ferreira / Christian Smith 
More Than Machine (Part 1) / tr119v
We are very proud to present a special 8 track electro project on Tronic. We have always been very passionate about this genre and wanted to bring together some legendary techno producers with a deep appreciation for electro together with some established and new school leaders.

Split over 2 EPs Part 1 features heavyweights inc Sterac Electronics / The Advent & Zein Ferreira / label boss Christian Smith along side the the anonymous Client_03.
TIP unknown untitled 2020-12-14 12" 12" Electro DE EXCL
uu001 / UU001
Since the early days of electronic music, white label records have been inextricably linked to DJ culture and the ways in which underground music has been disseminated. unknown - untitled draws on the white label concept withholding details about the producers behind the tracks and leaving listeners to draw their own conclusions about what they’re hearing.

The new concept label will focus primarily on vinyl releases, with previews of the tracks available online, but information about the artists only to be found within the record sleeve itself. Several weeks after the vinyl is out, there will be a digital release that reveals who was behind the tracks. The roster will range from new and emerging producers to more established artists looking to explore new sounds.

The label's first release, presents three gorgeous slabs of UK schooled techno steeped in psychedelic textures and sub-low pressure. With online personas often eclipsing the focus on music itself, here lies a return to form.
TIP RAWAX MOTOR CITY EDITION 2020-12-07 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Gary Martin returns on RAWAX Motor City Edition vol. 15 with his second re-issue as Gigi Galaxy! This time he presents "The Invasion EP" the former Teknotika #12 from 1995. Essential release!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/30XzkVQ

Artist: Gigi Galaxy
Title: The Invasion EP
Label: RAWAX Motor City Edition
Genre. Elcetro/ techno
Cat: RMCE015
Format: 12"
Release date: March 2020
A. Gigi Galaxy - The Invasion
B1. Gigi Galaxy - The Aftermath
B2. Gigi Galaxy - Twinge

Worldwide exclusive by DBH Music (info@dbh-music.com)
TIP c-lektro 2020-11-12 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
c-lektro9 / c-lektro9
c-lektro is back with number 9 in the series!
TIP Pleasure Zone 2020-11-02 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Giorgio Maulini 
Arepa con Aguacate / PLZ015LTD
Pleasure Zone welcomes Giorgio Maulini to the artist Family. We are very happy to present you "Arepa con Aguacate" a very strong debut ep with two spacey electro and two groovy minimal tracks. Highly recommended!

Artist: Giorgio Maulini
Title: Arepa con Aguacate
Label: Pleasure Zone
Cat: PLZ015LTD
Genre: Electro/ Breaks/ Minimal
Format: 12"
Release date: 09.03.2020
A1. Giorgio Maulini - Famara Breaks
A2. Giorgio Maulini - Arepa con Aguacate
B1. Giorgio Maulini - N64
B2. Giorgio Maulini - Black Belt

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP Assemble Music 2020-10-27 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Timephaser EP - incl reedale rise rmx / AS-23
legaffe tales 2020-10-05 12" 12" Electro DE EXCL
felix leifur 
brot 05 / brot05
The COVID 19 pandemic has given us some time to reflect and bake beats, loads of beats! Our main man, Felix Leifur, has been busy in the kitchen cooking up some steaming BROT heaters during his isolation in the middle of the North Atlantic.

BROT 05 holds five diverse cuts by Felix Leifur with one of those seeing Leifur joined onboard by a guest, the notorious dutchman Frits Wentink, adding his trademark glitched out wonkiness to proceedings.

Mind bending breaks from the inner workings of the isolated mind.

DJ Feeback:

DJ Seinfeld (Lobster Theremin / Endotherm) superb

Danny Daze (Kompakt/Ellum Audio)
This is fresh!

Dave Clarke (white noise radio)
love the first track

Ciel (Discwoman)
honestly super sick!

Duckett (Freerotation/Berceuse Heroique/Wisdom Teeth)
Absolute Monday morning frustration. Am I allowed to tan party drugs at 8am? Amazing release.

Francois X (DEMENT3D / Deeply Rooted / MDR)

DINA (Nachtcrew / Molten Moods / Boarding Gate )
really nice!

Caldera (WNCL / Boogie Box / Patterns)
Great release on Lagaffe Tales as usual. The Frits Wentink collab is my favorite but greatsound design and swing during the whole EP. Big up Felix...

Flore (POLAAR)
super good stuff. Lovin Bruiseblood, will play for sure

Mmm Slinty... liking the club trax too

Oxyd (Intramuros)
Bruiseblood is great ! thanks

Korea Town Acid (Cosmic Resonance)
This is a nice surprise. Quality EP !! Love both Felix and Frits

Significant Other (SPE:C)
Always exciting to see new Felix Leifur – very hard to pick a fav from Brot 5. Listerine munnskol is nuts, Gitarglams really beautiful too!

Cabasa (Eddy Larkin / 199radio)
BROT never disappoints :)

French II (Draaimolen, Intercept, ONSET AUDIO)
Bruiseblood is the one for me! Cool stuff

David Martin (Dimensions Soundsystem) I love these releases. Always something in them for me. tracks, 2, 3 and 4 are my picks this time.
TIP Tooflez 2020-10-01 12" 12" Vinyl Only Electro WW EXCL
DJ Body Mechanic 
The Chellenge (incl. The Butcher Remixes) / TFZ008
TFZ008 Coming soon exclusively on Tooflez Muzik

From Detroit to Berlin, DJ Bodymechanic joins the Tooflez Fam with this heavy weight Ghetto Electro EP.

Limited Vinyl Only.
2 Digi bonus traxx by Sean Tate AKA The Butcher.
Its a strict Detroit affair on this one.

Mastered at Man Made Mastering Berlin
Printed at INTAKT Berlin
ONLY ONE MUSIC 2020-08-10 12" 12" Electro

GENRE: Elctero/ Ambient/ Techno
RELEASE-DATE: 17.03.20
A1. Muy Macho
A2. Untitled#04
B1. Button
B2. Liza (On Another Planet)

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP RAWAX MOTOR CITY EDITION 2020-07-22 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
RAWAX MOTOR CITY EDITION presents one of Detroits most working artist, Mr. Gari Romalis. Under his SCSI moniker he delivered here an outstanding elctro release reminding us the glory days of this genre.
This masterpiece will be out in March 2020. Highly recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/30pwzMt

Artist: SCSI
Title: Digital Ciity
Genre: Electro
Format: 12"
Cat: RMCE014
Release date: 09.03.2020
A1. Digital Ciity (Detroit)
A2. Elekro Break (Dance)
B1. Teknology
B2. Enter Planetary

w+p by Gari Romalis

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP RAWAX 2020-07-01 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Secret For Granny EP / RAWAX018LTD
RAWAX presents the very talented DUBFOUND aka Dima Kulakovsky on the Llimited Series. The "Secret for Granny" EP is a very functional post modern electro record - worth to check!

Artist: Dubfound
Title: Secret for Granny EP
Label: RAWAX
Format: 12"
Genre: Electro

A1. Dubfound - Secret For Granny
A2. Dubfound - Chaba
B1. Dubfound - Surtime
B2 .Dubfound - Percotraz

Worldwide exclusiv distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP Electrocute Soundplates 2020-06-22 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Electro Nation (Thomas P. Heckmann)  
Dope Head / ECS1205
A virus to enslave us all, the test of humanity and the future of mankind.
Electro Nation will kndly guide you to your destiny.
Stay safe and healthy...

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3eno1MJ

Artist: Electro Nation (Thomas P. Heckmann)
Title: Dope Head
Cat.: ECS 1205
Label: Electrocute Soundplates
Format: Maxi Vinyl 12”
Release Date: Mai 2020
Style: Electro
A1. Electro Nation - Dopehead
A2. Electro Nation - Sucker Beat
B1. Electro Nation - The Virus
B2. Electro Nation - Juicy Beast

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP Traffic Records 2020-06-09 12" 12" vinyl only Electro WW EXCL
Cedric Dekowski 
KBU EP / Traffic017
TIP Freddy Fresh Classic Edition 2020-06-01 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Fred Fresh 
Feelin' Mighty Fresh  / FFCE001
DBH Music proudly welcomes legendary Freddy Fresh to the Family!
We are very happy to present you "Freddy Fresh Classic Edition".
It's the platform for most past, present and future productions from Frederick Schmid and we can tell you - the Vaults are endless!

We'll start with Fred Fresh ‎– Feelin' Mighty Fresh from 1996!

Artist: Fred Fresh
Title: Feelin' Mighty Fresh
Label: Freddy Fresh Classic Edition
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Breaks/ Soul
Format: 12"
Release date: 01.06.2020
A. Fred Fresh - Feelin It
B1. Fred Fresh - Punched Out
B2. Fred Fresh - Rockin (The Freaky Fresh Mix)

All tracks w+p by Frederick Schmid aka Freddy Fresh

Worldide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP Sport 2020-05-26 12" 12" Electro WW EXCL
Raise & Sgt. Risk 
The Shining Wall/ Weaponized Soul / Sport5000
A - Raise & Sgt. Risk

A slowed down tribute to the dichotomy of mellow/heavy in mid 90's Jungle/Drum n' Bass, "The Shining Wall" begins with eery pads and a forlorn siren call, gently driven along by a subtle amen groove. Midway through, things turn more aggressive with distorted break switchups and a smattering of mentasm for good measure, before coming full circle and leaving you with a warm but somewhat uncertain end.

B - Sgt. Risk - Weaponized Soul

The flip is a more ominous affair, inspired by the short transition period ca. '96, just before techstep became a defined term. "Weaponized Soul" sets the mood with foreboding pads, until it drops into a relentless barrage of industrial beats and a cavernous sub. In the midway breakdown everything drops away, clearing the stage for a monstrous, swarmlike synthriff.

Both of these tracks where never meant to be "conceptual tributes", but just ended up that way.
A is fairly new, while B is the umpteenth version of a ten year old tune. Big up the Dolphin Man for convincing us to put them out together.
TIP Acid Fuckers Unite 2020-04-27 12" 12" limited purple edition Electro WW EXCL
Electro Nation 
Electro Nation / AFU009RP
22 digit ltd303 state40108KO RecordsAbandoned AudioAcidictedacidsexaffekt ltdAfter 6 amafuafu limitedafulabAll That JellyAmazone RecordsAmong RecordsAmouran.artandromedaanyone recordsArkitypart zeroArtmindingAssemble Musicaura karma recordsausgangAVI recordsazimut recordsBaconAnDecksbadanceBalders AudioBar MusicaBasaecbassa clanbauhousebe chosenbeartone recordsBeef RecordsBipolar Statebjblack wallblossom kollektivBlue MondaysBon Vivant Ltd.boogie paradiseboomchikbootBOY RecordsBSRC-lektrocb sessionsCécille RecordsCécille RecordsCentral Electronicschiwaxchiwax classic editioncitylow recordsClandestine Musiccologne underground recordscompute musicconnaisseur recordingsCorpcorrupted by societycosmo recordscounterweightcredocredo black seriesCYBLOCYRKd.ko recordsDANCERDark Vortexdeep clubdeep seriesdelta codeDet Gode Selskabdetroit record companyDiaphan MusicDiffikultdisc companydisc over musicdiscarded gemsDiscernible RecorddisciplinaDjungle Feverdmomdo easy recordsDock RecordsDomina TraxxDomina Trxxxdriving forcesdubwaxdum recordseat more houseEinfach Höreneintaktelectric blueElectrocute SoundplatesEON Recordsepilogepilog recordsequivalenceEx.societyface to faceFanfar Onfckin seriousfckng seriousfizical recordsflash recordingsForce Inc.foul & sunkfour twentyFur TradeFuture Beat Alliance RecordsGabCat Recordsgenial recordsGet In Touchgipsy musicHARDFLOORhardworksoftdrinkharthousehauptbahnhof musikhike recordingsho do riHôtel CosteshousewaxhouseworxHouseworx Recordshowmanytimesyoudancetoit?hueso recordsIm in loveImplosive Recordsin the dark againindulge recordsintangible records & soundworksIntangible Records and Soundworksinternational day offInvoluntary Movementk klassikKatermukkekeezako recordsketsklang elektronikKoepelkusi recordsla bohemela penalake placidlaterralove letters from oslolower partsLuminal rec.luna city labluv shack recordsMade At Nightmainakustikmainrecordsmainrecords limitedMaster Jamsmedeia recordsmedukameleon musicMelodizemelodram recordingsmementomensch musikmental sound odysseymesmamesma recordsMeta Levelmiava recordsMille Plateauxmode of expressionmodelismemodular expansion recordsmolten moodsMoment Recordsmono recordsMonochromatic RecordsMovida Recordsmriya recordsmusic is artMuttis - Mischkonsummuzik & friendsmuzik & friendzmysterious russian soul recordsnabuconachtstrom schallplattenneostrictlynightvisionno speakersnoho recordsnothingwithxObaidlí RecordsOHM SeriesOldvavis Recordsone recordsone step back aheadongakuonly one musicorganismoslooslo recordsotake recordsOuter Place Recordspaparazzi recordspatch seriesPfandPlayedbyplayhousepleasure zonepoint of viewpointillisme musiquepoints recordspressure traxxpressure traxx silver seriesprosthetic pressingspusic recordsquadrat musikRarehouse Recordsraum musikraw toolsrawaxraygunrebalanceRed Roosterredpandarefuserelease sustainreloading recordsrepeat musicResidual Recordingsresolute labelrocket recordsrz recordssalty nutssama recordingsschönbrunner perlensenior solution managementserialismsewer senderShanti Moscow Radiosilenciosilent stepssiteholdersiteholder recordssix d.o.g.s. recordsskala recordsSketches recordsSkytraxsmile for a whilesnuff traxSono Vivosorry for thisSoul SurvivorSounds.Sportstarbugstardubstarkstrom schallplattenstock 5subtil recordssukhumvitsunday breakfast recordssuperfictionswedish brandy productionsSystem Recordstablon recordstangible soundtechno gipsyto russia with lovetoolwaxxtraffictruelovesoundsudachaunbalanceunclearUniversal ConsequencevaliosoVibraphone RecordsVincent Desmont Recordsvirgo risingvisky recordingsw0rkt34mwelcome to masomenosWetpakwhat you wantwhat?white jail recordingswirrwarrwound musicWu_dubsXIIIyamyamyour mamas friend[R]3volution