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We_r house 2022-02-01 12" Tech House WW EXCL
we_r house 12 / wrh012
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TIP Shanti Moscow Radio 2021-12-20 12" 12 Tech House WW EXCL
Sketches / smr13
One can't understand the smell of roses, while the other one will get honey from the bitter grass.

Label: Shanti Moscow Radio
Release catalogue number: SMR13
Release title: Sketches
Artist's name: RVNZ
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Levitiuim Records 2021-12-20 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Vicente Guevara 
Llevalos Pa Guayaquil / LVRVNL002
Second vinyl installment by Levitium Records. Label owner Vicente Guevara turns to the charateristics of his home town in Ecuador, including some anecdotes about the culture of Guayaquil.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador
Big support by Loco Dice!!!
Levitiuim Records 2021-12-20 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Vicente Guevara 
Shema Israel / LVRVNL003
LVRVNL003 is the heart of the Levitium Records' vinyl trilogy in 2015. As its predecessors it is full of cultural references. The groovy tech house tracks include two traditional prayers to different gods.Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.
Levitiuim Records 2021-12-20 12" Tech House
Vicente Guevara 
Abrete Corazon / LVRVNL001
"Abrete Corazon" is a release with extracts of Andean sounds enclosing part of the culture and wisdom ancestral of Ecuador this rare fusion promises surprises you.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.
"Abrete" - ("Open") is an excerpt from a song of shamanic ceremony that invites you to let reason and open the heart.
"Vasija de Barro" - ("crock of earthen") is a song that describes the ritual of the Indians to bury their dead.
"Chaman" - ("Shaman") is another extract of a shamanic song that explain the problems in ecuadorian forest and spiritual revelations.
"Indio Loko" - ("Crazy indean") the vocal is part of a poem that tell about the Tawantinsuyo history.
Radikon 2021-12-13 12" lp Tech House WW EXCL
Jonas Saalbach 
Headlights / rdkn038
Label: Radikon
Artist: Jonas Saalbach
Titel: Headlights
Format: 2x12“
Release date: 29.10.2021
A1. Jonas Saalbach - Half A Decade
A2. Jonas Saalbach - Headlights (feat. Angus Powell)
A3. Jonas Saalbach - Transformation
B1. Jonas Saalbach - Cellophane (feat. SANDHAUS)
B2. Jonas Saalbach - Nacho
B3. Jonas Saalbach - Jenora
C1. Jonas Saalbach - Wanderlust
C2. Jonas Saalbach - Acstatic
C3. Jonas Saalbach - Gardens Of Siam
D1. Jonas Saalbach - 2011
D2. Jonas Saalbach - Changing (feat. Luna Semara)
Artminding 2021-11-15 12" Tech House WW EXCL
various artists 
Künstlerische Freiheit / art001
Label: Artminding
Artist: V.A.
Titel: Künstlerische Freiheit
Release date: 08.10.2021
A1 Annett Gapstream - Chapter A 7:19
A2 Tenvin - Depozit 6:12
A3 Matchy - Encounter Vinyl Edit 6:00

B1 Max von Sternberg - Stellar & Me 6:31
B2 Murat Uncuoglu - Limpid Eyes 6:49
B3 Daniele Di Martino - Opus 7:20
RBT.CLASSIC 2021-10-29 12" vinyl only, marbled Tech House WW EXCL
Caminando / RBTCL001
Mega hit classic from Reboot, pressed on limited marbled vinyl only!
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Melodize 2021-08-16 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Valor EP - incl Lauer & Johannes Albert rmxs / Melodi006
Label: Melodize
Artist: Beartrax
Titel: Valor EP
Release date: 30.07.2021 (Voraussichtlich)
A1 Beartrax - Phantom Night (Original Mix)
A2 Beartrax - Phantom Night (Johannes Albert Remix)
B1 Beartrax - Valor (Original Mix)
B2 Beartrax - Valor (Lauer Remix)

Since its inception in 2019, Beartrax’s Melodize imprint has consistently pushed deep, musical house and techno with contributions from John Tejada, Fort Romeau, Carl Finlow, and many more standing alongside Beartrax’s original productions throughout the label’s back catalogue.

Leading the sixth release, ‘Phantom Night’ sees haunted atmospherics nestled amongst ethereal synth licks, before a cinematic violin takes centre stage. Johannes Albert’s remix peppers elements of the original with slick acid lines and punchy drums, re-imagining the dramatic violin for a fresh and highly entertaining take.

On the flip, the uplifting ‘Valor’ runs through a series of modulating basslines, glistening pads, and sizzling drums, topped off with a majestic cello performance throughout.

Rounding out the release, Lauer adds rubbery low end, floating keys, and hands-in-the air piano stabs to ‘Valor’ for a high-energy end to another stellar EP from Melodize.
Cécille Records 2021-07-16 12" Tech House WW EXCL
No Worries / Tease Me / CEC015
LABELNAME Cécille Records


TITEL No Worries / Tease Me

CATALOGUE NO CEC015 // repress

FORMAT vinyl, digital

GENRE house, tech house

RELEASE DATE VINYL repress 16.07.2021

W&P Bülent Gürler
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Radikon 2021-07-13 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Diamond Mouth 
The Condition Remixes / rdkn31
Label: Radikon
Artist: Diamond Mouth
Titel: The Condition Remixes
Release date: 25.06.2021
A1-Diamond Mouth - Stare At Me (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)
A2-Diamond Mouth - Divine Flow (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
B1-Diamond Mouth - Blade Of Light (Yubik Remix)
B2-Diamond Mouth - Divine Flow (Jonas Saalbach Remix)

At Radikon, we were mesmerized the first
time we heard Diamond Mouth’s angelic
brand of noisy, dream-like pop and have
asked some of our favorite artists to
reimagine the Danish duo’s singular
soundscapes for catalogue number 31.
Frankey & Sandrino’s rendition of ‘Stare at
Me’ shrouds the original’s lumbering
moodiness in layers of impatient
percussive salvos and sizzling electric stabs.
A monumental pad infuses the haunting
vocals with a sense of urgency, creating
a compelling emotional dichotomy to the
hypnotic original.
Setting the dissonant spoken word mantras
of ‘Divine Flow’ to a mechanical, throbbing
groove with pulsating blips and white noise
hits, Ruede Hagelstein retains the original’s
menacing quality. In a striking change of
pace, the track is enveloped in layers of
soothing pads and glittering percussion,
artfully mirroring the original’s progression
from dissonant uneasiness to divine bliss.
Yubik’s version of ‘Blade of Light’ imbibes
the original’s monumentality, while infusing
it with a powerful anthemic quality.
His signature drum and synth work adds
a beautiful layer of massive, all-encompassing
emotionality, and distills the original’s
complex soundscapes into raw dance floor
Contrasting to Ruede’s rendition, Jonas
Saalbach chose a different route for his
version of ‘Divine Flow’. Focusing on the
blissful, floaty energy in the second part
of the original, Jonas elevates the dreamy
original to shimmering heights of pure bliss
set to an effortlessly powerful groove.

Mind Against_ cool stuff
Guy J_ very cool release
Andre Lodemann_ nice remixes thanks
Tiefschwarz_ very nice package. thank you
Monika Kruse_ Thanks for the music, downloaded
for Monika Kruse
Eelke Kleijn_ Nice collection of remixes here!
Anja Schneider_ SDuper REmixe
Hernan Cattaneo_ big stuff
Lehar_ thanks
Echonomist_ Thank you!
Trikk_ thank you, x
Fur Coat_ Great pack of remixes
Âme_ thanks
Lexer_ Frankey & Sandrino Remix is huge! Thanks.
Brina Knauss_ like it yes!

Mastering: BlackheadStudios
Text: Philip Forristall
Cover: Simon Kneip
TIP Shanti Moscow Radio 2021-07-12 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Volen Sentir 
Neunivai / SMR33
""It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”

Label: Shanti Moscow Radio
Release catalogue number: SMR33
Release title: Neunivai
Artist's name: Volen Sentir
Format: Vinyl + Digital
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TIP Shanti Moscow Radio 2021-07-12 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Tim Green 
Sea Parade / SMR31
"A man at sea is never alone." Ernest Hemingway

Label: Shanti Moscow Radio
Release catalogue number: SMR31
Release title: Sea Parade
Artist's name: Tim Green
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Cécille Records 2021-07-05 12" Tech House WW EXCL
De La Swing 
A Summer History EP / CEC041
Cécille Records

De La Swing
TITEL A Summer History EP
(DeMarzo Remix)

NO CEC0 4 1

vinyl, digital

house / tech house

W&P Domingo Bellot Sotos, Marcus Wormald

A Times Up 07:35
B A Summer History 06: 26
BB A Summer History (DeMarzo RMX) 06:26

We pleased to welcome Spanish El Row and Ker Resident De La Swing for his first EP on Cecille Records.
la Swing in a continuous evolution of the sound, where the depth, groove, positive vibe and fun are always
present in his sets as well his productions. He delivered 2 strong summ er vibe tracks which have that special
vocal touch on top of it's groovy beats, followed with a remix by his UK buddy DeMarzo.
TIP connaisseur recordings 2021-05-25 12" 2x12 Tech House WW EXCL
Kollektiv Turmstraße 
Rebellion der Träumer (Bringmann & Kopetzki Edition - black vinyl) / cns006BK
Label: Connaisseur Recordings
Kat-Nr: cns006BK
Artist: Kollektiv Turmstrasse
Titel: Rebellion der Träumer (Bringmann & Kopetzki Edition - black vinyl)
Format: 2x12“ Gatefold

A1: Affekt
A2: Sphäre
A3: Kontakt
B1: Deine Distanz
B2: Was Bleibt
C1: Heimat
C2: Uneins*
C3: Schwindelig
D1: Goldmarie*
D2: Addio Addio
* w./ Florian Schirmacher

We are not sure if this was ever done before: We asked the legendary German illustrator duo Bringmann & Kopetzki, mostly known for their comics Hotze (Groove Mag) and Wild Life (Faze Mag), to "remix" the artwork of "Rebellion der Träumer" by Kollektiv Turmstrasse. This limited edition was so far only available in antique white vinyl via Connaisseur’s Bandcamp page and is sold out now.

But, we are happy to announce a small repress of this edition in black vinyl now.

In November 2010, we released Kollektiv
Turmstrasse’s "Rebellion der Träumer“ - a timeless
album with a major impact on both the artists and on
us, the label. It was a big success in every direction and
even now after 10 years, the album still is a milestone.
Reason enough for us to celebrate the 10th
anniversary of the two German northener's debut
album both with a long awaited repress of the double
vinyl, as well as a fresh round of remixes.
The repress comes in three versions: A regular
repress in black vinyl, a limited version in red vinyl and
a third version featuring something very unique. We
asked the legendary German illustrator duo
Bringmann & Kopetzki, mostly known for their comics
Hotze (Groove Mag) and Wild Life (Faze Mag), to
"remix" the artwork.

Some feedback from back in the days...
Hot Chip: „Some great melodies and some beautiful sounds on
there..“- Jimpster: „Great stuff all round“ - Joris Voorn: “It's
quite impressive, very nice melodies and deep melodic
production, a real listening experience! „ - Caribou: „Sounds
cool!“ - Laurent Garnier: „A superb album that i will listen over
and over“ - Roberto Rodriguez (Manolo): "Really exciting
debut album. top notch electronica for the darkening autumn
nights. It gets better and better every time i listen to it." -
Solomun: „A beautiful piece of Music“ - Markus Kavka: „In
dieser Platte stecken so viel Liebe, Sehnsucht und große Gefühle,
dass man nicht mehr von ihr weg kommt. Rebellion der Träumer"
ist eine ganz große Platte." Nick/ Juno: „A stunning new
melancholy direction for Kollektiv Turmstrasse“ - Makossa /
FM4 Austria: „erwachsen und chillig“ - Jason/ Proton
Radio: "Kollektiv Turmstrasse are simply my favorite outfit in our
scene today, and this album exemplifies why: theatrical, organic
music that has no equal“ - Ripperton: „This album turns
around on my player since you sent it to me. „ - Ben/
Datatransmission: „This album is stuning ! „ – Klaus
Fiehe/ 1Live: „ Das Album ist ne echte Überraschung, ich mag
diese ambient sich langsam aufbauenden Tracks sehr“
Cécille Records 2021-05-14 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Nick Curly & Steffen Deux 
The Doe#s / CEC040
LABELNAME_ Cécille Records
ARTIST_ Nick Curly & Steffen Deux
TITEL_ The Doe#s
FORMAT_ vinyl, digital
GENRE_ house, tech house
RELEASE DATE_ 14.05.2021

W&P_ Peter Waldmann, Nico Döringer, Steffen Döringer
EAN 5054285806098
MASTERING Matthias Heinstein
TRACKLISTING_ A Steffen Deux – Spaceman 06:24
B Nick Curly – Mavis 06:40
Cécille continues in fine form with the brothers Nick Curly & Steffen Deux's presenting a single track each on
this EP. Steffen Deux shows with his track „Spaceman' original, classic house vibes condensed to ultra-effective,
club bumpers. Nick's with „Mavis' steps back to his old sound he did in his early days a raw-edged and strippeddown
house track for your pleasure....
Cécille Records 2021-03-26 12" Tech House WW EXCL IMPORT
Tijuana EP / CEC039
LABELNAME_ Cécille Records
ARTIST_ Reboot
TITEL_ Tijuana EP
FORMAT_ vinyl, digital
GENRE_ house, techno
RELEASE DATE_ 26.03.2021 Vinyl, Beatport, Spotify
09.04.2021 worldwide
W&P_ Reboot/Frank Heinrich
TRACKLISTING_ A Tijuna 08:27
B Beating Bud 07:27
Tough times are hopefully over soon. Let's get back to the clubs. With Cécille longtime friend Reboot we signed
this 'Tijuana EP'. Besides the ep named track 'Tijuana', 'Beating Bud' with its techno drive and its old school
breaks sound is back to old UK Rave times. This also influenced the personal development of Cécille label heads
Nick Curly and Marc Scholl which both crew up in Mannheim which was also known for. Third digital only track
convinces 'Wrap Up', which represents the wide spectrum of Reboot once again.
TIP Shanti Moscow Radio 2021-02-01 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Gorje Hewek 
 / SMR32
"Make yourself some tea, sit down at the table and imagine the sound of an ear of wheat. You are going on a long journey, and I am your random travel companion. Talk to me, lightly and openly, as if my station will be soon and we will never see each other. Ready? If so, just answer the question: are you happy?" N.Yasminska

Label: Shanti Moscow Radio
Release catalogue number: SMR32
Release title: Vecher Dialogues
Artist's name: Gorje Hewek
Format: Vinyl + Digital

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/shantiradio/gorje-hewek-feat-richard-davis-they-love-you
Bunte Kuh 2020-11-12 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Dan Bay & Krystyna 
Fieser Niesel EP - Avem & B.Fehr RMXS) / bk017
Label: Bunte Kuh
Artist: Dan Bay & Krystyna
Titel: Fieser Niesel EP
Release date: 13.11.20

A1 Reise ins Universum
A2 Reise ins Universum (AVEM Remix)

B1 Fieser Niesel
B2 Fieser Niesel (Benjamin Fehr Remix)

After his first appearance on the „Plankton“ Compilation (BK014 July 2020) frankfurt based Dan Bay signed his first solo EP on Bunte Kuh. The „Fieser Niesel“ EP will be released on Vinyl and as a digital edition including 2 bonus tracks. Dan is also performing as a DJ or liveact with E-drum - he already released on Laut & Luise, Wayu Records, Leveldva, Finebeatz and Heimlich Musik. The EP also introduces the iconic female DJane Krystyna - the former Robert Johnson resident is giving her debut as a producer.
The first track „Reise ins Universum“ is a dreamy journey thru his universe of minimalistic music - endless, relaxing and trippy. The title track „Fieser Niesel“ is way more rolling with dark basslines and short bleeps - an overall great dancefloor workout. Next is AVEM´s Remix of „Reise ins Universum“ - Boris (who already released on Underyourskin, LOKD and Heimlich) added his unique signature - a fabolous 9 minute adventure full of melodies & deep grooves.
Benjamin Fehr - a berlin based active producer since 15+ years - treated „Fieser Niesel“ and maybe this track is the surprise of the EP - a glitchy & bleepy adventure that follows the roots of good old Robag Wruhme Tracks. „Jimi Nagel“ is the first out of 2 digital only tunes - something for the early after hours while „123“ is more suitable for the real club hours.
Cécille Records 2020-10-28 12" Tech House WW EXCL IMPORT
iO (Mulen) 
Meuse EP / CEC038
Artist: iO (Mulen)
EP: Meuse EP
Label: Cécille Records
Catalog No: CEC038
Release: 30.10.2020 Vinyl & Digital (Beatport & Spotify)
27.11.2020 Stream & Download (worldwide)
A – Meuse 07:51
B – Flirt 07:35
BB – Reponce Profonde 07:30
Anyone who knows about electronic underground house music knows Ukraine super export iO (Mulen).
Cécille and iO (Mulen) have been connected for a long time, but only now have both found each other and put
together a great 3 tracker. Meuse EP is the first EP on Cécille three individual tracks which are at home in every
set. take a listen and enjoy
ohral 2020-10-07 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Various Artists (Robert Babicz; Marc Depulse, The Chosen Ones, Chris Cargo, Maxie Konig) 
A Rock, A River, A Tree / OHR040
artist: Various Artists
title: A Rock, A River, A Tree
an ohral artist showreel
label: ohral
format: Vinyl / Digital
cat.nr: ohral 040
release: Vinyl: 09.10.2020
foxy red 2020-09-28 12" Tech House WW EXCL
TiTLEZ & Mirlaqi 
Traveling Beyond Moving / fxrd010
TiTLEZ & Mirlaqi to release their new collaborative EP “Traveling Beyond Moving”
Foxy Red Recordings
TiTLEZ & Mirlaqi
Traveling Beyond Moving
September 25th 2020

FXRD010, UPC: 0661708740508
12“ Vinyl, digital, streaming

www.foxy-red.com | www.titlez.info

Foxy Red Recordings is proud to announce their next release
consisting of 6 deep & funky tunes by TiTLEZ & Mirlaqi!
TiTLEZ’s & Mirlaqi’s „Traveling Beyond Moving“ EP is an EP
split over 6 tracks which is comprised of 2 original productions
from each producer and 2 tracks where the producers
get to grips with the others productions to wonderful effect.
Over the course of the EP we find influences reaching
from hazy low slung house grooves to clever
intricate organic musical numbers, to classic leaning
house of the New York variety. It’s often hard to
merge two producers together over an EP, but this one
here feels like an effortless coordination between Ti-
TLEZ & Mirlaqi orchestrated to perfection by Foxy Red
The Record sounds Like: having an acid trip on
a train ride from Tayga to Timbuktu while listening
to Thom Yorke’s voice on a Jimpster’s beat
on a record Folamour gave you for your birthday.
“You feel like dancing. It’s been a long time since you’ve
been to a club, in a crowd, your face gently stroked by the
rays coming straight from the heart of a disco ball, having
conversations in languages you don’t even know. Your
eyelids close for a while. You wake up on a train. Going
through a forest, dense, ancient, luscious green, moist. It’s
getting dark. The trees spin their nighttime stories, from another
world, far beyond time. Trumpets, saxophone, drums.
Close your eyes. You’re in a distant land, far from home,
watching a sacred ritual. A soft female voice leads you deep
into the jungle. Animals of colors you cannot name are
paving your way into the unknown. You are the unknown.
You’re them. You. Are. Focus! You’re awake … Are you?”
- F*U COVID-19, Traveling Begins in Your Mind!
TiTLEZ is a driven, talented, and diverse music producer
whose sound is influenced by classic House
sounds of Chicago, African rhythms, Latin grooves,
and jazz, which all play a vital role on his tracks.
As a result of these kaleidoscopic influences, TiTLEZ developed
a unique blend of deep house with a tech and
afro twist with an edgy and authentic feel. His work is
all about telling stories and conveying that deep, warm
feeling to his audience. TiTLEZ’s tracks stand out for
their diverse approach and catchy vibes, showcasing
world-class production aesthetics and excellent musicianship
from this artist. His aim is to truly connect
with listeners, offering sophisticated and deep music,
while still remaining appealing to the mainstream crowd.
» Spatial house from disco planet - Mirlaqi’s creed almost
sums it all: his art consists in a subtle mix between deep
musicality and powerful groove. Be it in a DJ set or for a
live set combining drum machines and keyboards, the producer
invites you for a delightfull expedition through dance
music’s numerous declinations : house and disco, as well as
drops of techno, hints of ethnic music and touches of jazz.
Traveling Beyond Moving | Tracklist:
01... Mirlaqi - Ride of The Free.................................7:00
02... TiTLEZ - Far Beyond Time................................6:48
03... TiTLEZ - Far Beyond Time (Mirlaqi‘s Edit)......6:28
04... TiTLEZ - Afroslav................................................7:10
05... Mirlaqi - Jungle Ride...........................................6:59
06... Mirlaqi - Jungle Ride ...................................................
(TiTLEZ‘s Piano Overload Edit)...................................5:28
ISOLATE 2020-09-18 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Murat Uncuoglu & Alican 
No End / iso010
Artist(s): Murat Uncuoglu & Alican
Title: No End
Label: Isolate
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Catalog: Isolate 010
Release Date: Beatport Pre-order: 04.09
Digital & Vinyl: 18.09
All stores: 02.10
Distribution: Paradise Distribution
As we slowly creep out of social isolation, Isolate
remain where they’ve always been: in their own unique
lane, serving up majestic electronic music from their
Istanbul HQ. And for this particular trip, the labels tenth
and their first vinyl release, the Isolate bosses are
driving: Murat Uncuoglu & Alican.
‘No End’ starts the march. Stately, uplifting and just the
right amount of triumph. It’s loaded with spiralling
hooks that make you reach further than your arm’s
length, make you look further than your eyes reach,
make you hope more than conventional reality usually
allows. This is sound of post-lockdown dancefloors
around the world.
‘Patchwork’ follows. A darker, prowling slab of pristine
synth drama with a plucked bassline and all kinds of
flourishing twirls and diversions, within seconds it
ensures heads are down and bodies are locked into the
groove. Don’t believe the title; this one’s seamless….
And so is the grand finale track ‘Big Wishes’.
Signing out with a powerfully positive piece; ‘Big
Wishes’ takes all the weirdness and tension of the last
four months, screws it up tightly into a strange trippy
ball then throws it so high in the air it turns to dust in the
atmosphere. A true set highlight that will have your
crowd wondering what hit them.
Three immense stories, two articulate storytellers, one
beguiling label. Isolate remain in their own unique lane.
Murat Uncuoglu:
Early support from
John Digweed, Musumeci, Lehar, Echonomist, Audiofly, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Tim
Engelhardt and Enzo Elia.
TIP Shanti Moscow Radio 2020-09-08 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Sofia / SMR30
The Final point in the First SMR Circle

Label: Shanti Moscow Radio
Release catalogue number: SMR30
Release title: Sofia
Artist's name: Minnado
Format: Vinyl + Digital
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