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TIP Shanti Moscow Radio 2023-02-13 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Lost Desert 
Incipient / SMR18
"The loss is the beginning of the multiplication, the multitude is the beginning of the loss."
Cécille Records 2022-12-05 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Bako EP / CEC047
Cécille Records
GENRE house, tech house, minimal deep tech
RELEASE DATE 25.11.2022

W&P Frank Heinrich
EAN 5054287017126

MASTERING Matthias Heinstein

AA Match 07:06
B Assign the Source 08:34
Frank Heinrich aka Reboot comes to Cécille Records with another banger EP.
The idea for the title track Bako was born during a common vacation of Reboot, together with label bosses Nick
Curly and Marc Scholl between breakfast & beach and turned into a real bass monster pearl.
The second track Match is a flashback to the old loop house days in the early days of Cécille Records.
On the long B-side is a very special track that is very close to our hearts.
Assign the Source was already created in 2008 and is still one of the favorite tracks of the label owners in
Reboot's musical history.
Cécille Records 2022-10-24 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Dennis Quin 
Life So Bright EP / CEC045
LABELNAME Cécille Records
ARTIST Dennis Quin
TITEL Life So Bright EP
FORMAT vinyl, digital
GENRE house, minimal deep tech
W&P Dennis Quin
EAN 5054286958741

A Life so Bright 05:06
AA Square World 05:56
B Life So Bright (Prunk RMX) 05:37
BB Life So Bright (Jesse Maas RMX) 06:03

After his massive remix of Butch - No Worries, Dutch native Dennis Quin returns to Cécille Records. This time with an
original EP.
It can't be ignored that Dennis Quin, who has collaborated with Kerri Chandler, Mr V. is on fire. With support from the likes
of Jamie Jones, Chris Stussy, Enzo Siragusa, Toman and releasing on labels like Defected, PIV. House Music is definitely
Dennis’s System.
This is also shown with his brand new EP on Cécille including a collaboration with the Victor Romeo (aka Victor Parris
Mitchell) & Leatrice Brown hit from 1988 "Love will find a way" This record is a true classic and of the first releases on the
legendary Chicago "Dance Mania" label.
Not only has Dennis used the original vocal with permission by Victor in a new modern way, but he created a completely
new instrumental track amongst it. Ready to roll from Autumn up until next Summer. A true timeless future classic record
has born.
Label-boss of PIV Records, Prunk took the original to another Club-vibe spectrum which has turned a lot of heads in the club
already. The second remix completes this EP and is done by the talented Jesse Maas who injected an amazing classy touch.
The main track is joined by a second track that’s called ‘Square World’ another original one by Dennis, showing his moody /
melodic skills with hypnotising chords and a firm break-beat groove.
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Cécille Records 2022-10-10 12" Tech House
Sober Up EP / CEC044
LABELNAME Cécille Records
FORMAT vinyl, digital
GENRE house, tech house, minimal deep tech
W&P Fabian Winkels

EAN 5054286902362

TRACKLISTING A Solid & Straight 05:58 GBKQU2283961
B At the Bar 05:18
B Frozen Cake 06:46
BB Had to Go 07:08
The Berlin-based Mannheim Knight finally hits Cécille Records with his full debut EP.
TIP Envelope Mountain Records 2022-10-04 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Liberta EP (incl. Luciano RMX) / emr01
DBH Music welcomes Envelope Mountain Records to the distribution Family!
First release on this very promising label comes from Stereosystem aka Basti Pieper & Thomas Rauch.
On top there is a superb remix by Cadenza label boss, Luciano!
Highly recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3ymipOV

Artist: Stereosystem
Title: Liberta EP
Label: Envelope Mountain Records
Additional remix by Luciano
Cat: EMR001
Genre: Tech House/ Minimal Techno
Format: 12", Full cover
Release date: 28.09.2022
A. Stereosystem - La Onda
B1. Stereosystem - Liberta (Luciano RMX)
B2. Stereosystem - Liberta (Original Mix)

Label info:
New label based in the legendary logic house in Offenbach am Main. Envelope Mountain Records is founded
by Stereosystem aka Bastian Pieper & Thomas Rauch. The style compass is really open minded from deep
tech tunes up to melodic groovers.

Envelope Mountain Records ist ein neues Label gegründet von Stereosystem aka Bastian Pieper & Thomas Rauch.
Ihr Studio sowie Ihre Label Base befinden sich im legendären Logic Haus in Offenbach am Main. Der Style des
Labels wird vielfältig sein angefangen von deepen Tech Tunes bis hin zu melodischen Groovern.

SoundCloud link : https://soundcloud.com/user-392850123
You Tube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC202aiwEIArgRB49tFlcasA
tiktok : https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMNrdYutY/
Instagram : envelope_mountain
Facebook : Envelope Mountain Records

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
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Cécille Records 2022-09-12 12" Tech House
Timmy P 
Words Fail, Music Speaks EP (incl. Rich NxT Remix) / CEC043
LABELNAME Cécille Records
TITEL Words Fail, Music Speaks EP
(incl. Rich NxT Rmx)
FORMAT vinyl, digital
GENRE house, tech house, minimal deep tech
W&P Timothy Perry, Richard Seeberan

EAN 5054286840626
TRACKLISTING A Words fail, Music speaks 06:45
B Vibes and Mutual Friends 05:31
B Vibes and Mutual Friends (Rich Nxt RMX) 07:42
BB Session Stopwatched 06:01

We welcome UK hot-stepper Timmy P to the Cécille family, with a blistering 4-
tracker EP and a massive remix from Rich NxT.
Bufos 2022-09-05 12" Tech House WW EXCL
various artists 
Mundus / bfs001
Label: Bufos
Artist: V.A.
Titel: Mundus
Format: 12"

A1. Cronus - Texture
A2. Ivory - Goldsmith
B1. Auggie - Air
B2. Mehill - VV
12.90 €SOLD OUT
Cécille Records 2022-08-03 12" Tech House WW EXCL
No Worries '22 / CEC046
LABELNAME_ Cécille Records
TITEL_ No Worries ‘22
FORMAT_ vinyl, digital
GENRE_ house, tech house, minimal deep tech
RELEASE DATE_ 29.07.2022

W&P_ Remix, additional production, keyboards and additional instruments
by Butch (Bülent Gürler), 2022, represented by Frills GmbH (www.frills.de)
Remix, by Toman
EAN 5054286731177
MASTERING Matthias Heinstein
TRACKLISTING_ A No Worries (2022 VERSION) 07:06
B No Worries (TOMAN RMX) 08:09
13.90 €SOLD OUT
Shanti Moscow Radio 2022-07-04 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Hosini, Guhus, Valentin Huedo, Emotional Tourist 
Compilation of Peace / smr17
"A peace is a tranquility arising from labor."

Label: Shanti Moscow Radio
Release catalogue number: SMR17
Release title: Compilation of Peace
Artist's name: Hosini, Guhus, Valentin Huedo, Emotional Tourist
Format: Vinyl + Digital
13.90 €SOLD OUT
TIP Shanti Moscow Radio 2022-06-16 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Volen Sentir 
Fatoumata / SMR23
"No one realizes the beauty of travel until he comes home and puts his head on an old familiar pillow." Lin Yutang

Label: Shanti Moscow Radio
Release catalogue number: SMR23
Release title: Fatoumata
Artist's name: Volen Sentir
Format: Vinyl + Digital
TIP Vordergrund Musik 2022-05-11 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Rittik Wystup 
Sevan EP / VGM028
Vordergrundmusik’s Rittik Wystup returns with a slightly-so avant-garde collage of Piano and Beats. Little melodies awake spuriously, welcoming Spring; they interplay with sizzling cymbals and flamboyant drums. The usage of wind is the carrier throughout the record, just as coastlines bring a strong breeze of cool or warm air.

The overture "Rhythm of the Wind" opens a space of gusts and drafts which circle the EP’s leitmotif. Shifting keys only slightly, it’s a calm prelude to the following track.

"Drums in the Deep" tells the story of a drifting wanderer, voiced by Stepan Terteryan, at the shore of Armenia’s Lake Sevan. His poem can be heard throughout the track, mumbling away as he feels the ground beneath him shaken by roaming bears.

"Three Droplets in Space" presents falling water drops, lifted by a steady, sharp beat. As they approach a large pool, they increase in size and weight, becoming more round and abundant. A gnarly FM bass and frozen hi-hats make way for the passage through the thickening air, blitzing the little leitmotif here and there.

Staying in key, "I Exhale" whispers an ascending piano phrase into the air, which upon reaching for the sky reforms into an unwavering, repeated, slightly melancholic expression. A homage to a valley of bells and chimes, it bursts and blasts into tiny fractions before it evaporates.

Traditional drums and plucked strings progress through "Might y Mist". Before they lose themselves in a faraway landscape, feet stomp and heads bob. As they meld into a fog, carrying debris of the wanderer’s voice and his melody, they spread like a mist: over the water’s surface.

Finally, Timo Maas drops a hefty and punchy remix of "Drums in the Deep". He picks up on the poem and its inclinations but keeps the dancefloor in mind when shattering glassy bits over distorted fragments of the melody. A splendid pumpy finisher to a fairly eccentric EP.

A1 Rittik Wystup - Rhythm Of The Wind
A2 Rittik Wystup - Drums In The Deep
A3 Rittik Wystup - Three Droplets In Space
B1 Rittik Wystup - I Exhale
B3 Rittik Wystup - Drums In The Deep - Timo Maas Remix
We_r house 2022-03-14 12" Tech House WW EXCL
we_r house 12 / wrh012
10.95 €Back in Stock
TIP Vordergrund Musik 2022-03-04 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Martin Merz 
Vertigo The Remixes / VGM025
Label: Vordergrundmusik
Artist: Martin Merz
Titel: Vertigo The Remixes
Format: 12"
Release date: 04.03.2021

A1 Martin Merz - Highlights (Extrawelt Laser Blazer Remix)
A2 Martin Merz - Highlights (Extrawelt Cluster Buster Remix)
B1 Martin Merz - Aural Drift (re:deep Remix)
B2 Martin Merz - Aural Drift (TRaumschmiere Remix)
B3 Martin Merz - Back To Life (Rittik Wystup Remix)

Vordergrundmusik's head honcho re:deep kicks off the Vertigo remix series with his interpretation of Aural Drift. He gives the track a whole new vibe by adding a lively beat and garnishing it with restrained sounds and beautiful harmonies. An oh so cozy affair!

The second installation is of no other than one of Shitkatapult's labelfounders, T.Raumschmiere.
Keeping the vibe of the original whilst spicing it up with effectful and driving elements. An energetic 135 bpm madness to go wild to!

In between the striking synth jabs and arcane vocals of Back to Life, Rittik Wystup spins a net of sharp, crackly drums and fondle, almost trickling piano tones. His elation to combining electronic and acoustic spaces is mirrored throughout the rework, echoing his own unique sound note by note.

Last but not least, we are very delighted to have the german powerduo Extrawelt on the remix duties. The Cluster Buster version takes the original on a dark and imposing journey of huge 808s, raw synths and celestial widescreen pads. Turning it into a sturdy yet cinematic beast of an electro tune. While the Laser Blazer Remix takes things to a whole new level. Ever since Extrawelt started playing this version in their live sets, people have been going absolutely nuts! As the title already suggests, an absolute highlight and surely one for the books!
Melodize 2022-02-22 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Undo & Casiowaves 
Predict the Future - incl. Massimiliano Pagliara Remix / Melod008
Label: Melodize
Artist: Undo & Casiowaves
Titel: Predict the Future
Format: 12"
Release date: 25.02.2021

A1. Undo & Casiowaves - Predict the Future
B1. Undo & Casiowaves - Predict The Future (Massimiliano Pagliara Remix)
B2. Undo & Casiowaves - Nothing to Say

“You don't need to predict the future. Just choose a good future. A useful future…” 
Not our words but those of iconic and hugely influential science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, a legend who forecast and inspired so many things we take for granted today. A legend who believed everyone had the right to foretell the future. A legend who is sampled on this stunning re-link between Undo and fellow Catalonian Casiowaves – ‘Predict The Future’ 
Following their debut collaborative EP on Undo’s label Factor City ‘This Is Not The End Of The World’, the pair once again collide with startling effect, this time on NYC-based label Melodize. Created on Casiowaves’ enviable collection of retro synths, swathed in oodles of acid, and backed up with a sledgehammer disco remix from Italian stallion Massimilano Pagliara, for something so future-focused it is absolutely timeless.  
Meanwhile ‘Nothing To Say’ plays the perfect foil. Both a sparkling slice of twinkling synth bliss AND a pragmatic slab of realism, it brings us firmly back into the now. Undo & Casiowaves aren’t scientists, don't know what the future holds and have no data to create accurate forecasts… But they have soul, imagination, serious talent and a love for living in the now.
Choose a good and useful future… But live, dance, and create the best possible present you can. 
TIP connaisseur recordings 2022-02-18 12" lp Tech House WW EXCL
All That Fiberglass / cns034LP
Label: Connaisseur
Artist: Blindsmyth
Titel: All That Fiberglass
Format: 2x12“ gatefold, printed innersleeves, coloured vinyl

page 1 of 1
Blindsmyth 'All That
Fiberglass' LP Sampler pt.
2 [Connaisseur
Connaisseur Recordings
Released - 21-01-2022
Support from AmyElle, Junior Simba, Rich Vom Dorf, Jonas Rathsman, Claptone c/o, Black
Coffee c/o, Paul C, Kususa, Just Her, Beatamines, Tour Maubourg, Lost Frequencies,
Obskür, Argia, Speaking Minds, Dee Montero, Sky Civilian, John Digweed, Daniel Myer,
Aaryon, Echonomist, Joris Voorn, Alex Medina, Avidus, Mambo Brothers, Lo Shea, Adam Ten,
Adana Twins, Cici Cavanagh / Cici, Ruede Hagelstein, Bolam, &ME, Jody Wisternoff / Way Out
West, Township Rebellion c/o, Joris Delacroix, Sister Bliss / Faithless, Simone Vitullo, Luke
Alessi, Jimi Jules, Franco De Mulero, Friend Within, Nick Warren, Robag Wruhme, Marco
Faraone, lau.ra / FEMME, Alfa Romero, WhoMadeWho, AFFKT, Ruben Mandolini, Paco Osuna,
Chaim, Olderic, Âme, Kölsch, Hector Romero, Spada, Hernan Cattaneo, Aera, Eelke Kleijn,
Dan Marciano, Nasser Baker, Robbie Akbal, Tocadisco, Santiago Garcia, and Anthony Pappa

A1 Blindsmyth - Transhuman
A2 Blindsmyth - Digital Waterfall
A3 Blindsmyth - Remember the Days
B1 Blindsmyth - All That Fiberglass
B2 Blindsmyth - A Musical Hug
B3 Blindsmyth - Access Denied
B4 Blindsmyth - Connection Error
C1 Blindsmyth - Die Tiefe
C2 Blindsmyth - Emotion Per Byte
C3 Blindsmyth - Hack Into Your Soul
D1 Blindsmyth - Delete Your Cloud
D2 Blindsmyth - Digital Choral
D3 Blindsmyth – Überfahrt
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TIP Shanti Moscow Radio 2021-12-20 12" 12 Tech House WW EXCL
Sketches / smr13
One can't understand the smell of roses, while the other one will get honey from the bitter grass.

Label: Shanti Moscow Radio
Release catalogue number: SMR13
Release title: Sketches
Artist's name: RVNZ
Format: Vinyl + Digital
Levitiuim Records 2021-12-20 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Vicente Guevara 
Llevalos Pa Guayaquil / LVRVNL002
Second vinyl installment by Levitium Records. Label owner Vicente Guevara turns to the charateristics of his home town in Ecuador, including some anecdotes about the culture of Guayaquil.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador
Big support by Loco Dice!!!
Levitiuim Records 2021-12-20 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Vicente Guevara 
Shema Israel / LVRVNL003
LVRVNL003 is the heart of the Levitium Records' vinyl trilogy in 2015. As its predecessors it is full of cultural references. The groovy tech house tracks include two traditional prayers to different gods.Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.
Levitiuim Records 2021-12-20 12" Tech House
Vicente Guevara 
Abrete Corazon / LVRVNL001
"Abrete Corazon" is a release with extracts of Andean sounds enclosing part of the culture and wisdom ancestral of Ecuador this rare fusion promises surprises you.
Sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.
"Abrete" - ("Open") is an excerpt from a song of shamanic ceremony that invites you to let reason and open the heart.
"Vasija de Barro" - ("crock of earthen") is a song that describes the ritual of the Indians to bury their dead.
"Chaman" - ("Shaman") is another extract of a shamanic song that explain the problems in ecuadorian forest and spiritual revelations.
"Indio Loko" - ("Crazy indean") the vocal is part of a poem that tell about the Tawantinsuyo history.
Radikon 2021-12-13 12" lp Tech House WW EXCL
Jonas Saalbach 
Headlights / rdkn038
Label: Radikon
Artist: Jonas Saalbach
Titel: Headlights
Format: 2x12“
Release date: 29.10.2021
A1. Jonas Saalbach - Half A Decade
A2. Jonas Saalbach - Headlights (feat. Angus Powell)
A3. Jonas Saalbach - Transformation
B1. Jonas Saalbach - Cellophane (feat. SANDHAUS)
B2. Jonas Saalbach - Nacho
B3. Jonas Saalbach - Jenora
C1. Jonas Saalbach - Wanderlust
C2. Jonas Saalbach - Acstatic
C3. Jonas Saalbach - Gardens Of Siam
D1. Jonas Saalbach - 2011
D2. Jonas Saalbach - Changing (feat. Luna Semara)
Artminding 2021-11-15 12" Tech House WW EXCL
various artists 
Künstlerische Freiheit / art001
Label: Artminding
Artist: V.A.
Titel: Künstlerische Freiheit
Release date: 08.10.2021
A1 Annett Gapstream - Chapter A 7:19
A2 Tenvin - Depozit 6:12
A3 Matchy - Encounter Vinyl Edit 6:00

B1 Max von Sternberg - Stellar & Me 6:31
B2 Murat Uncuoglu - Limpid Eyes 6:49
B3 Daniele Di Martino - Opus 7:20
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RBT.CLASSIC 2021-10-29 12" vinyl only, marbled Tech House WW EXCL
Caminando / RBTCL001
Mega hit classic from Reboot, pressed on limited marbled vinyl only!
11.95 €Back in Stock
Melodize 2021-08-16 12" Tech House WW EXCL
Valor EP - incl Lauer & Johannes Albert rmxs / Melodi006
Label: Melodize
Artist: Beartrax
Titel: Valor EP
Release date: 30.07.2021 (Voraussichtlich)
A1 Beartrax - Phantom Night (Original Mix)
A2 Beartrax - Phantom Night (Johannes Albert Remix)
B1 Beartrax - Valor (Original Mix)
B2 Beartrax - Valor (Lauer Remix)

Since its inception in 2019, Beartrax’s Melodize imprint has consistently pushed deep, musical house and techno with contributions from John Tejada, Fort Romeau, Carl Finlow, and many more standing alongside Beartrax’s original productions throughout the label’s back catalogue.

Leading the sixth release, ‘Phantom Night’ sees haunted atmospherics nestled amongst ethereal synth licks, before a cinematic violin takes centre stage. Johannes Albert’s remix peppers elements of the original with slick acid lines and punchy drums, re-imagining the dramatic violin for a fresh and highly entertaining take.

On the flip, the uplifting ‘Valor’ runs through a series of modulating basslines, glistening pads, and sizzling drums, topped off with a majestic cello performance throughout.

Rounding out the release, Lauer adds rubbery low end, floating keys, and hands-in-the air piano stabs to ‘Valor’ for a high-energy end to another stellar EP from Melodize.
12.90 €SOLD OUT
Cécille Records 2021-07-16 12" Tech House WW EXCL
No Worries / Tease Me / CEC015
LABELNAME Cécille Records


TITEL No Worries / Tease Me

CATALOGUE NO CEC015 // repress

FORMAT vinyl, digital

GENRE house, tech house

RELEASE DATE VINYL repress 16.07.2021

W&P Bülent Gürler
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