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DJ Deeon/ DJ RBR 
Southside Shakedown 
GRC Recordings / GRC001
DBH Music welcomes DJ Deeon and his new label GRC Recordings to the distribution family! The first release comes also from the Chicago legend, Dj Deeon himself, the b-side is a collaboration with Dj Rbr. Highy recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3IL0Dqs

Artist: Deejay Deeon/ DJ RBR
Title: Southside Shakedown
Label: GRC Recordings
Cat: GRC001
Genre: House/ Acid
Format: 12"
Release date: 20.03.2023
A1. DJ Deeon - Do It
A2. DJ Deeon - Slippery
B1. DJ Deeon & DJ RBR - The Acid Connection
B2. DJ Deeon & DJ RBR - Ghetto Bang

Worldwide exclusive distributed by DBH music, info@dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
various artists 
Afterbeats / Abeat001
Xenochrony is a various, literally everything : artists, styles, spaces and times.
It consists of four new tunes deftly produced between 1999 and today, and you’ll definitely find your cup of tee among.

The opening cut “ Juno ” says it all, a classy House beat rich of riffs and Fx from the good old 106. Following, “ Lost In Schiller, its percussions sit over a hammering bass line making it feel like the early Minimal. We then flip the side to enjoy “ UFO” , what a progressive Techno beauty ! The Ep is closed by the delicious “ Annaeric ”, an emotional standard D&B, containing all that Nostalgia and bringing back the past.


Design by Yugo
Mastered by Analogcut Studio
Lacquers by LUPO
Pressed at Intakt
TIP 12" House - Electro WW EXCL
12.90 €Coming soon
Circulation Of Light 
IVU / IVU001
First self release by a Germany based Chinese producer IVU.

Catalogue-number: IVU001
Release name: Circulation Of Light
Artist name: IVU
Track names:
A1. San
A2. Amoeba Song
A3. Ye Ye
B1. Another Trip
B2. Mount Kailash
B3. What Was Unclear Is Clear
W+p by IVU
Mastering by Analogcut Mastering
Vinyl Cut by Marco Pellegrino
TIP 12" Techno WW EXCL
10.95 €Back in Stock
Guinea Pigs Agree 
After 6 am / A6A03
after6am presents redeye - guinea pigs agree. after 26 years this masterpiece of trance/ ambient will be back on black gold - remastered!
highly recommended!

Artist: Redeye
Title: Guinea Pigs Agree
Label: After 6 AM
Genre: Trance/ Ambient/ EDM
Release date: 25.11.2019
Cat: A6A03
Format: 12"
A. Guinea Pigs Agree
B1. Untitled
B2. Floating Community

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
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ron trent 
raw footage 
electric blue / eb001lp

Electric Blue _ Album/Do-12“

The tone always makes the music. But only those who actually make the sound? An ancient-house-avantgarde dream has always been there since the legendary "Warehouse" days of Ron Hardy, to bring more sounds and tones constantly to an independent, repetitive development. And thus beyond the limits of an executive creative artist on the otherwise purely commercial sense what we call in common „beyond imagination“.

"Raw Footage", the latest album concoction of Chicago house legend Ron Trent (Prescription) on his new imprint "Electric Blue" works in the best sense of Stanislav Lem heroes Trurl & Klapauciusals, cruising like those two metal brains frantically invented by the universe of 4/4-Sounds to get insane tracks out of the new material matter located there, and put them together to brand new ones. This trackwerk varies as well as of course between classical Chi-Town to the context of contemporary, epic house dubs and lives in a perfidious manner from the interaction of various computer modules that constantly spits out new and exciting interactions. In the end, the software sings only as digital output of great analog sounds, which may well be understood as a mocking voice to the majority of contemporary Homeboy wackiness formats."Unpredictable" and less "cryptic" might fit here as a keyword excellent, where you kick out of the rough house plant a significant entertainment value must, without the need to posess necessarily the same nerves of steel. Anyone who has ever really wondered what House sound could be appropriate for a journey through the vastness of the universe is, gets there now at this point completely to his fullest expense. Trent 2012 and its tracks on this album reflect a lot about the revolutionary founder of „Spirit of music“ from the mid-80s, who is recorded then as now but with inadequate slogans such as "light years ahead of its time". For as Trents body of work "Raw Footage" is also particularly scary genius material, although still of totally solid stress field and background from the musical spectrum between the Windy City and the Motor City engine bridled her."But heres to the Future" – For Sir Trent more than twenty years after "Altered States" and the relevant follow-ups, thats not really a problem!

Der Ton Macht immer die Musik. Nur wer macht eigentlich den Ton? Ein uralter-House-Avantgarde-Traum war und ist es seit den legendären
?Warehouse? Tagen eines Ron Hardy, Sounds und Töne immer ständig neu zur selbstständigen, repetitiven Entfaltung zu bringen und somit die
kreativen Grenzen des exekutiven Künstlers über die sonst im rein kommerziellen Sinne gängige Vorstellungskraft hinaus zu sprengen.
?Raw Footage?, das neueste Album-Machwerk von Chicago House-Legende Ron Trent (Prescription) auf seinem neuen Imprint ?Electric Blue?
kommt im besten Sinne der Stanislav Lem Heroen Trurl & Klapauciusals, und cruiost wie jene beiden Metallgehirne wie wahnsinnig durch das All der
4/4-Sounds, um aus dem dort befindlichen Materiematerial neue, wahnsinnige Tracks zu erfinden und zusammenzustellen. Dieses Trackwerk variert denn auch wie selbstverständlich zwischen dem klassischen Chi-Town-Kontext bis zu kontemporären, epischen House-Dubs, und lebt auf perfide Art und Weise aus der Interaktion verschiedenster Computermodule, die dabei ständig neue aufregende Interaktionen ausspuckt. Am Ende singt eine digitale Software nur noch als Output großer analoger Sounds, die durchaus als Spottgesang auf den Großteil zeitgenössischer Homeboy-Frickelei Formate verstanden werden dürfen.?Unberechenbar? und weniger ?kryptisch? mag hier als Schlagwort vortrefflich passen, wo man dem rohen Housewerk ganz erheblichen Unterhaltungswert abgewinnen muss, ohne das man dazu unbedingt gleich Nerven wie Drahtseile benötigt. Wer sich je eigentlich gefragt hat , welcher House-Sound so für eine Reise durch die endlosen Weiten des Universums angemessen sein könnte, kommt an
dieser Stelle jetzt völlig(st) auf seine Kosten. Trent 2012 und seine Tracks reflektieren mit diesem Album zwar viel von dem revolutionären Gründerspirit einer Musik aus der Mitte der 80er-Jahre, die damals wie heute dennoch nur unzureichend mit Slogans wie ?ihrer Zeit um Lichtjahre voraus? zu erfassen ist. Denn wie Trents Gesamtwerk ist
eben auch ?Raw Footage? insbesondere furchteinflößend genialer Stoff, wenngleich auch immer noch vom ganz und gar soliden Spannungsfeld und Background des musikalischen Spektrums zwischen der Windy und der Motor City her aufgezäumt. ?But here's to the future? - Für Trent auch mehr als zwanzig Jahre nach ?Altered States? und den einschlägigen follow-ups nicht wirklich ein Problem!
TIP 12" 2x12 House WW EXCL
11.95 €Back in Stock
R T Factor (Ron Trent) 
E.B.S. 1 
electric blue / EB010
Electric Blue presents another outstanding and timeless release by Ron Trent aka RT Factor! E.B.S. 1 is a 15 minutes musical journey by the Chicago Master. The one sided limited blue vinyl edition will be available in March! Don't sleep on it!

Artist: RT Factor
Title: E.B.S. 1
Label: Electric Blue
Format: 12"
Cat: EB010
Release date: 09.03.2020
A. RT Factror - E.B.S. 1

W+P by Ron Trent
Worldwide exclusive distributed by DBH Music (info@dbh-music.com)
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
13.90 €Back in Stock
Ron Trent 
electric blue / EB008
The master returns on Electric Blue with the 2nd part on the Humans, Drums & Machines trilogy!
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
11.95 €Back in Stock
R.T. Factor (aka Ron Trent) 
What Does IT Mean/ Who Are We? 
electric blue / EB006
Another timeless masterpiece from Chicago legend Ron Trent!
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
13.90 €Back in Stock
Ron Trent 
electric blue / EB007
Ron Trent presents Humans Drums & Machines.
Ron shows again his unique talent of creating timeless music.
This release is dedicated to the Humans. Two more records about Drums & Machines will follow.

Artist: Ron Trent
Title: Humans Drums & Machines
Label: Electric Blue
Genre: House
Format: 12"
Rel. date: 30.01.2023
A. Ron Trent - Elements
B. Ron Trent - Blazzin

W+P by Ron Trent
Master by Oliver Lieb @ LH Audio.com
Cut by WJ Henze @ LH Audio.com
Vinyl manufactured by Pallas Group
Worldwide distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
11.95 €Back in Stock
ron trent 
7th heaven - tribute to the energy of frankie knuckles 
electric blue / eb004
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
New Jackson 
Sanyo Shinkansen (feat. remixes by Ellll & Lumigraph) 
Apartment Records / APT16
DBH Music welcomes Apartment Records to the Distribution Family!

Out soon: APT016 - New Jackson - Sanyo Shinkansen - (feat. remixes by Ellll & Lumigraph) 12"
Teaser: Teaser: https://bit.ly/3IGgTfK

Apartment returns with its first all-Irish 12” in 5 years and New Jackson’s first full release for the label - after previously remixing Tr One and being a member of Bande Apartment - with the feedback and acid soaked Sanyo Shinkansen EP. The Dublin native is backed up by two of the most exciting Irish producers of the last 10 years, ELLLL and Lumigraph - the latter who is also a partner-in-crime with New Jackson on the Garies project (Future Times / Major Problems).
The title track is a hypnotic, motorik driven piece of minimal techno buoyed by attuned drums and whirling feedback, resulting in a 7 minute trance that sounds little else out there at the moment. ELLLL and Lumigraph both take it in wildly different directions, the former imbuing it with her trademark off kilter rhythms & tense, high speed breakbeats whilst the later delivers a bass-heavy swinging, deep techno version that deserves the heaviest rig you can find.
New Jackson’s second new cut on the EP, Green Spot Boogie, is the artist’s wildest concoction yet; jittering vocal samples, hyperactive percussion and a sinewing acid line - this is pacy, abstract techno for the more intense dancefloor.

Worldwide exclusive distribution: www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" Broken WW EXCL
Critical Schema 
rawax / RAWAX-S019
RAWAX presents EAST00155 aka Mattia Ewas, Germano Ventura, Claudio Capizzii - Critical Schema (12")
Great retro-house release - highly recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3wCngup

Artist: EAST00155
Title: Critical Schema
Label: RAWAX
Format: 12"
Genre: House
Cat: RAWAX-S019
Release date: 13.03.2023
A1. Critical Schema
A2. Every1's The Same
B1. Gorilla Glue
b2. Topanga

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" Techno - Minimal WW EXCL
Tooflez All Starz 
Tooflez Muzik / ToofTrax202
Title: TOOFTRAX202
Catalog Number: ToofTrax202
Artist: Tooflez All Starz
Label: Tooflez Muzik
Mastering: Bob Macc (Subvert Mastering)
Format: Digital and Vinyl
Track list:
A3. Feel Itchy? Have A Scratch
B3. (Digital exclusive)
TIP 12" Electro WW EXCL
Moreno Ácido 
Trash / Treasure 
Call To Action / CTA001
Catalogue-number: CTA001

Full artist-, release- and remixer-name(s)

Moreno Acido - Trash/Treasure

01. Moreno Ácido - Kissing Games
02. Moreno Ácido - The Way You Make Me Feel
03. Moreno Ácido - 100 Control
04. Moreno Ácido - Conundrums

Release date 03.03.23
TIP 12" House - Acid WW EXCL
robert armani 
chiwax classic edition / CRATX004

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3NxiFiV

Artist: Robert Armani
Title: Classic (incl. Dave Clarke RMX)
Genre: House
Format: 12"
Cat: CRATX004
Re. date: 07.03.2023
A1. Road Tour
A2. Clockwork
B1. Road Tour (Dave Clarke Remix)
B2. Bouncing

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
Various Artists 
Sounds. / SOUNDS003
SOUNDS003 - Various Artists - Neighbours (2x12")
Re-issue from 1995
Re-recorded from original DAT & re-mastered.
Highly recommended!
Teaser: https://bit.ly/3X611Hw

Artists: Various Artists
Title: Neighbours
Label: SOUNDS.
Format: 2x12"
Cat: SOUNDS003
Release date: 01.03.2023
A1 Fred Fresh - 5 Mouths
A2 Bob Fitzgerald - Mihac
B1 Kem M - The Burger King
B2 Mind Phase One - Work
C1 Chris Sattinger - Tonque Crystal Moss
C2 Astrocat & Kenny S. - Conception
D1 ESP - Teacher
D2 Deadly Buddha - The Gods Must Be Crazy

Worldwide exclusive ditributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" Techno WW EXCL
Electric Gravity EP 
rawax / RAWAX029
RAWAX welcomes YATE aka Analotiy Borodin & Yaroslav Oleyskerfrom Ukraine to the artist family! We are very happy to present you "Electric Gravity EP" which was signed almost 2 years ago.
Unfortunately our former pressing plant kicked us and many other underground labels out and we've had to do the whole production again while long delays in every other pressing plant grew constantly.

The biggest tragedy happened early 2022 when Russia started the war against the souvereign Ukraine, killing innocent people day by day..

Our artists insist to mention that this ain't another release to be focused on this situation, but all income from this RAWX029 will be donated to the volunteers organisation
in Odessa which is runned by Yate's close friends and Port teammates who feed daily many hungry people.

Release date is the 24.02 - exactly one year after the brutal WAR against Ukraine started..

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3RmGKeh

Release info: RAWAX029 - Yate - Eletcric Gravity EP (12")
Artist: YATE
Title: Electric Gravity EP
Label: RAWAX
Release date: 24.02.2023
Genre: Electro/Techno
Cat: RAWAX029
Format: 12"
A1. Yate - Smart
A2. Yate - Native
B1. Yyate - Okno
B2. Yate - Rel bend

Written and produced by
Analotiy Borodin & Yaroslav Oleysker in 2020
Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com, info@dbh-music.com
TIP 12" Techno - Detroit WW EXCL
Iron Curtis 
Weather Report EP 
chiwax / CTX011
RAWAX proudly welcomes Iron Curtis to the artist family!
We are very happy to present you one of our favourite producers on CHIWAX and couldn't be happier with the "Weather Report EP" which marks only the beginning of a series from Iron Curtis on CHIWAX.

We also hear rumors about him on HOUSEWAX ;)
Watch out for more!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3gmZqcW

Artist: Iron Curtis
Title: Weather Report EP
Cat: CTX011
Format: 12"
Genre: House/ Techno
Release date: 27.02.23
A1. Schweben
A2. Push Push (Live At Passagen)
B1. Factory (Sheffield Danse Mix)
B2. Weather Report

W+P by Iron Curtis at Passagen, Berlin
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @Lhaudio.com
Vinyl cut by W. J. Henze @Lhaudio.com

Worldwide exclusive manufactured and distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
Only7 /PR 5016
13.90 €Back in Stock
Ron Trent 
I Feel The Rhythm (incl. Paul Johnson & Inner Experience Revision remixes) 
only one music / Only7 /PR 5016
Ron Trent's masterpiece "I feel The Rhythm" in the rebound!
For the first time together on one record with the remixes by Paul Johnson & Inner Experience which came out 1999 on Prescription Records - a must have!

Artist: Ron Trent
Title: I feel The Rhythm
Label: Only One Music
Format: 12"
Cat: Only7
Genre: House
Rel. date: November 2016
A. Ron Trent - I Feel The Rhythm
B1. Inner Experience Revision
B2. Paul Johnson Remix

W+P by Ron Trent 1993 at KMS Studios/ Detroit
Addition remixes by Paul Johnson & Inner Experience
New mastering by Oliver Lieb @ LH Audio
New cut by W.J. Henze @ LH Audio
Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com

"Whitout error there can be no brililancy." - Emanuel Lasker
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
stardub / stardub015
STAR_DUB is back on his own Label. 2 cuts of deep diving dub techno. 2 cuts of electro and raggae influenced dub.
Limited 250 copies - From Dub With Love!


A1: untitled 1
A2: untitled 2
B1: untitled 3
B2: untitled 4

w+p by Matthias Schildger
mastered by Wigbert
TIP 12" Techno - Dub WW EXCL
Raise & Sgt. Risk 
Sport / Sport7000
Label: Sport
Release: Sport7000
Artists: Raise, Sgt. Risk
A – Raise – Wookey Pinger
B – Sgt. Risk – U Everything

Sport 7000

A – Raise – Wookey Pinger
This one’s going for the jugular with a marching groove, eerie pads and Raise’s disgustingly catchy bass hook that hits on just the right side of donk. Stick some roughed up samples from dad’s jazz collection in the drop and you have yourself a straightforward rave tool. Has caused scenes and mild debauchery when played out.

B - Sgt. Risk – U Everything

Originally made in one sitting in 2014, we polished this one up as a similarly tool-ish flip to above mentioned slab of floor functionality. A distorted 4/4 kick, various loops of industrial origin and a deranged diva loop lead to the midsection, which introduces acidic subs and relentless stabs before it all comes crashing home for the rollout. 

TIP 12" Techno WW EXCL
The Cruiser 
Return To It/ Starcruiser 
For all those who cruise part 2.
TIP 12" Techno WW EXCL
11.95 €Back in Stock
The Cruiser 
Time To Reverse/ The Venue 
Desmont launches its "one hundred and eighty grams" series: THE CRUISER. For all those who cruise.
TIP 12" Techno WW EXCL
Stefano Curti 
Integrated Love Signals EP 
chiwax / CHIWAX035
CHIWAX prouldy welcomes Stefano Curti aka basiC realitieS to the family!
We are happy to present you this great artist who's delivering timeless music since the early 90s!
Teaser: bit.ly/3GOIbO6

Artist: Stefano Curti
Title: Integrated Love Signals EP
Genre: House
Format: 12"
Cat: CHIWAX035
Release date: 14.02.2023
Stefano Curti
A1. Clouds 2020
A2. Reflections
B1. Bubbly Devil
B2. Multiverse Journey

w+p by Stefano Curti
mastering yb Oliver Lieb
Vinyl Cut by W.J. Henze
Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
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