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Jammin' Unit 
Flower Swing 
rawax / RX2
RAWAX proudly presents Jammin' Unit on the RX series!
Flower Swing was originally released in 1994 on DJ.ungle Fever!
Don't feed the Discogs Sharks!
TIP 12" Techno - Acid WW EXCL
Platzdasch & Dix 
Facet EP 
eat more house / EMH011
EAT MORE HOUSE welcomes David Platzdasch & Holger Dix to the artist family! We are happy to present you soon the "Facet EP". This deep house beauty will be out early August 2021. Highly recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3cbapF8

Artist: Platzdasch & Dix
Title: Facet EP
Label: Eat More House
Genre: Deep House
Format: 12"
Release date: 13.12.2021
Cat: EMH011
A1. Platzdasch & Dix - Give Me
A2. Platzdasch & Dix - Facet
B1. Platzdasch & Dix - Good To Have Things Done
B2. Platzdasch & Dix - Changing Expressions

All tracks written & produced by David Platzdasch & Holger Dix.
Electric bass by Alexander Watson. Flute & percussion by Maximilian Zelzner.

Mastering by Oliver Lieb @Lhaudio.com
Cut by W. J. Henze @ Lhaudio.com
Worldwide exclusive manufactured & distributed by www.dbh-music.com, info@dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
Jonas Saalbach 
Radikon / rdkn038
Label: Radikon
Artist: Jonas Saalbach
Titel: Headlights
Format: 2x12“
Release date: 29.10.2021
A1. Jonas Saalbach - Half A Decade
A2. Jonas Saalbach - Headlights (feat. Angus Powell)
A3. Jonas Saalbach - Transformation
B1. Jonas Saalbach - Cellophane (feat. SANDHAUS)
B2. Jonas Saalbach - Nacho
B3. Jonas Saalbach - Jenora
C1. Jonas Saalbach - Wanderlust
C2. Jonas Saalbach - Acstatic
C3. Jonas Saalbach - Gardens Of Siam
D1. Jonas Saalbach - 2011
D2. Jonas Saalbach - Changing (feat. Luna Semara)
12" lp Tech House WW EXCL
Franco Cinelli 
Fever Funk EP 
rawax / RAWAX020LTD
RAWAX presents Franco Cinelli - Fever Funk EP
Our good frined who already released two stunning ep's as Psynote on CHIWAX, returns now on our flagship with a remarkeble release which will hopefully fill some open air floors this year!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3xiLmJ0

Artist: Franco Cinelli
Title: Fever Funk EP
Label: RAWAX
Format: 12"
Genre: Minimal Techno/ House
Release date: 08.11.2021
A. Franco Cinelli - Fever Funk
B. Franco Cinelli - Soul Trippin'

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-musc.com
TIP 12" Techno - Minimal WW EXCL
Bipolar State 
BSR / BSR002
Supported by:
Nina Kraviz, Len Faki, Laurent Garnier, Ben Sims, Slam, Etapp Kyle, Jonas Kopp, Sigha, Kaiser, Ilario Alicante, The Advent. Paco Osuna, Gary Beck, Arjun Vagale, Under Black Helmet, Markantonio, Marco Faraone, Theo Nasa, Kameliia
12" Techno WW EXCL
Andrea Ferlin 
Crepuscular Beats Part One 
pleasure zone / PLZ012S
PLEASURE ZONE welcomes Andrea Ferlin to the artist Family!
We are happy to present you soon two releases from the Sleep Is Commercial founder!
Starting with "crepuscular Beats Part 1" in December.

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3hBhB0n

Artist: Andrea Ferlin
Title: Crepuscular Beats Part 1
Label: Pleasuere Zone
Genre: Minimal techno/ Electro
Cat: PLZ012S
Format: 12"
Release date: 06.12.2021
A. Cinescope
B. One Island

W*P by Andrea Ferlin
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @ Lhaudio.com
Cut by W. J. Henze @ Lhaudio.com
Worldwide exclusive manufactured & distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" Techno - Minimal WW EXCL
Jared Wilson 
Positivity EP 
rawax / RMCE018
RAWAX proudly welcomes Jared Wilson to the family! We are happy to present you a great five tracker full of acid by the man from Detroit on the 18th RAWAX Motor City Edition!
Positivity is what we all need!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3bYJlZ8

"Jared Wilson is of a new Detroit lilt. He has not been eclipsed by the gravitas that comes with the Motor City, instead he uses it as a bedrock from which to bring forth his own take on techno. Wilson, armed with his analogue arsenal, forces a new rawness; an unashamed baring of teeth to those who think that Detroit has had its day."

Artist: Jared Wilson
Title: Positivity EP
Label: RAWAX Motor City Edition
Format: 12"
Genre: Acid/ Techno
Cat: RMCE018
Release date: 27.11.2021
A1. Positivity
A2. Lynnwood18 Artifact
B1. Lynnwood7
B2. Lynnwood 19
B3. RF2

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House - Acid WW EXCL
Jozef K 
Planet Doom 
rawax / RX1
RAWAX presents Jozef K - Planet Doom - a fantastic fashback to the 90's!
Watch out for the new RX-series which is devoted to the golden age of RAVE!

Artist: Josef K
Title: Planet Doom
Label: RAWAX
Format: 12"
Cat: RX1
Genre: Techno
Release date: tba
A1. Tombjacker '92
A2. Planet Doom
B1. There Is No Antidote, We Need Your Help
B2. Fallen Metropolis

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com

Artist info:

Jozef K's records have been played by Michael Mayer, The Black Madonna, Dubfire, Octo Octa, Sasha, Maya Jane Coles, Kim Ann Foxman, DJ Nobu and countless others - releasing across labels such as Last Night On Earth, Acid Test, Chiwax, E-Beamz, Firehouse, Anjunadeep & many more.

His illustrious career has seen him perform across the world, touring China, America, Indonesia & across Europe, alongside summer residencies in Ibiza.
TIP 12" Techno WW EXCL
Endrik Schroeder 
Same Day EP (incl. Chinaski & Benjamin Fröhlich Rmxs) 
Melodize / Melod007
Label: Melodize
Artist: Endrik Schroeder
Titel: Same Day EP
Release date: 19.11.2021
A1 Endrik Schroeder - Foundation
A2 Endrik Schroeder - Foundation (Chinaski's Lonely Lagoon)
B1 Endrik Schroeder - Same Day
B2 Endrik Schroeder - Same Day (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)


From Grenoble with love: rising newcomer Endrik Schroeder makes his debut on Beartrax’s Melodize with two brazen blasts of technicolour synth luxury which are accompanied by two sublime remixes from Chinaski and Benjamin Fröhlich.

Following releases on the likes of Zone, Ritmo Fatale, Bordello A Parigi and most recently Mélopée, Endrik’s fizzy fusion of Italo, new wave, disco and good old fashioned house music hits the feels as we’re whisked away on a bubbly, upbeat synth disco trip with big sweeping chords, dubby kicks and an essence of Yazoo to the riff. Meanwhile on the remix, Robert Johnson’s Chinaski keeps the positive flavour but gives it a Metro Area coat of arms for good measure.

‘Same Day’ carries a little more poignancy. Moving through scenes like the soundtrack to a chips-are-down sequence, there’s a sense of momentum and faraway triumph to the groove, which is consequently flipped into a whole other perspective as Permanent Vacation co-boss Benjamin Fröhlich applies the breaks for a remix that sits somewhere between Bicep and cinematic breaks legends Hybrid. Same day, next day, every day – we live for feels like this.
Marco Passarani - "I've grabbed the whole EP and will report back soon on my favourites to play. Thanks!"
Adriatique Benjamin's remix is gonna work for us..Thanks!
DC Salas Same Day is a cool track for sure!
Terr Full support for Foundation. Thanks for sending!
Joyce Muniz Nice tunes here for sure. Going for Chinaski's at this stage.
Matthias Meyer Good release here guys. Benjamin's Remix working for me!
Craig Morrison (Silicone Soul) I've been really enjoying Endrik's music esp. on Ritmo Vitale. The lead track will fit very nicely into my deeper sessions. Thanks with support!
Johannes Albert Super!!! Show me this lagooon and I will stay forever :)
Lauer Lonely Lagoon from Chinaski. Very nice.
Jeremy Olander Nice tunes across the whole EP here! Thanks for sending my way
Henry Saiz Yeah these are great... Same Day especially.
12" House WW EXCL
Form & Terra Records / FORMNTERRA004
Cie has been on an exciting musical journey since the foundation of the Form & Terra Records label
and the first record "Auf Los" and now delivers further highlights with "Adventures". Together with
a remix by Oliver Hess, the record has four driving tracks that will be released exclusively on vinyl.
The “Löwenburg” first appears on the horizon, and the closer you get to it, the more powerful it
appears. Arriving at the gates, the lion extends his claws and with his pounding, multi-faceted beat
and bubbling, lively sounds pulls every dance-loving clubber into the castle with full force.
Oliver Hess waits here with his musical tools and refines the masonry of the "Löwenburg" with
crisp percussions and incredibly driving beats in his inimitable way. With a hammer and chisel, he
sharpens the original in his remix and opens up new sound paths to the castle's secret locations.
Through the dark corridors of the castle we get to the "Bergfried", the first track on the B-side.
Hypnotic synth runs and pulsating basses demand everything from every wall, no matter how thick,
and enjoy testing it for stability.
Finally, it goes deeper into the underground with "Der Stollen". Wherever digging deep, fascinating
things come to light in the club night: brilliant flashes of sound briefly sparkle like precious stones,
and rattling, tirelessly driving beats ensure that you lose yourself in the depths of the sound of the
Four exciting tracks that are ready for any club adventure. Vinyl only.
TIP 12" vinyl only House WW EXCL
The Arabian Prince And The Sheiks 
Situation Hot 
rawax / RWE002
Second release on the new RAWAX EAST COAST EDITION comes again from The Arabian Prince And The Sheiks!
It's the 1986 hit "Situation Hot". The re-mastered black vinyl edition will be out in Novembver 2021. Highly recommemded!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3rWJKAM

ARTIST: The Arabian Prince And The Sheiks
TITLE: Situation Hot
GENRE: Electro/ Hip Hop
PRICE: 6.75€
RELEASE-DATE: 01.11.2021

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP 12" Electro WW EXCL
housewax / HOUSEWAXLTD020


(Bonus Track - FEDE LNG & MOJEAUX : NORMA )
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
Three In A Bed 
Three In A Bed 
Threeinabed / TIB001
Everything you are going to hear is unique and recorded in jam session in different nights, in free improvisation - so it is impossible to reproduce it in the exact same way as it is.
300 copies vinyl only, gatefold cover, debut album.
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
Newmont / NWMT001
Newmont’s first release explores a broad-based sound, ranging from breaks to downtempo. The record puts forward a more hybrid-driven score, which is the Paris-based idea for this project. Get your copy from your local record dealer!
TIP 12" Broken - Dubstep WW EXCL
CBM 2 
housewax / HOV011.1
We are happy to present you the second EP by the great Cassy on HOUSEWAX!
This is nnother very personal release which surrounds you with Cassys beautiful vocals and grooves.

Highly recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3ERmOea

Artist: Cassy
Títle: CBM 2
Cat: HOV011.1
Format: 12"/ Digital
Genre: House/ Deep House
Release date: 18.10.2021
A1. Cassy - Together
A2. Cassy - La Lune
B1. Cassy Music In Me
B2. Cassy - Loving Myself
* Cassy - Melodiya (*Digital Exclusive)

Produced by Cassy Britton
Mixed by Steven Barkan
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @ Lhaudio.com
Vinyl cut by W.J. Henze @ Lhaudio.com

Worldwide exclusive manufacturing and distribution www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
Sakro & Miguel Puente, Mejìa 
Bon Vivant 6 
Bon Vivant Ltd. / Bon Vivant 006
New Bon Vivant 6 with full power from Mexico by Sakro, Miguel Puente and Mejìa - don't miss!
Teaser: https://bit.ly/2ZeYVNw

Artist: Sakro & Migiel Puente, Mejìa
Title: Bon Vivant 6
Label: Bon Vivant Ltd.
Cat: Bon Vivant 006
Format: 12"
Genre: House
Release date: 01.12.2021
A1. Sakro & Miguel Puente - Illusory Truth Effect
A2. Sakro Miguel & Puente - Halloween
B1. MEJIA - Beta
B2. MEJIA - Fank

Mastering by Oliver Lieb @Lhaudio.com
Vinyl cut by W.J. Henze @ Lhaudio.com
Worldwide exclusive manufactured and distributed by www.dbh-music.com
12" House WW EXCL
various artists 
Künstlerische Freiheit 
Artminding / art001
Label: Artminding
Artist: V.A.
Titel: Künstlerische Freiheit
Release date: 08.10.2021
A1 Annett Gapstream - Chapter A 7:19
A2 Tenvin - Depozit 6:12
A3 Matchy - Encounter Vinyl Edit 6:00

B1 Max von Sternberg - Stellar & Me 6:31
B2 Murat Uncuoglu - Limpid Eyes 6:49
B3 Daniele Di Martino - Opus 7:20
12" Tech House WW EXCL
Bon Vivant 005
Back in Stock
Chernobyl EP 
Bon Vivant Ltd. / Bon Vivant 005
TIP 12" 12 House WW EXCL
Repository EP 
Bon Vivant Ltd. / Bon Vivant004
TIP 12" Techno - Minimal WW EXCL
Various Artists 
Bon Vivant 3 
Bon Vivant Ltd. / Bon Vivant003
The 3rd release from Bon Vivant is a Various Artists. Apoena, Miguel Puente, Brandub and Cape on board.
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
Andrade/ Sakro 
Bon Vivant 2 
Bon Vivant Ltd. / Bon Vivant002
2nd release for Andrade & Sakro on their own label Bon Vivant.
Both deliver again some great quality House Music!

Artist: Andrade/ Sakro
Title: Bon Vivant 2
Label: Bon Vivant Ltd.
Genre: House
Format: 12"
Rel. date: April 2017
A1. Andrade - Multicolor
A2. Andrade - Road Ladies
S1. Sakro - Carl Sagan
S2. Sakro - Elevate


Worldwide distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
CBM 1 
housewax / HOV011
RAWAX proudly welcomes Cassy to the artist family! We are more than happy to present you soon two releases fom the Grande Dame of Electronic Music. You will love this very deep and personal piece of art.
The first ep called "CBM 1" will be out early April.
Highly recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3slvguM

Artist: Cassy
Title: CBM 1
Genre: House
Cat: HOV011
Format: 12" / Digital
Release date: 19.05.2021
A1. Cassy - I Know This Feeling
A2. Cassy - The One
B1. Cassy - CBM
B2. Cassy - Without You

Produced by Cassy Britton
Mixed by Steven Barkan
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @Lhaudio.com
Cut by W. J. Henze @ Lhaudio.com
Licensed by RAWAX for HOUSEWAX 2021
Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
Miguel Herrnandez 
housewax / HOV010
RAWAX welcomes Miguel Herrnandez to the Family!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3op5Xpy

RAWAX proudly welcomes Miguel Herrnandez to the family!
We are very happy to present you "Inchowax" on HOUSEWAX.
Springtime music for a hopefully better 2021!

Artist: Miguel Herrnandez
Title: Inchofwax
Format: 12"
Release date: 10.03.2021
Cat: HOV010
Genre: House/ Breaks
A1. Inchofwax
A2. Thursday
B1. This
B2. Papillon 79

HOUSEWAX is a division of RAWAX; info@rawaxmusic.com

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
Keep My Fire EP 
housewax / HOV009
Orlando Voorn returns on HOUSEWAX under his legendary FORMAT moniker!
"Keep My Fire On" is a deep house beauty and perfect for the summer season!

Artist: Format
Title: Keep My Fire On
Genre: House
Cat: HOV008
Release date: tba
A1. Format - Deep In My Soul
A2. Format - Down
B1. Format - Keep My Fire On
B2. Format - Deep Sea Diving

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
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