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rawax / RXT-01
RAWAX proudly welcomes legendary Fresh & Low to the family!
We are very happy to present you in future most of their amazing past productions on the new "Treasures" series. Starting with groundbreaking LITTE "i" EP from 1997.

More releases to follow!

Direct order: dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15784

Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/rxt-01-fresh-low-little-i-ep-rawax

Artist: Fresh & Low
Title: Litte "i" EP
Label: RAWAX
Genre: Deep House
Format. 12" (vinyl only)
Cat: RXT-01
Release date: 19.02.2024
A1. Fresh & Low - New Life
A2. Fresh & Low - Seven Miles Up
B1. Fresh & Low - No Going Back
B2. Fresh & Low - Dream

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" vinyl only House - Deep House WW EXCL
Various Artists 
OHM Series #9 
OHM Series / OHM009
Next release on Ohm Series features tracks by Jamie Anderson & Owain K, Francisco Aguado, STAR_DUB and Volpe.
Curated by label boss OHM aka Bjarnar Jónsson.
Highly recommended!

Direct order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15816

Teaser: https://on.soundcloud.com/Zzf8S

Label: OHM Series
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Ohm Series #9
Catalog: OHM009
Release Date: 19th of Feb. 2024
Genre: Dub Techno/ Techno
Format. 12"
A1. Jamie Anderson & Owain K - Aqua Dub
A2. Francisco Aguado - Balance
B1. STAR_DUB - Forst
B2. Volpe - Ever Growing

Worldwide exclusive distribution: www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" Techno - Dub WW EXCL
DFRA & Shaka 
Collab Grooves Part 1 
Vibes and Grooves / VAG006
Artist: DFRA & Shaka
Title: Collab Grooves Part 1
Label: Vibes and Grooves
Cat #: VAG006
Format: Vinyl
Genre: House, Deep House
Release date: March 2024
A1 - The 89 Project - Supernatural (06:38)
A2 - DFRA - Indifference (06:14)
B1 - Shaka - Sacred Nightfall feat. Eve (Dub Mix) (06:27)
B2 - Shaka - Between Calm And Storm (07:02)
Vibes and Grooves is back with a first collaboration and is happy to welcome Diego Ruiz
aka DFRA the man from Buenos Aires City. We fell in love with his music the first time we
heard it and we think he is perfect for the Collab Grooves Part 1 EP.
With „Supernatural" and „Indifference“ DFRA shows his musical skills as a producer and
delivers the perfect vibes for the A side. Heavy grooving Basslines accompany jazzy vibes
bringing two massive tunes for the dance floor that won't let your legs stay still.
The B side comes from label resident Shaka. It features an exclusive dub mix of the track
„Sacred Nightfall“ whose vocal mix is released on the Spanish label Mate. The second
track „Between Calm And Storm“ is a rearing monster that takes it to the edge with its
Hammond solo.
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" House WW EXCL
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Various Artists 
OHM Series #8 
OHM Series / OHM008
Another strong release curated by label boss OHM aka Bjarnar Jónsson.
OHM Series 8 is featuring tracks by Tm Shuffle & Tapani Rinne, XDB, Tim G & Dubrovnik (UK)
Highy recommended!

Direct order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15767

Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/ohm008-various-artists-ohm-series-8

Label: OHM Series
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Ohm Series #8
Catalog: OHM008
Release Date: 06.11.2023
Genre: Dub Techno/ Techno
Format. 12"
A1. Tm Shuffle & Tapani Rinne - Latenight
A2. XDB - Ova Dub
B1. Tim G - B +
B2. Dubrovnik (UK) - Metropolis

Worldwide exclusive distribution: www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" Techno - Dub WW EXCL
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Various Artists 
OHM Series / OHM007
OHM Series welcomes 3 new artists to the family.
Also a Collab from him with Federsen and Octal industries.
Lee Holman is a Legendery Irish producer and brings the
deeper side of him with the track Absorbed by the Elements.
bouncy and floating tune made to make the floor move.
Andrea Chichecki made a beautiful dreamy track for the label ,
perfect for those early or late night sets.
El Choop closes the ep with his banger Vixen.

Taeser: https://bit.ly/43da51u

OHM Series welcomes 3 new artists to the family.
Also a Collab from him with Federsen and Octal industries.
Lee Holman is a Legendery Irish producer and brings the
deeper side of him with the track Absorbed by the Elements.
bouncy and floating tune made to make the floor move.
Andrea Cichecki made a beautiful dreamy track for the label ,
perfect for those early or late night sets.
El Choop closes the ep with his banger Vixen.

Catalog: OHM007
Title: OHM SERIES #7
Artist: Various Artists
Label: OHM Series
Release Date: 2023-05-29
Format: 12"
A1. Ohm & Octal Industries vs Federson - System
A2. Lee Holman - Absorbed by the Elements
B1. Andrea Cichecki - Universe Blue
B2. El Choop - FORPOD

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" Techno - Dub WW EXCL
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Various Artists 
Ohm Series #6 
OHM Series / OHM006
OHM Series 6 presents Sirko Müller, Shcuro & Vil, Giacomo Pellegrino and Philipp Priebe!
Very strong selection again by label head Ohm!
Teaser: https://bit.ly/3hgYwD8
The record will be out 16th of January. Highly recommended!

Artist: Various
Title: ohm Series 6
Label: OHM Series
Genre: Dub Techno
Format: 12"
release date: 16.01.2023
Cat: OHM006
A1. Sirko Müller - Syntax
A2. Shcuro & Vil - Fluxus
B1. Giacomo Pellegrino - Faroe
B2. Philipp Priebe - Ungebetene Gäste

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" Techno - Dub WW EXCL
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Various Artists 
OHM Series 5 
OHM Series / OHM005
OHM Series continues their journey for the best producers and tracks in Dub techno.

Side A begins with veteran producer Anton Kubikov and the epic
melodic minimalistic track that is Azimut.

A2 is Sommer by Elias that completes the A side with his contribution equally peak time
techno as it is dreamy.

Side B features Module one with Inside the chamber .Part Electro part Techno
with dub elements.
Body and mind in perfect harmony with these sounds.

Lastly the Second track on side B is by Marco Cassanelli .
Kattergat happily takes you on a enjoyable ride of sounds and atmosphere .

A1. Anton Kubikov - Azimut
A2. Elias - Sommer
B1. Module One - Inside The Chamber
B2. Marco Cassanelli - Kattergat

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" Techno - Dub WW EXCL
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Various Artists 
OHM Series #4 
OHM Series / OHM004
Press Info
CAT#: OHM004
Artist: Various Artist
Title: Ohm Series #4
Release Date: n/a
OHM Series is the premier series in discovering and sharing some of the world’s strongest dub techno
Side A begins the release with a breezy opening track by highly regarded and Berlin based artist, Soela.
’Fledgling’, is a perfect blend of tech and melodic chord highlights that every DJ appreciates in their
hands to open a set. Next, we have Dawn Razor, who hails from Russia. ’Calm Storm’ is the perfect
name for this uptempo foray into peak-time techno where unusual and exciting sounds balance a
minimalistic banger that somehow rides a gentle wave of restfulness.
Side B features Greek producer Stelios Vassiloudis on the first track titled ’Live in Fear’. The un-nerving
mechanical feel of this track is sure to turn some heads. It’s pronounced beat and constant dub-chord
interference aggressiveness is turned up to level 10 in this epic piece creating a dancefloor monster.
Lastly, ’Elusive’ is the contribution from Russian duo Semitone Cycles. Anton Lanski and Simon P offer
the strongest builder on the EP. Well-placed sounds accentuate the catchiness of the track that just gets
better and better with each play.
Veteran Icelandic but Copenhagen-based techno figurehead Bjarnar Jonsson, is the brains behind the Oh
m Series.
Side A
A1: Soela - Fledgling
A2: Dawn Razor - Calm Storm
Side B
B1: Stelios Vassiloudis - Live in Fear
B2 Semitone Cycles - Elusive
Worldwide exclusive distributer:www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" Techno - Dub WW EXCL
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Southland Mystic EP 
HOTMIX Records / HM030
HOTMIX presents Benedek - Southland Mystic EP
The man from Los Angeles delivers a fantastic release here.
Higly recommended!
We are expecting the first run to be sold out fast - please send us your orders by time!

Direct order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15701

Artist: Benedek
Title: Southland Mystic EP
Label: HOTMIX Records
Cat: HM030
Format: 12"
Ggenre: House/ Funk
Release date: 11.12.2023
A1- After Midnyte
A2- Lost Groove
B1- Puffed Tribe
B2- Badlands Oasis

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" House - Soulful WW EXCL
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HOTMIX Records / HM028
HOTMIX Records presents Simoncino - Jungle Dream - The Ron Trent Remixes!
The Chicago Master re-interpreted Nick Anthony Simoncinio's "Jungle Dreams", formerly out on Mathematics in 2013.
Highy recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/3rA5lCi

Artist: Simoncino
Title: Jungle Dream ( Ron Trent Remixes)
Label: HOTMIX Records
Format: 12"
Genre: House
Cat: HM028
Release date: TBA
A. Jungle Dream (Ron Trent Remix Part I)
B. Jungle Dream (Ron Trent Remix Part II)

W+P by Simone Vescovo
Remixes by Ron Trent
Worldwide exclusive distribution www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" House WW EXCL
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Various Artists 
Underground Dance EP IV 
HOTMIX Records / HM027
Great various artists ep by Fabio Monesi, KMTR, NLXLP & Ricardo Baez
Vinyl only - no repress - be fast!
TIP 12" House WW EXCL
11.95 €Back in Stock
Luke Hess 
Deep Calls To Deep 
HOTMIX Records / HM026b
Another beauty on Simoncino's label to be out mid of May. This time by the mighty Luke Hess. Strong release - highly recommended!

Teaser: https://bit.ly/2xgiqr1

Artist: Luke Hess
Title: Deep Calls To Deep
Label: Hotmix Records
Genre: techno
Format: 12" green vinyl
Release date: 18.05.2020
A1. Luke Hess - Deliverance
B1. Luke Hess - Sovereign
B2. Luke Hess - Restoration

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" House WW EXCL
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Florian Kupfer 
Going Down EP 
HOTMIX Records / HM024
Amazing new Hotmix by Florian Kupfer - don't sleep on this gem!
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 10" 10 House WW EXCL
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Sean Dixon 
Chord North EP 
HOTMIX Records / HM021
DBH Music proudly welcomes HOTMIX RECORDS from Nick Anthony Simoncino to the Family! The upcoming HM021 was produced by Final Chapter - Mastermind, Sean Dixon! This great record will be available as 10"!

TIP ⋆⋆ 10" 10 House WW EXCL
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Resist EP 
Vibes and Grooves / vag002
Artist: Shaka
Title: Resist EP
Label: Vibes and Grooves
Cat #: VAG002
Format: Vinyl
Genre: House, Deep House
A1 - Resist (07:56)
B1 - A Sign Of Revolution (06:57)
B2 - Ohh No (05:55)
Early support comes from Jacques Renault, Glenn Underground, Jimpster,
Rainer Trüby, Pablo Valentino, Greg D, Stuart Patterson, Felipe Gordon
Review: International DJ Magazine
Jazzy vibes on our second release. Shaka provides us with 3
dance-floor friendly House tunes. Rhodes and crazy lead solos
on „Resist“ and „A Sign Of Revolution“ build up two club Jazz
House monsters. Dirty chord progressions creates a deep laid
back jazz mood on the B2 Track „Ohh No“.
Web / Social Media Links:
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" House WW EXCL
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Big Swell EP 
Vibes and Grooves / vag001
Artist: Shaka
Title: Big Swell EP
Label: Vibes and Grooves
Cat #: VAG001
Format: Vinyl
Genre: House, Deep House
A1 - Big Swell (6:59)
A2 - Cut That Jazz (4:51)
B1 - Get Funked Up (6:58)
B2 - Let The Drumset Rule (5:22)
From classic vibes to modern grooves, the first Vibes and
Grooves release comes from Swiss House veteran Shaka. With
releases on Traxx Underground, Balance and Kolour LTD to
name a few, for our very first release Shaka delivers 4 House
tunes in different ways that will move your body and touch
your soul.
Web / Social Media Links:
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" House WW EXCL
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Distant Phase EP 
Cécille Records / CEC053
LABELNAME Cécille Records
TITEL Distant Phase EP
FORMAT vinyl, digital
GENRE house, minimal deep tech
W&P Ruud Koole
MASTERING Matthias Heinstein
EAN 5054287929566

A Look At That 06:08
AA From A Distance 06:40
B Flower Phase 06:01
BB Past Cognitions 06:10

Germany’s Cécille continues to put the spotlight on the rising Dutch underground this February, welcoming
Amsterdam’s Rooléh onto the roster with his ‘Distant Phase’ EP.
Across the past few years the Nick Curly and Marc Scholl helmed Mannheim, Germany based Cécille Records has
moved from strength to strength with releases and material from the likes of Leon, Sidney Charles and Reboot, while
also building a strong connection to the powerhouse Amsterdam scene with material from the likes of Dennis Quin,
Prunk and upcomer D STONE. Here the imprint welcomes yet another rising star from the Dutch capital, namely
Rooléh who’s been making his mark via releases on Archie Hamilton’s Microhertz and Too Many Rules among others.
‘Look At That’ leads with a swaying bass groove, loosely flowing organic percussion and choppy vocals, intertwined
with an amalgamation of stab sequences, synth licks and stuttering effect breaks. ‘From A Distance’ follows and shifts
towards a more loop led feel with hypnotic, unfurling vocal chants, a loopy tribal rhythm and a throbbing low-end
‘Flower Phase’ then kicks off the B-Side with a more tripped out intensity via modulating synth flutters, airy chords, a
snaking sub bass line and skippy drums before ‘Past Cognitions’ with a more classic house feel, fusing jazzy organ
licks and playful chants with a bulbous bass groove and a crunchy 4/4 rhythm.
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" House WW EXCL
12.90 €New last week
DAT Tapes from 2000 
flash recordings / FLASH-X-23B
12" Black Vinyl Edition

Artists: Stigmata
EP Name: DAT Tapes from 2000
Releasedate: 28.02.2024
Label: FLASH Recordings
Catalogue Number: FLASH-X-23
Mastered by Riemann Mastering
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" black Techno - Hard WW EXCL
13.90 €New last week
VAIO & Çesc 
Monsoon Records / MOONERZ001
The first vinyl release of the emerging Frankfurt, DE based underground label monsoon records.

„MOONERZ“ is the series of monsoon which is meant to be a very spherical but impulsive sound - perfect to catch on vinyl.

The compilation is perfectly rounded with VAIO on the A-side, one of the original founders of monsoon who plays all the local
clubs in Frankfurt and Çesc on the B-side, who is know from his residency at Amnesia Milano and many incredible releases on labels like MOAN, TBX and VIVa.

Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/moonerz001-vaio-cesc-take-off-ep-monsoon-records

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" marbled, colored, limited Techno - Minimal WW EXCL
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DAT Tapes from 2000 
flash recordings / FLASH-X-23
12" Splattered Vinyl - Limited Edition of 200 - Includes free digital download code for Bandcamp!

Artists: Stigmata
EP Name: DAT Tapes from 2000
Releasedate: 22.12.2023
Label: FLASH Recordings
Catalogue Number: FLASH-X-23
Mastered by Riemann Mastering
TIP ⋆⋆ 12" splatter Techno - Hard WW EXCL
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eLBee BaD The Prince Of Dance 
Sounds Inside A Green SpaceShip 
housewax / Housewaxltd012
Sounds Inside A Green SpaceShip


eLBee BaD The Prince Of Dance

Written by L.B. Booker
Produced by The Prince Of Dance (in a SpaceShip)
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" House WW EXCL
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Future Beat Alliance 
Mode 2 
Future Beat Alliance Records / FBAR001
DBH Music welcomes Future Beat Alliance Records! Mr. Matthew Puffett is presenting his own label with unreleased music from the past and of course with re-issues of his timeless productions. The kick-off is the re-issue of "Mode 2" which was originally released 1996 on Void records.
This beaty comes as remasterd vinyl only release!

Artist: Future beat Alliance
Title: Mode 2
Label: Future Beat Alliance Records
Genre: Ambient, Electro, Techno
Format: 12" (Vinyl only)
Cat: FBAR001
Rel. date: 08.02.2017
A1. Electic Blues
A2. Deep Enuf
B1. Mode 2
B2. Volatile Memory

W+P by Matthew Puffett
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @ LH Audio
Cut by W.J. Henze @ LH Audio
Artwork design by Diane Hartmann & W.J. henze
Worldwide distributed www.dbh-music.com

Artist info:

Matthew Puffett's production career began in 1996 with a string of releases on Void Records, under aliases including Mode-M, Soul Electrik, and the pseudonym that would go on to host the majority of his work: Future Beat Alliance. The name - taken from an Afrika Bambaataa sleeve - may have been a nod to the early-80s hip hop that was his first musical love while growing up in Oxford, but the music bore the unmistakable influence of the Detroit techno that had become his obsession.

Puffett's sound - steeped in rich melodies, soulful chords and sci-fi textures – soon caught the ear of like-minded labels such as Ferox, Archive and Delsin, which released his debut album, Disconnected, in 2001. A series of 12”s followed over the next few years for labels across Europe, including Emoticon, Project Recordings, Versatile, Suicide, Recondite, Rush Hour and Spectrum, culminating in his second album, Patience and Distance, for EevoNext.

After moving to Berlin, Puffett signed to the city's legendary Tresor label for a trio of EPs in 2010, and started a monthly DJ residency at their infamous club, playing alongside scene giants such as Juan Atkins, Octave One, Mark Broom and Redshape. He has also formed his own label FBA Recordings, to reissue selected highlights and unreleased gems from his extensive production archive.
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" 12 Electronica - Ambient WW EXCL
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Future Beat Alliance 
Inside Out 
Future Beat Alliance Records / FBAR003
New Future Beat Alliance Records Volume 3 is another outstanding and timeless release from the vaults of the genious Matthew Puffett!

Artist: Future Beat Alliance
Title: Inside Out
Label Future Beat Alliance Records
Genre: Elcetro/ Ambient
Format: 12"
Cat: FBAR003
Release date: 28.03.2018
A1. Inside Out
B1. Advance
B2. Digital 07

Worldwide exclusive with www.dbh-music.com
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 12" 12 Electro WW EXCL
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Total Unison EP 
Cécille Records / CEC052
LABELNAME Cécille Records
TITEL Total Unison EP
FORMAT vinyl, digital
GENRE house, minimal deep tech

W&P Daan Steenman
MASTERING Matthias Heinstein
EAN 5054287786138

A Total Unison 08:05
AA Something Is Coming 06:25
B 2 Be Free 05:41
BB Show Me 06:04

Total Unison EP reflects where D Stone currently stands in terms of sound.
The A-side represents the melodic, disco-influenced aspect, while the B-side showcases my deeper techy side.
The A1 main track called “Total Unison” is a track produced with heavy influences from 70s disco, drawing sample inspiration from
the song "Human" by Brief Encounter, produced by John Richbourg. The concept behind “Total Unison” was to create a more
timeless high-energy track that can be played in both house and disco sets. My idea was to introduce a top-line melody in the first
break, creating a moment that makes me pause and realize where I stand. The sampled vocal also from the Brief Encounter
provides a calm moment, creating a peaceful part within the song. Ultimately, the track leads to a euphoric break where all these
emotions are released and I can let go of everything as if it's a moment of liberation. The gradual addition of brass instruments and
the build up of bassline, creates a strong sense of release. That's why this track has always served as the closing track of my set.
The A2 is a track that draws inspiration from 90's house, radiating an energetic vibe through a fusion of high-energy synths and
brass instruments, elements reminiscent of the A1 of this EP. On the other side of this EP, you'll find the B1 & B2, two more techinfused
tracks with a rolling groove. These tracks are characterized by their heavy reliance on drums, making them the perfect
addition as fillers within my DJ sets.

“I'm thrilled that this EP has found a beautiful home at the Label Cécille. From the very beginning of my musical journey, this label
has been filling my USB stick with outstanding tracks from names like Butch, DJ Sneak, iO (Mulen), Sebo K, Johnny D and label
owners Nick Curly and Marc Scholl. That's why it means so much to me as an artist to have the opportunity to release here.”
12" House
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