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housewax 2024-06-03 12" House WW EXCL
RAWAX welcomes TRIAD to the artist family!
A collaboration between three of French underground’s DJ’s & producers living in Barcelona,
saw the launch of Triad in 2015, the imprint and DJ outfit from No Replay, Pedro Bucarelli & Zakov.
We are happy to present the mighty Trio on upcoming HOUSEWAX #13
More to come!
Teaser: https://bit.ly/34wDl9R
Artist: TRIAD
Title: Sunrise jazz EP
Cat: HOV013
Format: 12"
Genre: House
Release date: July 2022
A. Jazz In C
B. Sunrise

Worldwide exclusive distribution: wwwdbh-music.com, info@dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2023-12-06 12" House WW EXCL
Vanilla aka Daniela La Luz 
Global Transformation / CTX014
We are happy to welcome back our First Lady, Daniela La Luz. The 8th release for us comes under her new Moniker "Vanilla".
Teaser: https://bit.ly/3E2H24Z
Artist: Vanilla aka Daniela La Luz
Title: Global Transformation
Cat: CTX014
Format: 12"
Genre: House
Release date: 06.02.2023
A1. Global Transformation
A2. The Last Window Of Time
B1. Animal Queendom
B2. All Together

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
10.95 €Coming soon
TIP HOTMIX Records 2023-12-01 12" House WW EXCL
Abyssy & Memoryman 
Old Friends EP / HI002
DBH Music welcomes Hot Island Records to the Family!
Teaser: https://bit.ly/39Y0baT
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ Balance Recordings 2023-11-20 12" House WW EXCL
Chez Damier presents Peter Macaluso 
“Cantico EP” / BL029
DBH Music welcomes Chez Damier and Balance Recordings to the distribution family!

Out soon:
BL029 - Chez Damier presents Peter Macaluso “Cantico EP” (12")
Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/bl029-chez-damier-presents-peter-macaluso-cantico-ep-balance-recordings
Direct order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15746

Artist: Peter Macaluso
Title: Cantico EP
Label: Balance Recordings
Genre: House/ Techno
Format: 12"
Cat: BL029
Release date: 20.11.2023
A1 Low Pressure (Afro Acid Mix)
A2 Feel Me (Deep Mix)
B1 Cantico (Synth Wave Mix)
B2 Take It Off (Techno Mix)

All tracks were produced, recorded and arranged by Pietro Macaluso,
between 2021 and 2023 in Sicily and Berlin.
Mixing & Mastering by Pietro Macaluso
@ “il rifugio del Cappellaio Matto Studio” Caltanissetta.
Photo: Marianopoli railway station “A Stazioni”
Executive Producer: Chez Damier / Balance Recordings
Dedicated to my land, my roots and my family!

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ DBH Records 2023-11-13 12" House WW EXCL
Rhythm Of Life / DBH-010
The 10th release on DBH Records comes from ACME.
"Rhythm Of Life" was originally released on Delirium Records USA in 1996!
27 years later, the re-mastered vinyl edition will be available in November!

Highy recommended!

Teaser: https://shorturl.at/uyARZ
Direct order: dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15728

Artist: ACME
Title: Rhythm Of Life
Label: DBH Records
Genre: House/ Tech House
Format: 12"
Cat: DBH-010
Release date: 03.11.2023
1. Rhythm Of Life 1
2. Rhythm Of Life 2
3. Rhythm Of Life 3

Worldwide exclusive distribution: www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
11.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ intangible records & soundworks 2023-11-10 12" House WW EXCL
Chris Shivers 
do right / INT-501
DBH Music proudly presents Intangible Records and Soundworks 501 - Chris Shivers "Do Right". This classic release from 1993
includes for the first time the unreleased "Garage Mix"!

Seven Grand Publishing - BMI
Written & Arranged by Chris Shivers
Produced & Mixed by Terrence Parker
for Seven Grand Productions

Worldwide exclusive with DBH Music
www.dbh-music.com | info@dbh-music.com
11.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ intangible records & soundworks 2023-11-10 12" House WW EXCL
Terrence Parker 
TP Traxx 1st Edition / INT-519
One of the most wanted Intangible releases in the rebound. Terrence Parker also produced for this re-issue a new remix of "I Love The Way U Hold Me".
Essential record!

Artist: Terrence Parker
Title: TP Traxx 1st Edition
Label: Intangible Records & Soundworks
Cat: INT-519
Format: 12"
Rel. date: 16.05.2016
A. Terrence Parker - Deuteronomy
B1. Terrence Parker - I Love The Way U Hold Me
B2. Terrence Parker - I Love The Way U Hold Me (TP's 2016 Bangin' House Re-Edit)

W+P by Terrence Parker
Published By – Seven Grand Publishing
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @ LH Audio
Cut by W. Jörg Henze @ LH Audio
Vinyl Manufactured by Pallas Group (Germany)
Worldwide exclusive with www.dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆ Intrinsic Rhythm 2023-11-03 12" House
Westcoast Goddess 
Time 4 Change / IR-005
"Intrinsic Rhythm is proud to welcome and release a new record by Westcoast Goddess. The enigmatic producer provides 4 r&b flecked sample led tracks which borrow and take influence from the classic machine soul from Chicago, Detroit and NY. The EP kicks off with the musically rich " Fallin' " which uses melody and emotive machine and sample programming to welcome you to a brilliantly unique record. The title track " Time 4 Change " takes a classic tactile Chicago groove and concocts a deep hybrid of strings, evocative synth and vocal sample programming to take the listener and dancefloor to a deeper level. " Change Is Comin' " is next and takes influence from classic Gospel house music and uses classic drum machine programming combined with a chord driven lead to create a mesmerising twist on machine soul. Finally "One O' These Days" uses Boogie. New Jack Swing and Deep House variations to bring the listener through a classic song structure which builds from beginning to end. IR005 contains 4 tracks brought through the unique lens of the Westcoast Goddess and is available on limited vinyl through partner DBH and bandcamp only digital."
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ rawax 2023-11-01 12" House - Future WW EXCL
Jordan GCZ 
Polyphonic Glide EP / RX4.1
Second release for Jordan GCZ on RAWAX!
After his fantastic debut "Dizzy Dizzy Dizzy" early this year,
we are happy to release Polyphonic Glide EP in November.
Don't miss this highly recommended beauty!

Teaser: https://shorturl.at/ehpFP
Direct order: https://shorturl.at/filM4

Artist: Jordan GCZ
Title: Polyphonic Glide EP
Label: RAWAX
Genre: Techno/ Deep/ House
Cat: RX4.1
Release date: 01.11.2023

A1. Polyphonic Glide
A2. Why So Serious
B1. Sunny Side Up
B2. Undercurrent

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2023-11-01 12" House - Jackin WW EXCL
RAWAX welcomes Nacho Marco to the artist Family!
We are very happy to present cou "the 909 Files" on CHIWAX 40!
This fantastic retrospective of the 90's sound will be available in November!
Highy recommended!

Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/chiwax040-nacho-marco-the-909-files
Order link: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15736

Artist: Nacho Marco
Title: The 909 Files
Format: 12"
Genre: Retro House
Cat: CHIWAX040
Release date: 01.11.2023
A1. 909 File1
A2. 909 File 2
B1. 909 File 3
B2. 909 File 4

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2023-10-27 12" House WW EXCL
St. David 
Essential Grooves E.P. / CHIWAX023LTD
CHIWAX proudly presents St. David - Essential Grooves E.P.
The beauty of House Music on four tracks - highly recommended!
Welcome back, Davide!
Teaser: https://bit.ly/3hk1lTH
Artist: St. David
Title: Essential Grooves E.P.
label: CHIWAX
Genre: House
Format: 12"
Release date: March 2023

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
11.95 €Coming soon
rawax 2023-10-26 7" 7 House - Deep House
Orlando Voorn 
Onl Soul EP / MWX02
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ Power Music Records 2023-10-25 12" House WW EXCL
15 Minutes In The Mix / SEX-01

Pre-order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15722

Artsit: Pleasure Dome
Title: 15 Minutes In The Mix
Genre: House/ Acid House
Format: 12"
Cat: SEX-01
Release date: 25.09.2023
A. 15 Min. In The Mix
B. 8 Min. Of Trance

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
10.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax classic edition 2023-10-21 12" House - Jackin WW EXCL
DJ Milton 
All Shit / CCE040
Out soon: CCE040 - DJ MILTON - ALL SHIT (12") RE-ISSUE FROM 1997!!!

CHIWAX CLASSIC EDITION presents DJ Milton "All Shit"
Re-issue from 1997, originally released on Dance Mania.
Re-mastered edition - highy recommended!

Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/cce040-dj-milton-all-shit-chiwax-classic-edition
Pre-order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15697

Artist. DJ Milton
Title: All Shit
Format: 12"
Cat: CCE040
Genre: Chicago House/ Ghetto House
Release date: 31.08.2023
A1. She Gong Clown
A2. Execise
B1. Beat It Up
B2. Pac Man


Wprldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2023-10-20 12" House - Acid WW EXCL
andrew red hand 
Nostalgia EP / CHIWAX022LTD
Andrew Red Hand is back on CHIWAX with his 3rd release.
Nostalgia EP is a very personal and intimate release for Andrew.
Listen to this beauty which we expect to be out in Spring 2023.
Teaser: https://bit.ly/3gY8EQL
Highly recommended!

Artist: Andrew Red Hand
Title: Nostalgia EP
Genre: House/ Acid/ Electro
Format: 12"
Release datre: 10.04.2023
A1. Andrew Red Hand - In The Cemetery (Part III)
A2. Andrew Red Hand - Summer Nostalgia
B1. Andrew Red Hand - Autumn Nostalgia
B2. Andrew Red Hand - Sorrowful Joy

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
Natural Positions 2023-10-20 12" House WW EXCL
Memory Of A Stolen Bush EP - incl Glenn Astro Remix / NP005
Title: Memory Of A Stolen Bush EP
Artist(s): Ravelston, Glenn Astro
Format : Vinyl, MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC
Release Date: 20th October 2023
Mastering, Moomin, Berlin
A1 & B1 mixed by Joe Shrimpling
Artwork: Ravelston
Label: Natural Positions

A1Café Lotito 05:36 105 bpm
A2 Gottliebs Lament 04:27 85 bpm
B1 In The Shadow Of The Oleander 06:58 108 bpm
B2 In The Shadow Of The Oleander (Glenn Astro Remix) 05:46 108 bpm


Edinburgh (via Bristol) producer, DJ and balearic psychonaut takes us on a playful exploration
through his cosmic arboretum on the Memory of Stolen Bush EP, with four of his own tracks and a
very tasty remix from Berlin’s Glenn Astro. Café Lotito draws us into a world of atmospheric chug with
dreamy whistles, rich, saturated pads and sneaky acid lines sitting atop a tasteful break and a steady,
thudding kick. Gottlieb’s Lament drops the tempo further, into a shimmering, melancholic lagoon of
dubby psychedel ia, with marimbas and melodicas dancing amongst the mournful, lysergic synth work.
The B side steps straight into the dance with the EP’s namesake In The Shadow Of The Oleander, a
pulsing, acidic drum machine workout, bustling with percs and bleeps and cru nchy rhythms, all set to
a backdrop of soaring pads and drifting harmonics. Glenn Astro’s remix of Oleander pumps things up
into an epic, maximalist realm with huge synth lines and a squarely pounding rhythm section turning
the playful roller into a peak ti me thumper. Finally the digital bonus track Memories of Hare uses
surrealist snippets of colour to pay tribute to a much missed former Bristol haunt, dropping the tempo
back down and putting melody and atmosphere front and centre, with a ghostly marimba l eading the
procession beside staccato guitars and shimmering synths unknown
13.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ electric blue 2023-10-18 12" House WW EXCL
Ron Trent 
Machines / EB009
The 3rd part of the Humans Drums & Machines - Trilogy by House Master Ron Trent! The last part of the series seems to be the strongest. Ron's unique sound spectrum in full beauty is shown here on "Dimentions & Beyond".

Artist: Ron Trent
Title: Machines
Label: Electric Blue
Genre: House
Cat: EB009
Format: 12"
Rel. date: 18.05.2023
A. Ron Trent - Dimensions
B. Ron Trent - Beyond

W+P by Ron Trent for Musicandpower
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @ LHAudio.com
Cut by W.J. Henze @ LHAudio.com
Artwork design by Noni Michelle
Worldwide distributed by www.dbh-music.com
13.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ Vibraphone Records 2023-10-16 12" House WW EXCL
49th Floor 
Zamani (incl J Magic K uan Atkins RMX) / VIBR024
Vibraphone Records presents 49th Floor - Zamani. incl. Magic K aka Juan Atkins RMX!
It's the first new release for 49th Floor after 1992 - highy recommended!

Direct order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15755
Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/vibr024-49th-floor-zamani-incl-magic-k-aka-juan-atkins-remix-vibraphone-records

Artist: 49Th Floor
Title: Zamani
Remix by: Magic k aka Juan Atkins
Label: Vibraphone Records
Format: 12"
Cat: VIBR024
Release date: 16.10.2023
Genre: House/ Techno
A1.Zamani [Body Mix]
A2 Zamani - Magic K (Juan Atkins) Dub RMX
B1.ZAMANI [Deep Mix]
B2 Zamani [Dub Mix]

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2023-10-10 12" House - Deep House
Laurine Flax 
D-Troit / CTX015
16.90 €Coming soon
Im in love 2023-10-10 12" House
ELF / IIL011
I’m in Love Records

Katalognummer: IIL011
Releasedatum: 10.10.2023

Titel: ELF
Artist: Luise

A1 - Knowledge
A2 - Cluster
B1 - Inspiration
B2 - Acid Swing

Text: With four pacey club tracks, Luise makes a strong debut on I’m in Love Records. The EP takes you on an irresistible journey: On the A-side, brace yourself for timeless, dreamy house cuts, full of groove and warm synths. On the flip, watch out for “Inspiration” - a super-danceable, funky jam with appealing vocals. Bottom line: Stunning production, which we are very happy to welcome to the label!
11.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2023-10-09 12" House WW EXCL
Boo Williams 
Tribute To Chicago / CHIWAX039
CHIWAX presents another outstanding release by Boo Willaims!

"Tribute To Chicago" is Boo's hommage to the Capital City of House Music, their artists and his hometown.

Highy recommneded!
Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/chiwax039-boo-williams-tribute-to-chicago
Pre-order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15703

Artist: Boo Willimas
Title: Tribute To Chicago
Format. 12"
Gener: House
Cat: CHIWAX039
Release date: 09.10.2023
A1. Boo Williams feat. Jamiel Patton - Chicago The Place To Be
A2. Boo Williams - One Hour
B1. Boo Williams - The Same Again
B2. Boo Williams feat. Jamiel Patton - Chicago The Place

Worlwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
11.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ housewax 2023-10-05 12" House WW EXCL
Another Piano EP / HOV015
HOUSEWAX presents RR aka Rene Raabe. Future-Retro-House as it's best!
Highy recommended!

Artist: RR
Title: Another Piano EP
Format: 12"
Cat: HOV015
Genre: House
Release date: 05.10.2023
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ Power Music Records 2023-10-04 12" House WW EXCL
DJ Duke 
Escape From New York / PMD-040
Another DJ Duke classic in the rebound. Escape From New York was originally released in 1996 - essential!

A1 Escape Theme
A2 Meeting Da Duke
B1 A No. 1
B2 Call Me Snake

Worldwide exclusive distributed by DBH Music
13.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2023-10-04 12" House WW EXCL
DJ Soch 
Keep On Keep On / CHIWAX038
CHIWAX welcomes DJ Soch to the artist family!
We are very happy to present you this great DJ & Producer from Italy on our 39th edition. 'Keep On keep On' is a fantastic Disco House release with an outstanding remix byTurbo Jazz.
Direct order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15608
Teaser: https://shorturl.at/gBIUX
Highy recommended!

Artist: DJ Soch
Title: keep On keep On
Format: 12"
Cat: CHIWAX038
Genre: House/ Disco
Release date: 04.10.2023
A1. Keep on Keep on
A2. Funky Dreams
B1. Rebel Soul
B2. Rebel Soul (Turbojazz RMX)

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
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