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TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2024-12-20 12" House - Acid WW EXCL
andrew red hand 
Nostalgia EP / CHIWAX022LTD
Andrew Red Hand is back on CHIWAX with his 3rd release.
Nostalgia EP is a very personal and intimate release for Andrew.
Listen to this beauty which we expect to be out in Spring 2023.
Teaser: https://bit.ly/3gY8EQL
Highly recommended!

Artist: Andrew Red Hand
Title: Nostalgia EP
Genre: House/ Acid/ Electro
Format: 12"
Release datre: 10.04.2023
A1. Andrew Red Hand - In The Cemetery (Part III)
A2. Andrew Red Hand - Summer Nostalgia
B1. Andrew Red Hand - Autumn Nostalgia
B2. Andrew Red Hand - Sorrowful Joy

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
10.95 €Coming soon
TIP HOTMIX Records 2024-12-01 12" House WW EXCL
Abyssy & Memoryman 
Old Friends EP / HI002
DBH Music welcomes Hot Island Records to the Family!
Teaser: https://bit.ly/39Y0baT
11.95 €Coming soon
rawax 2024-10-26 7" 7 House - Deep House
Orlando Voorn 
Onl Soul EP / MWX02
11.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ HOTMIX Records 2024-09-24 12" House WW EXCL
Sauro Cosimetti 
Obscure Bad Dreams Vol. 1 / HM033
13.90 €Coming soon
All That Jelly 2024-09-15 12" House WW EXCL
Brian Harden 
Instinctive Pleasure (Remastered) / ATJ016
Artist: Brian Harden
Title: Instinctive Pleasure (Remastered)
Label: All That Jelly
Release Date: Sept 15, 2024
Catalogue No.: ATJ 016

Distributed by DBH
Remastered and cutted by Andreas Kauffelt

Tracklisting (in order):
A1 – Instinctive Pleasure
A2 - Bliak
B1 – Wet Dreams
B2 – Suede Keys

Brian Harden is a second generation Chicago House head, starting in 1995 under the wings of Glenn Underground, being part of the legendary Strictly Jaz Unit. His work on Detroit's Mike Grant and his Moods & Grooves label should also be noted.

One of his most famous works is his second EP on Cajmere's Relief Records, originally issued in 1996. The EP contains some of the most prolific drum machine action ever committed to vinyl and stands for the sound that brought Chicago House on top of the underground Music map in the mid 90s.

All four tunes have been carefully remastered from the original material for maximum club performance!
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax classic edition 2024-09-15 12" House WW EXCL
RAWAX proudly welcomes DJ Rush to the Family! We are thrilled to annouce 3 releases by the Chicago Legend.
Starting with the former Dance Mania from 1991 called "Childs Play".
Highly recommended!

Shop teaser: dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15879
SC teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/cce043-dj-rush-childs-play-chiwax-classic-edition

CCE043 - D. J. Rush – Childs Play (12")

Artist: D.J. Rush
Title: Childs Play
Format: 12"
Cat: CCE043
Genre: Electronic
Style: House
Release date: 15.07.2024
A1. Childs Play
A2. Cruising
B1. Microchip
B2. The Reactor
B3. Over The Edge

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
13.90 €Coming soon
Slobgollion 2024-09-08 12" House WW EXCL
Solco Privato 
Slobgollion Chapter Number 1 / SLBGLN001
Solco Privato Slobgollion

Solco Privato, along with his sampler, wanted to return to and embrace his roots for the first chapter of his label, Vinyl only. A tribute to quality house music with two deeply emotive tracks and a warm richness in sound. An opportunity for enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in the sound and aesthetics of this iconic genre.

Catalognumber: SLBGLN001
Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/giorgiomecca/sets/slobgollion-chapter-number-one-by-solco-privato
Release: Slobgollion Chapter Number 1 - Solco Privato

Tracknames: A SIDE: The House Influence 7:07 Min
B SIDE : Balla Mich 6:45 Min

Info about release :
. 300 copies Vinyl only
 . Black vinyl 180Gr, Black Cover, 45 rpm
. Mastered By Tim Xavier. Manmade Mastering Berlin
Written, Sampled and Produced by Solco Privato
11.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2024-09-08 12" House WW EXCL
Perseus Traxx 
A Diffrent Approach / CHIWAX042
Perseus Traxx is back on CHIWAX!
10 years after hist last release, we are happy to present you his new record called "A Diffrent Approach". Top quality by Mr. Nigel Rogers as usual. Highy recommended!

Shop teaser: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15876
SC teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/chiwax042-perseus-traxx-a-diffrent-approach

Artist: Perseus Traxx
Title: A Diffrent Approach
Format: 12"
Genre: House
Cat: CHIWAX042
Rel. dtae: 17.07.2024
A1. Adriatic Influences
A2. Aquatic Adventure
B1. A Different Approach
B2. Remembering Bari

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
11.95 €Coming soon
housewax 2024-09-03 12" House WW EXCL
RAWAX welcomes TRIAD to the artist family!
A collaboration between three of French underground’s DJ’s & producers living in Barcelona,
saw the launch of Triad in 2015, the imprint and DJ outfit from No Replay, Pedro Bucarelli & Zakov.
We are happy to present the mighty Trio on upcoming HOUSEWAX #13
More to come!
Teaser: https://bit.ly/34wDl9R
Artist: TRIAD
Title: Sunrise jazz EP
Cat: HOV013
Format: 12"
Genre: House
Release date: July 2022
A. Jazz In C
B. Sunrise

Worldwide exclusive distribution: wwwdbh-music.com, info@dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2024-09-01 12" House WW EXCL
Jasper James 
NY Fuzz / CWX04
RAWAX is happy to welcom Jasper James to the Artist Family!
His debut ep called "NY FUZZ" is a fantastic piece of club energy.
Higly Recommended!

Teaser: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15834

SC teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/cwx04-jasper-james-ny-fuzz-chiwax

Artist: Jasper James
Title: NY Fuzz
Genre: House
Format. 12"
Cat: CWX04
Release date: July 2024
A1. Jasper James - Factor 50
A2. Jasper James - NY Fuzz
B1. Jasper James - Lost Trax
B2. Jasper James - Webster

Wporldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ Factory Music Chicago 2024-08-24 12" House WW EXCL
Grimy Acid EP / FMC005
5th release on Factory Music Chicago comes from Traxman & Slick Rick Da Master! A great split ep with 3 tracks by each artist. Highly recommended!

Shop teaser: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15849
SC teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/fmc005-traxman-slick-rick-da-master-grimy-acid-ep-factory-music-chicago

Artist: Traxman & Slick Rick Da Master
Title: Grimy Adid EP
Label: Factory Music Chicago
Cat: FMC005
Genre: House/ Acid
Format: 12"
Release date: 24.06.24

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
10.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2024-08-22 12" House WW EXCL
David Böning 
Down To Join EP / CHIWAX043
RAWAX welcomes David Böning to the artist family!
We are very happy to present you this great talent from Frankfurt
with his firt release ion CHIWAX. We know already , it won't be his last one.
Highy recommeded house music at it#s best!

Shop teaser: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15891
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/chiwax043-david-boning-down-to-join-ep

Artist: David Böning
Title: Down To Join EP
Format: 12"
Genre: House
Cat: CHIWAX043
Rel. date: 22.07.2024
A1 Down To Join
A2 Joes Groove
B1 Ts Fashion
B2 Waking Up On Sunday

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
11.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ rawax 2024-08-17 12" House WW EXCL
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ intangible records & soundworks 2024-08-17 12" House WW EXCL
The Seven Grand Housing Authority 
The Question - Made In Detroit Mixes (incl. Underground Resistance & Octave One Remixes) / INT-7004
Intangible Records presents The Seven Grand Housing Authority aka Terrence Parker - The Question incl. Underground Resistance & Octave One remixes!!!
This release came originally out on Simply Soul in 1993.
Don't miss this classic. Highy recommended!

Teaser: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15863

Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/int-7004-the-seventh-grand-housing-authority-the-question

Artist: The Seven Grand Housing Authority
Title: The Question (Made In Detroit Mixes)
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Garage House
Year: 1993
Cat: INT-7004
Format: 12"
Rel. date: 17th of June 2024
A1. The Question (Octave One Club Mix)
A2. The Question (Original T.P. Mix)
B1. The Question (Underground Resistance "Make My Day" Mix)
B2. The Question (Octave One Dub Mix)

Worldwide exclusive manufactured and distributed by www.dbh-music.com
11.95 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ housewax 2024-08-17 12" House WW EXCL
Daniela Cast 
Dance On Air EP / HOUSEWAX035
RAWAX welcomes Daniela Cast to the Family. We are very happy to present you Danielas first release on vinyl!
HOUSEWAX is the prefect platform for her debut ep called "Dance On Air". A warm classy & fluffy record.
Highly recommended!

Shop teaser: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15875

SC teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/housewax035-daniela-cast-dance-on-air-ep

Artist: Daniela Cast
Title: Dance On Air EP
Format: 12"
Genre: House
Release date: 17.06.2024
A1. Daniela Cast - Pure Love
A2. Daniela Cast - In The Mood
B. Daniela Cast - Dance On Air

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
13.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ RAWAX MOTOR CITY EDITION 2024-08-16 12" House - Deep House WW EXCL
gari romalis 
down the drain / RMCE024
RAWAX MOTOR CITY EDITION presents Gari Romalis. One of the most productive humans on this Planet presents us with "Another World EP"
again a high level release with his remarkeble and unique deep Detroit feeling.
Welcome back, Gari!

Direct order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15808
Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/rmce024-gari-romalis-another-world-ep-rawax-motor-city-edition

Artist: Gari Romalis
Title: Another World EP
Genre: Detroit House
Format: 12"
Cat: RMCE024
Release date: 16.05.2024
A1. Gari Romalis - Dance Wit Me
A2. Gari Romalis - Another World
B1. Gari Romalis - Down The Drain
B2. Gari Romalis - Iz You

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
15.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆ lake placid 2024-08-12 12" House WW EXCL
beautiful music - incl. andrade remix / lp005
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ housewax 2024-08-05 12" limited House WW EXCL
Floating Around OF / HOUSEWAXLTD021
RAWAX welcomes back Matthias Schildger aka M.S.
His new release on our sublabel HOUSEWAX is a hommage to his hometown OFFENBACH.
Put your dancing shoes on and float around OF.
Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/housewaxltd021-ms-floating-around-of

Artist: M.S.
Title: Floating Around OF
Genre: House
Format: 12"
Rel. date: 28.06.2024
A1. M.S. - Dancing By The River
A2. M.S. - Let's Float
B1. M.S. - Mainrecorder
B2. M.S. - OF Blues
Digital only: Ring of Goethe

W+P by Matthias Schildger
Photos by Elena
Mastering by Oliver Lieb @ LH Audio
Cut by W.J. Henze @ LH Audio
Worldwide distributed by www.dbh-music.com
13.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ rawax 2024-08-02 12" House WW EXCL
RAWAX proudly welcomes 20:20 Vision - Boss, Mr. Ralph Lawson to the Family!
We are very happy to present you one of the hidden gems, Ralph produced with Fraser Brydson in 1993!
This re-mastered release also contains for the first time the unreleased Ralph Lawson Dub of "Percussion Obsession" on B1!
Special thanks to SOMA Recorings!

Direct order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15812

Artist: OTAKU
Title: Percussion Obsession
Fabel: RAWAX
Format: 12"
Cat: RX-RT-02
Genre: House
Rel. date: 02.04.2024
A. Percussion Obsession (Back To Basics Trucker Mix)
B1. Percussion Obsession (Ralph Lawson Dub)
B2. Percussion Obsession (Nostalgia Mix)

Worldwide excusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ rawax 2024-08-01 12" House WW EXCL
Jakob Reiter 
Addio EP (incl. Prins Tomas, Shayde Remixes) / HOV016
HOV016 - Jakob Reiter - Addio EP (HOUSEWAX)

Artist: Jakob Reiter
Title: Addio EP
Additional Remixes by Prins Thomas & Shayde
Format: 12"
Cat: HOV016
Genre: House/ Techno
Rel. date: 29.04.2024
A1. Jakob Reiter - Addio (Original Mix)
A2. Jakob Reiter - Therm (Original Mix)
B1. Jakob Reiter - Therm (Prins Thomas Remix)
B2. Jakob Reiter - Addio (Shayde Remix)

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ chiwax 2024-07-30 12" House WW EXCL
RAWAX welcomes Shacklo to the Family! This fantastic release will be out mid of Mqay 2024 on vinyl & digital.
Highly recommended!

Direct order: dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15801
Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/cwx03-shacklo-ku-ep-chiwax

Artist: Shacklo
Title: Ku EP
label: CHIWAX
Genre: House
Format: 12", Digital
Cat: CWX03
Rel. date: 13.05.2024
A1. Shacklo - Ku
A2. Shacklo - How Deep
B1. Shacklo - Summon
B2. Shacklo - Dreem

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com; info@dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ rawax 2024-07-30 12" House WW EXCL
Johnny Kick 
Come On / RAWAX024LTD
RAWAX welcomes Johnny Kick to the artist family!
We are very happy about this trip back in time - lovely 90's Retro Rave anthems here!
Highly recommended!

Teaser: https://soundcloud.com/dbh-music/rawax024ltd-johnny-kick-come-on-rawax
Direct order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15716

Artist: Johnny Kick
Title: Come On
Label: RAWAX
Format: 12"
Genre: House/ Techno
Release date:10.06.2024
A1. Johnny Kick - Burnin
A2. Johnny Kick - Come On
B1. Johnny Kick - Alright
B2. Johnny Kick - Everybody
Johnny Kick - Fresh Mornin (digital exclusive track)

Worldwidee exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
13.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ rawax 2024-07-29 12" vinyl only House WW EXCL
Fresh & Low 
Rack Up/ Interlude / RXT-04
4th release by Fresh & Low on their own RAWAX Treasures Series!
This time we have the honor to re-issue the first Fresh And Low record - origially released in 1995 on Strictly 4 Groovers/ DIY Communications!
This release comes also re-mastered and will be only available on vinyl!


Artist: Fresh & Low
Title: Rack Up/ Interlude
Label: RAWAX
Cat: RXT-04
Format: 12" (Vinyl only)
Genre: House, Deep House
Release date: 29.07.2024
A. Rack Up
B. Interlude

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
12.90 €Coming soon
TIP ⋆⋆⋆ 803 Crystalgrooves 2024-07-26 12" House WW EXCL
You Know How EP / 803cg-005
Cinthie returns to her 803 Crystal Grooves label with You Know How EP
German mainstay offers up three varied and vital house weapons to relaunch her label after 2.5
year hiatus
Cinthie is one the most revered voices in underground house music and has been for more than
a decade. Her take on the genre always puts the groove first. It is informed by the classics but
with a contemporary edge and comes on 803 Crystal Grooves as well as cultured outlets like
Aus Music and Heist. As a DJ she mixes up records from her vast collection with equal style and
skill, and is also now live artist who serves up impromptu jams on her collection of hardware.
Hot on the heels of several remixes already this year, the Elevate. Berlin record store boss is
back with a new release just three days before her birthday. As a gift to herself she is
relaunching her label after a 2.5 year hiatus due to pressing plant delays during the pandemic.
Opener 'You Know How' is a joyous piano house anthem that will get hands in the air. Classic,
smartly deployed vocal samples inject an old-school edge while the textured bass brings serious
low-end weight to this utterly timeless gem. The superb 'Mellifluous' rides on smooth drum
bumps as waves of synth wash over the dance floor. They bring feel-good warmth in a subtle,
dynamic fashion that locks dancers in for a blissed-out ride. Last of all, 'Can You' swings
irresistibly with punchy kicks and dry, raw claps. It's a physical house sound with chopped-up
vocal fragments and rolling bass that makes a huge impact.
Cinthie's You Know How EP comes on 803 Crystal Grooves on DATE.
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