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About Us

DBH as in (Robert) Drewek, (Alex) Bau, (Jörg) Henze

Anyone who, despite MP3 and declining sales of vinyl records, founded a distribution service I the mid 2000`s must be either crazy, or know exactly what to do. Robert Drewek, Alex Bau and Jörg Henze, both providers of the initials and founders of DBH, are more likely to be the latter. Instead of spamming record shops with endlessly long novelty lists, DBH focuses on the selection and implementation of its own musical quality standards. And not only the music and its premium quality makes the difference, exactly the fact that these 3 like-minded people have launched a company for which "small but nice" is the basic requirement for calling it a premium distribution, makes the Frankfurt company at Schielestraße kind of special. It is more important to establish a good connection to the artists from the own label pool with flag labels such as Credo, DMOM, Momentum or Musique Unique in the early years to Rawax, Chiwax, Housewax or Pleasure Zone in recent years, as well as the strictly selected labels of other, mostly befriended artists, to give a direct insight into what really happens with the music once found the way to black gold. Stylewise, spanning from Deephouse to almost industrial techno, has been and sill is always focused on quality which also applies to the digital side of the medal, which is flipped by DBH as well.