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various artists
ISOLATE: 5 Years Remixes
Release Date
12" 3 x 12 Tech House WW EXCL
Artist: Various Artists
Titel: ISOLATE: 5 Years Remixes
Format: 3x12“
Release date: 18.03.24

As the beats echo through time, Isolate proudly marks its fifth anniversary with a resounding celebration of
creativity. Five years of great music, unforgettable events, and unwavering support from our dedicated community
have brought us to this momentous occasion.
With gratitude for the boundless talents of our artists, the steadfast support from our community, and the
dedication of our team, Isolate reflects on this joyful journey. Building on the anticipation we shared earlier this
year, we are excited to unveil the grand finale—a remix compilation that breathes new life into some of our most
cherished tracks.
This compilation isn't just a retrospective; it's a heartfelt exploration of Isolate's history. From melodic
transformations to rhythmic reinterpretations, this remix compilation stands as a tribute to the nuanced fusion of
emotions and relationships intricately woven into the fabric of our musical community.
Isolate's fifth anniversary transcends being a mere marker of our past; it stands as a promise for the future. It's a
strong affirmation of our dedicated commitment to supporting emerging talent, offering a platform for them to
share their distinctive musical stories. In this celebration, we see not just where we've been, but where we're
heading—a future that echoes with the distinct voices of those yet to be discovered.
Stay curious, join the rhythm, and come celebrate with us
# Artist Title
1various artistsISO034 1-Sahar - Soul Work (Aera Remix)
2various artistsISO034 2-Sahar - Different Days (Hardt Antoine Remix)
3various artistsISO034 3-Presia - To Love (John Falke Remix)
4various artistsISO034 4-Mironas - Get Movin (Tom Peters Remix)
5various artistsISO034 5-Mironas - Adam (Argia Remix)
6various artistsISO034 6-Ivory - Hyper (Upercent Remix)
7various artistsISO034 7-Imeïa - Aleph Mim Iane (Auggië Remix)
8various artistsISO034 8-Clavis - Art Of Duplicity (DJ Counselling Remix)
9various artistsISO034 9-Alican- Floridiana (Gunce Aci Remix)
10various artistsISO034 10-Alican - Stronger (EdOne Remix)
11various artistsISO034 11-Aldebaran - Volo Onirico (Colossio Remix)