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Intrinsic Rhythm
Trama Artifacts
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TIP 12" Electro WW EXCL
Available on limited vinyl and digital (IR006) Irish electro great Decal was digging back through the archives to find the original edit of Free The Flange for Sunil Sharpe's recent "Dreams Of Electric Bleep" compilation when he found a stash of old electro tracks from 1999-2004 that never quite made it onto any release.

"At the time I'd have been fairly upfront about wanting to release tracks that were faster than most and in a style that wasn't straight electro. Some of these tracks fell into a weird middle ground for me, so they got put aside. It had been 20 years since I'd heard any of them and on listening back I reckoned that time had been kind to them so I started remastering them and uploading to Soundcloud alongside some classic 12" releases from my label Trama Industries.

For me, it was interesting to hear sounds and techniques emerging on some later tracks that would form the basis of my later projects like Legion Of Two and Of One. I'd kinda forgotten about that. Huge thanks to Eddie and Intrinsic Rhythm for suggesting a release and believing in the project"


Early support by Laurent Garnier, Tr One, Eliza and more.
# Artist Title
1DecalA1. Decal - Too Step
2DecalA2. Decal - More Space
3DecalB1. Decal - Sick & Tired
4DecalB2. Decal - (Thinking) Of The Present