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12" Electronica house techno
Idriss D officially launches the brand new label Nedjma with
his own 2-vinyl, 8-track album as first release. The imprint
will serve as a platform for up and coming talents from the
Arabic world who are not represented in the current musical
landscape. A very bold statement from Idriss himself, this
record sees the Franco-Algerian dj and producer infuse his
personal history into what he loves the most and share it
with the rest of the world.
First track Tsakhbira works as the perfect opener for the
album with a melodic ambient-like mood and Arabic chants,
with second track Beld el fen following in the same vein with
traditional instruments interspersed with synth stabs and
eerie atmos.
Chazil’s upbeat rhythm spices up the vibe, a mix of ethereal
singalongs and bouncy percussions. Mohamed is the first
foray into Electronic territory, a downtempo piece featuring
French vocals and plenty of analog industrial clanks that
lead into subsequent Hey Galbi, an exquisite melodic house
number with acid synth melodies and piano keys.
Electro (Leila Moon Remix) delves into more experimental
landscapes, with darker tones, blurred vocals and pulsating
beats, while Elf Leila is quintessential Electroclash Arabic
music, blending these two genres together, with a
syncopated super catchy bassline. Closing track Harramt is
a whirlwind of snare rolls, 303 arpeggios and nods to North
African heritage sounds.

Gilb’r ( versatile )

Many good tracks , my favorites
Ghira Bla Sebba
Bab El Oued

Laurent Garnier :

Hello, Idriss
The album is excellent... very beautiful marriage between traditional music and electronics
It works really well
Well done
# Artist Title
1IDRISS DA1 Tsakhbira
2IDRISS DA2. Bled El Fen
3IDRISS DB1 Ghira Bla Sebba
4IDRISS DB2 Mohammed
5IDRISS DC1 Hey Galbi
6IDRISS DC2 Bab El Oued
7IDRISS DD1. Elf Leila
8IDRISS DD2. Harramt