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Signature Dark
Hannu Karjalainen
Release Date
12" Mini LP Electronica - Ambient Ambient
Press release text:

Artist Hannu Karjalainen and his new LP Railo is the third album to be released on the Signature Dark label, first digitally and later on vinyl. The album features seven electroacoustic ambient soundscapes.

The tracks were composed during the winter months in Helsinki, Finland in 2019-2021. Railo (finnish for "a crack in the ice" or "crevasse") can be seen as on ode to winter, the richness of the seasons and different weather conditions which have been an inspiration to Karjalainen’s work.

The arc of the album follows seasons from autumn to spring, starting from cold autumn winds (Viima) and ending to the melting of the ice (Sula). Different winter phenomena are explored on the way, including ”Routa” (finnish for "ground frost"), ”Kuura” (rime) and ”Kelirikko” (a term known especially in the archipelago meaning a time at the end of winter when the frozen sea does not support transportation anymore but boat traffic is neither possible). Yet, the album is being suffused with a sadness stemming from the threatening permanent changes in the diversity and balance of nature trough the climate change caused by us.

”Railo” is an audiovisual project which also contains two video art works to be released online, ”Railo” and ”Sula”. The video of ”Railo” depicts a constantly mutating snowy landscape while the crackes and rumbles on soundtrack take us seemingly inside the ice.

Signature Dark

Label code:

Hannu Karjalaine

Release/record name:

Track infos:

1. Viima 4:18
2. Routa 3:58
3. Kuura 5.06
4. Railo 6:25
5. Musta Jää 6:53
6. Kelirikko 4:51
7. Sula 7:37

Vinyl tracks list:

A1 VIIMA 4′18″
A2 ROUT A3′58″
A3 KUURA 5′06″
A4 RAILO 6′25″

B1 MUSTA JÄÄ 6′53″
B3 SULA 7′37″

Written and produced by Hannu Karjalainen

Artwork by Hannu Karjalainen
Graphic design by Juuso Koponen

Copyright Signature Dark 2021
All rights reserved
# Artist Title
1Hannu KarjalainenViima
2Hannu KarjalainenRouta
3Hannu KarjalainenKuura
4Hannu KarjalainenRailo
5Hannu KarjalainenMUSTA JÄÄ
6Hannu KarjalainenKelirikko
7Hannu KarjalainenSula