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    Raise & Sgt. Risk 
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TIP 12" Techno Dubstep UK Bass WW EXCL
Label: Sport
Release: Sport8000
Artists: Raise, Sgt. Risk
A – Raise & Sgt. Risk – Scrollers
B – Raise & Sgt. Risk – Circuit Breaker

Sport 8000

A – Raise & Sgt. Risk – Scrollers

Circuit Breaker
Frantic breakbeats, epic strings and a booming sub kick off this percussive belter. Tension decreases and rises through a breakdown, before things get switched up with a more percussive bassline and various little elements and fx. One to tease out that last bit of energy in the late hours.. 

B – Raise & Sgt. Risk – Circuit Breaker
“Scrollers” is a mad, industrial, syncopated, 140 bpm, not-quite-garage slapper. Built from messy, undulating percussion loops and filtering snares, lots of noise and warping bass interludes, it’s a hectic piece of tuneage that unexpectedly delivers a sliver of respite at the very end. Picture scrolling through your endless feed of doom and nonsense until you chance upon than one clip that reinstalls a bit of hope, giving you the resolve to finally put your damn phone away and actually do something. 

# Artist Title
1Raise & Sgt. RiskScrollers
2Raise & Sgt. RiskCircuit Breaker