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    Raise & Sgt. Risk 
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TIP 12" Techno WW EXCL
Label: Sport
Release: Sport7000
Artists: Raise, Sgt. Risk
A – Raise – Wookey Pinger
B – Sgt. Risk – U Everything

Sport 7000

A – Raise – Wookey Pinger
This one’s going for the jugular with a marching groove, eerie pads and Raise’s disgustingly catchy bass hook that hits on just the right side of donk. Stick some roughed up samples from dad’s jazz collection in the drop and you have yourself a straightforward rave tool. Has caused scenes and mild debauchery when played out.

B - Sgt. Risk – U Everything

Originally made in one sitting in 2014, we polished this one up as a similarly tool-ish flip to above mentioned slab of floor functionality. A distorted 4/4 kick, various loops of industrial origin and a deranged diva loop lead to the midsection, which introduces acidic subs and relentless stabs before it all comes crashing home for the rollout. 

# Artist Title
1RaiseWookey Pinger
2Sgt. RiskU Everything