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    Raise & Sgt. Risk 
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TIP 12" Techno house Dubstep WW EXCL
Label: Sport
Release: Sport6000
Artists: Raise, Sgt. Risk
A – Raise – Enter Gavia
B – Raise & Sgt. Risk – Leaving_Navaro

Sport 6000

A – Raise – Enter Gavia

Raise cooked this one up after hunting down the legendary Loon (Gavia) call used in loads of classic rave tunes, courtesy of being a preset on the e-mu sampler. Sporting (hehe) an airy breakbeat, a heavenly synth loop and cavernous, distorted reese bass, this one sits snugly between big bad banger and emotional roller.

B – Raise & Sgt. Risk – Leaving_Navaro

Last tune that got finished in our old studio (which is now a huge pit in the ground). Dubbed “esoteric garage shit” one rather late night by someone who shall remain nameless, it’s built around a swinging 4/4 groove powered by warped bass. The pads carrying it all the way through might indeed be considered worthy of a spin at your monthly tree hugging ceremony, before the melancholic organ licks we laid down one serotonin-deprived night make this a bonafide tearjerker. 

# Artist Title
1RaiseEnter gavia
2Raise & Sgt. RiskLeaving_Navaro