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    Lucretio versus Marieu Vol1 
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    The Analog Cops 
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TIP 12" House House WW EXCL
Artists: The Analogue Cops
Title: “Lucretio versus Marieu Vol1"
Memento 041

The Analogue Cops are back on Memento, after their acclaimed remix of Francesco Farfa “Synchronicty 13”, with “Lucretio versus Marieu Vol. 1”.
This will be the first chapter of a series dedicated to a tidy compromise-less selection of their most groundbreaking club oriented tracks.
On Lucretio’s side, “Accelerating Osc” is a minimalistic relentless techno cut that explores algorithmic sequencing and the boundaries of real-time delay manipulation in Kyma; pounding away, “Neon 3” is a furious peak-time ride with jacking drums, sharp hi-hats and worrisome hypnotic synthesizers.
Marieu’s side is a slower paced groove affair focused on his distinguishing seductive use of sampling: “Alterate Indigo” festive bass line and enthusiastic cymbals blossom with an enchanting blues piano and an handful of filtered quirks, while “Room Mate” combine hot vocal hooks and a funky bass-line with a massive kick-drum.
# Artist Title
1The Analog CopsLucretio - Accellereting osc
2The Analog CopsLucretio - Neon3
3The Analog CopsMarieu - Alterate indigo
4The Analog CopsMarieu - Roomate