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    super mantis 
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    king cannibal/ scorn 
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12" Broken - Dubstep dubstep/breaks
Side A sees globe-trotting beats'n'bass warrior Dylan Richards aka King Cannibal apply his knowledge of precision-cut drumbreaks, fierce rhythms and tortured, filthy bass blasts that were so well displayed on his Ninja Tune album and earlier 12"s on Combat and Rag and Bone. He's taken parts from the powerful original half-step colossus of "Super Mantis" and created a snarling whirlwind of clattering breaks. This remix originally appeared on Mary Anne Hobb's Scorn vs. King Cannibal soundclash on Radio 1, and now sees the light of release. Play this one loud and feel the fury.

Side B sees a totally different approach by Edinburgh's mysterious Wee DJ's. While Cannibal's version slashes you with chunky, razor snares, the Wee DJ's opt to go deep, drawing the listener into a cavernous abyss that's fathoms below, with miles of smothering bass pressure crushing you from above. Sinister, poisonous synth riffs, muted growls, pulsating subs and disturbed, skittering electronic textures permeate the track which cruises like a Kraken in the lightless depts at 134 beats per minute. Adopting a syncopated techno rhythm, this is one for fans of industrial techno exponents like Ancient Methods, Regis, Makaton, Anstam, AQF and Surgeon
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