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Brave New Rave
The Future Is Among Us
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TIP 12" Mini LP Techno WW EXCL
Moderna Ignites the Dance Floor with Debut Album "The Future Is Among Us"
Conceived over seven years in Berlin and Mexico City, "The Future Is Among Us" is a sonic tapestry
woven from diverse influences. Each track, produced in a different era, retains its unique character
while seamlessly blending into a cohesive album experience.
The album ignites with "DIE4U," a powerful homage to Prince's iconic "I Would Die 4 U." Moderna
reimagines the timeless sentiment – entirely self-produced and written in Berlin. Layered vocals, a
driving bass line, and a pulsating electro beats that create a controlled yet electrifying atmosphere.
The title track, "The Future Is Among Us," embodies the collaborative spirit at the heart of the album.
Originally conceived before the album was complete, bringing bass lines and a percussive energy
that feels like a declaration that the future is not something to wait for, but something we are actively
creating together on the dance floor.
The album promises a vibrant blend of electronic and dark wave music, showcasing Moderna's
ability to weave together infectious dance floor anthems with deeper, more introspective moments.
This depth is evident in tracks like "Lost at Heart," a collaboration with post-punk artist Skelesys
that transcends genre with its raw emotional vulnerability. The album's ability to seamlessly shift
between these contrasting styles is a testament to Moderna's artistry and her ability to curate a
cohesive listening experience that invites a provocative energy.
Moderna’s impressive career extends beyond this album. Beyond her solo work, she has showcased
her remixing talent on tracks for The Matrix 4 soundtrack and Curses' Next Wave Acid Punx
compilation, collaborated on four EPs with Mexican artist Theus Mago who also contributes to the
album on the dream wave serenade “Blades”.
The album will be released on her ‘Brave New Rave’ imprint which she established in 2019 from her
highly recognized radio show on KCRW Berlin.
# Artist Title
1ModernaA1 - DIE4U - Moderna
2ModernaA2 The Future Is Among Us Moderna
3ModernaA3 Filter Me Moderna
4ModernaA4 Pappenheimer Moderna
5ModernaB1 Love Is Love Moderna
6ModernaB2 Blades Moderna
7ModernaB3 Lost At Heart Moderna