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flash recordings
florian meindl
Remixes Part 1 (Umwelt, Shaleen, Volpe, Beau Didier, Decka, Janzon, Schott, GAEL, Garb)
Release Date
TIP 12" lp splatter limited 2 x 12 Techno WW EXCL
2x12" Splattered Vinyl - Limited Edition of 200 - Includes free digital download code for Bandcamp!

Artists: Florian Meindl, Umwelt, Shaleen, Volpe, Beau Didier, Decka, Janzon, Schott, GAEL, Garb
Release Date: 29.03.2024
Label: FLASH Recordings
Catalogue Number: FLASH-X-24

Mastered by Riemann Mastering

A1 Florian Meindl - Assembly Line (Umwelt Remix)
A2 Florian Meindl - Basic Mechanics (Shaleen Remix)
B1 Florian Meindl - Synthetic Memories (Volpe Remix)
B2 Florian Meindl - Reconstruct (Beau Didier Remix)
B3 Florian Meindl - Chord Raider (Decka Remix)
C1 Florian Meindl - The Incal (Janzon Remix)
C2 Florian Meindl - Metaphysics (Schott Remix)
D1 Florian Meindl - Melting Iron (GAEL Remix)
D2 Florian Meindl - Galaxy Storm (Garb`s Into The Storm Mix)

Press Text

On this Remix album, nine visionary producers are taking Florian Meindl's latest tracks into various directions on a journey.

Umwelt delivers a hard-hitting synth treatment, while Shaleen injects a housy, sexy touch into the mix.
Volpe channels the essence of Detroit influenced Techno, Beau Didier unleashes a relentless hardgroove rework, and Decka infuses dub techno vibes into the composition.
Janzon's exceptional vocal work shines through and Schott keeps it classic and pounding as well as GAEL with her dark vibe, while Garb adds a mesmerizing psy-techno leaning touch.

This limited edition splattered vinyl release is not just about the music but also features stunning artwork that complements the album's diverse vibe - one side of each record is missing the paper label so the splattered colors can be seen in the middle of the vinyl.
# Artist Title
1florian meindlFlorian Meindl - Assembly Line (Umwelt Remix)
2florian meindlFlorian Meindl - Basic Mechanics (Shaleen Remix)
3florian meindlFlorian Meindl - Synthetic Memories (Volpe Remix)
4florian meindlFlorian Meindl - Reconstruct (Beau Didier Remix)
5florian meindlFlorian Meindl - Chord Raider (Decka Remix)
6florian meindlFlorian Meindl - The Incal (Janzon Remix)
7florian meindlFlorian Meindl - Metaphysics (Schott Remix)
8florian meindlFlorian Meindl - Melting Iron (GAEL Remix)
9florian meindlFlorian Meindl - Galaxy Storm (Garb`s Into The Storm Mix)