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Black Cat
Airing EP
Release Date
12" Techno - Dub WW EXCL
BlackCat is the sister label to
WhiteWolf Records. Its purpose is to
showcase undiscovered NY talent
and friends of WhiteWolf. High
quality beats and intrinsic groove for
your dancefloor.
With BC001 we introduce Ṣonuga
aka Femi Shinuga-Fleming. A NYC
based techno producer and DJ with
Nigerian and Caribbean roots and an
extensive background in live
experimental electronic music.
Ṣonuga is interested in the intersections of deep textural soundscapes, layered
percussion and shuffled rhythms.
His debut EP, 'Airing' explores themes of sound and space influenced by his
architectural studies, while also exploring and paying homage to
contemporary dub techno.
BC001 is due out February 26th 2024.
# Artist Title
1ṢonugaA1 - SONUGA - Airing - 2min clip
2ṢonugaA2 - SONUGA X JACK RUSSELL - Elixir - 2min clip
3ṢonugaB1 - SONUGA - ISOLATE_Snippet