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Fanfar On
Ciril & Cavale
Marchand de Sable (incl. Dragutesku RMX)
Release Date
TIP 12" Techno - Minimal WW EXCL
For the third release of FanFar’on, we are travelling into another dimension, more on a Romanian & deep techno vibe from the works of Ciril & Cavale.
Both emerging for the electronic scene of Brusells and close to the Zodiak Crew, Ciril & Cavale brought their vibe with two tracks called « Dracula » & « Marchand de Sable »
Definitely spiritual & atmospherics, the music is esthetic & mysterious, the Belgium producers are travelling to some ambient landscapes and experimental textures.
To finish the ep ,we will have a completely destructured and almost jazzy remix from the famous Romanian producer : Dragutesku!

As we say three is the « magic number » ,welcome to Ciril & Cavale for the third edition of FanFar’on,and let the FanFare begin!

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Artist: Ciril & Cavale
Title: Merchand de Sable
Remix by: Dragutesku
Label: FanFar'On
Genre: Minimal Techno
Format: 12"
Cat: FFR-003
Release date: 06.11.2023
A1. Marchand de Sable
B. Marchand de Sable (Dragutesku RMX)

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# Artist Title
1Ciril & CavaleA1. Marchand de Sable
2Ciril & CavaleA2. DRACULA
3Ciril & CavaleB.Marchand de Sable (Dragutesku RMX)