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Natural Positions
Memory Of A Stolen Bush EP - incl Glenn Astro Remix
Release Date
TIP 12" House Downtempo Balearic WW EXCL
Title: Memory Of A Stolen Bush EP
Artist(s): Ravelston, Glenn Astro
Format : Vinyl, MP3, WAV, AIFF, FLAC
Release Date: 20th October 2023
Mastering, Moomin, Berlin
A1 & B1 mixed by Joe Shrimpling
Artwork: Ravelston
Label: Natural Positions

A1Café Lotito 05:36 105 bpm
A2 Gottliebs Lament 04:27 85 bpm
B1 In The Shadow Of The Oleander 06:58 108 bpm
B2 In The Shadow Of The Oleander (Glenn Astro Remix) 05:46 108 bpm


Edinburgh (via Bristol) producer, DJ and balearic psychonaut takes us on a playful exploration
through his cosmic arboretum on the Memory of Stolen Bush EP, with four of his own tracks and a
very tasty remix from Berlin’s Glenn Astro. Café Lotito draws us into a world of atmospheric chug with
dreamy whistles, rich, saturated pads and sneaky acid lines sitting atop a tasteful break and a steady,
thudding kick. Gottlieb’s Lament drops the tempo further, into a shimmering, melancholic lagoon of
dubby psychedel ia, with marimbas and melodicas dancing amongst the mournful, lysergic synth work.
The B side steps straight into the dance with the EP’s namesake In The Shadow Of The Oleander, a
pulsing, acidic drum machine workout, bustling with percs and bleeps and cru nchy rhythms, all set to
a backdrop of soaring pads and drifting harmonics. Glenn Astro’s remix of Oleander pumps things up
into an epic, maximalist realm with huge synth lines and a squarely pounding rhythm section turning
the playful roller into a peak ti me thumper. Finally the digital bonus track Memories of Hare uses
surrealist snippets of colour to pay tribute to a much missed former Bristol haunt, dropping the tempo
back down and putting melody and atmosphere front and centre, with a ghostly marimba l eading the
procession beside staccato guitars and shimmering synths unknown
# Artist Title
1RavelstonCafé Lotito
2RavelstonGottliebs Lament
3RavelstonIn The Shadow Of The Oleander
4RavelstonIn The Shadow Of The Oleander (Glenn Astro Remix)