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    DM For House (incl. Bärtaub RMX) 
  • Artist
    Paiul Walter 
  • Label
    do easy records 
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TIP 12" Techno - Minimal WW EXCL
Finally the wait is over. Played for years as an unreleased weapon – not only by Priku - Ave is this kind of track where you just can’t forget the synths. You will still hum them while walking the streets months after. The mighty melody can catch the whole crowd creating memorial moments on the dancefloor.

B1 with „For your love“ is an older track but old is gold, right? It fits perfectly with its house beat and sexy vocals on the B-Side. The track gets even more love on top from Bärtaub with an excellent sounding remix – as usual for their work - completing the Ep as the B2. Thank you guys.

Paul Walter, who definitly defined producing as his lifestyle, runs also Meduka Records and has released music on labels such as Do Easy Records and Neostrictly.
# Artist Title
1Paiul WalterA-DER021 - snippets
2Paiul WalterB1-DER021 - snippets
3Paiul WalterB2-DER021 - snippets