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    Earth & Mars Dance EP 
  • Artist
    Telurika & Cabi 
  • Label
    Hangar Beatz Records 
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12" Techno - Minimal house
Earth & Mars Dance EP – Telurika – Hangar Beatz Records

Telurika & Cabi
Earth & Mars Dance EP
Remixes by
Miguel Puente, Cosmo Lopez, Ches.

Telurika, Andres Caballero
Earth and Mars Dance (Original Mix) 6:25
Telurika, Andres Caballero
Earth and Mars Dance (Miguel Puente Remix) 7:03
Lost Asteroid (Original Mix) 3:48
Earth And Venus Dance (Original Mix) 5:40
Earth And Venus Dance (Cosmo Lopez Remix) 5:44
Earth And Venus Dance (Ches Remix) 3:35

About Hangar Beatz:
Born as a series of Electronic Audiovisual events with a strong visual experience. Focus on Future Dub, Electro & Acid sounds.
Elegant sounds in order to dance or to chill out.
Emphasizes on the Visual Artwork & Musical Concept.
Hangar Beatz will be focus on Vinyl format and the support of incoming artists and unknown talent worldwide.
About Release

After some hard work and time Hangar Beatz presents his debut Release for the Label with Telurika's Earth & Mars Dance EP with the companion of some friends and great artists like Ches, Cosmo Lopez, Andres Caballero & Miguel Puente.

"Earth & Mars Dance EP" is about the cosmic dance happening on the universe, The sun, Earth and the planets intertwine en perfect synchrony a cosmic dance dominated by gravity & time. All life on earth is influenced by this cycles within cycles that determine our heart beat, the seasons of the year, what time you wake up & sleep or why some life will appear in some regions of earth at a specific time
From the Cosmic Dance to the Dance floor.
# Artist Title
1Telurika & CabiEarth and Mars Dance (Original Mix)
2Telurika & CabiEarth and Mars Dance (Miguel Puente Remix)
3Telurika & CabiLost Asteroid (Original Mix)
4Telurika & CabiEarth And Venus Dance (Original Mix)
5Telurika & CabiEarth And Venus Dance (Cosmo Lopez Remix)
6Telurika & CabiEarth And Venus Dance (Ches Remix)