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TIP 12" Techno - Melodic WW EXCL
Annett Gapstream is back on Artminding with her first EP. Two originals show her distinctive and characteristic musical variety drawn by vivacious DJ gigs all over Europe. Just as her international career, also her latest productions are picking up speed and reflect the constant process of heading a little further.
For the title track “Halluzination” Annett Gapstream premiered herself in the recording booth of the studio and created a dynamic, highly memorable iteration towards illusional, hallucinatory messages that wreathe the audience in a higher mental state while dancing. Surrounded by a lofty melody and very present drums the track reveals an entire new range of melodic techno creativity.
Meanwhile “Surrealism” and its warm bassline conveys a more soothing or relaxed atmosphere with lots of potential to dream away during clubby mornings.
The whole idea of this release is fulfilled by three extraordinary remixes. Amsterdam based electronic music gem Hollt, shootingstar Max von Sternberg from Vienna and Live artist Concious complete the EP with their majestic note right on top of modern electronic music production.
1. Halluzination
2. Surrealism
3. Surrealism (Hollt Remix)
4. Halluzination (Max von Sternberg Remix)
5. Halluzination (Concious Remix)
# Artist Title
1ANNETT GAPSTREAMAnnett Gapstream - Halluzination [Artminding]
2ANNETT GAPSTREAMAnnett Gapstream - Halluzination (Max von Sternberg Remix) [Artminding]
3ANNETT GAPSTREAMAnnett Gapstream - Surrealism [Artminding]
4ANNETT GAPSTREAMAnnett Gapstream - Surrealism (Hollt Remix) [Artminding]