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Bungalo Disco
Italo Brutalo
Heartware (Remixes)
Release Date
TIP 12" House - Electro WW EXCL
After the great success of Italo Brutalo´s debutalbum „Heartware“ it was quite obvious to let some of the
hottest artists around rework some of the songs. Kafkactrl, who released some great EPs on Vortex Trax took „You are welcome“ to another – his very own
dimension. While the original is quite straight his remix is dominated by electro beats paired with his stunning
micro editing. „Reach Horizon“ has been remixed by CYRK, who are without any doubts one of the best live acts these
days. Mufti from Mexico made a very dancefloor-ish remix out of „Dream Machine“, which will be heard at festivals
athis summer for sure. None other than one of the two Slow Motion Label heads, Fabrizio Mammarella, made a great dancefloor
version of „Into a sampler“. South Korean´s Shubostar created a great cosmic disco remix of „Heat of the Knight“, that can be played
any time in a cool DJ set. Last but not least Italo Brutalo´s longterm friend Kris Menace turned „Into a Sampler“ into a powerful bass-inyour-
face version.

# Artist Title
1Italo BrutaloA1 Italo Brutalo - You Are Welcome (Kafkactrl Remix) SNIPPET
2Italo BrutaloA2 Italo Brutalo - Reach Horizon (CYRK Remix) SNIPPET
3Italo BrutaloA3 Italo Brutalo - Dream Machine (Mufti Remix) SNIPPET
4Italo BrutaloB1 Italo Brutalo - Into a Sampler (Fabrizio Mammarella Remix) SNIPPET
5Italo BrutaloB2 Italo Brutalo - Heat of the Knight (Shubostar Remix) SNIPPET
6Italo BrutaloB3 Italo Brutalo - Into a Sampler (Kris Menace Remix) SNIPPET