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Various Atrists
Hsüan-Te Vol. 1
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TIP 12" Techno - Deep WW EXCL
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Hsüan-te is a series of VA designed to explore the various
aspects of depth, in the realm of Dub. The music on this EP
can be perceived as representing the seasons succeeding
and fulfilling inexhaustibly the natural cycles of creation
and destruction, one after the other, guided by the
elements and their vital force.

With Seeds, Ohm opens up the record with warm chords
and a steady groove suspended in the heavy atmosphere
of a summer day.

GIacomo Pellegrino then invites the listener to follow the
summer sun fading out to make space for regeneration. A deep
repetitive, classic Dub Techno piece hosts Autumn at the end of

AGP (Anthony Georges Patrice) brings along the flipside Revenge
Is A Tool For The Weak, as a way to let the power of forgiveness
develop under the ice, as the cymbals start counting down
the time left before the Sun shines again.

Alessandro Crimi closes the record with an epic, highly emotional
majestically simplified piece of Deep Dub to which springtime
itself will not resist to come over for the start of
a new natural cycle.

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Artist: V.A.
Title: Hsüan - Te Vol. 1
Label: Ausblick
Cat: ABLK002
Genre: Techno/ Dub
Format: 12"
Release date:17th of April 2023
A1. Ohm - Seeds
A2. Giacomo Pellegrino - Dub 001
B1. AGP - Revenge Is A Tool For The Weak
B2. Alessandro Crimi - Explored

Mastered and Cut at Dubplates & Mastering
DIstributed by DBH Music, info@dbh-music.com

Feedback to agp@lessenorg.net is infinitely appreciated
# Artist Title
1Various AtristsA1 Ohm - Seeds
2Various AtristsA2 Giacomo Pellegrino - Dub 001
3Various AtristsB1 AGP - Revenge Is A Tool For The Weak
4Various AtristsB2 Alessandro Crimi - Explored