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    Bon Vivant 001LP 
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    Bon Vivant Ltd. 
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12" House - Future WW EXCL
DBH Music proudly presents the first Album by Sakro on Bon Vivant Ltd.
Psychophonies will be out in June.
Highly recommended!
Teaser: https://bit.ly/3EPaCMk
Direct pre-order: https://dbh-music.com/shop/release_view/15638

Artist: Sakro
Title: Psychophonies
Label: Bon Vivant Ltd.
Genre: House
Format: 2xLP
Release date: June 20223
Cat: Bon Vivant 001LP
A1. Sakro - Unicos
A2. Sakro - Loneniless
B1. Sakro - Psychophony
B2. Sakro - Late Night
C1. Sakro - Groove Train
C2. Sakro - Where's Everybody
D1. Sakro - Paranoia
D2. Sakro - Stay M.O.M

W+P by Edgardo Alonso in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Wprldwide exclusive manufacturing and distribution by www.dbh-music.com
# Artist Title
1SakroA1. Sakro - Unicos
2SakroA2. Sakro - Loneniless
3SakroB1. Sakro - Psychophony
4SakroB2. Sakro - Late Night
5SakroC1. Sakro - Groove Train
6SakroC2. Sakro - Where's Everybody
7SakroD1. Sakro - Paranoia
8SakroD2. Sakro - Stay M.O.M