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    various artists 
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TIP 12" House - Electro WW EXCL
Xenochrony is a various, literally everything : artists, styles, spaces and times.
It consists of four new tunes deftly produced between 1999 and today, and you’ll definitely find your cup of tee among.

The opening cut “ Juno ” says it all, a classy House beat rich of riffs and Fx from the good old 106. Following, “ Lost In Schiller, its percussions sit over a hammering bass line making it feel like the early Minimal. We then flip the side to enjoy “ UFO” , what a progressive Techno beauty ! The Ep is closed by the delicious “ Annaeric ”, an emotional standard D&B, containing all that Nostalgia and bringing back the past.


Design by Yugo
Mastered by Analogcut Studio
Lacquers by LUPO
Pressed at Intakt
# Artist Title
1various artistsdbh-afterbeats-abeat001-various-artists-xenochrony-juno-a1
2various artistsdbh-afterbeats-abeat001-various-artists-xenochrony-lost in schiller-a2
3various artistsdbh-afterbeats-abeat001-various-artists-xenochrony-ufo-b1
4various artistsdbh-afterbeats-abeat001-various-artists-xenochrony-Forbiddenpattern-b2