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Form & Terra Records
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TIP 12" vinyl only House techno WW EXCL
Cie has been on an exciting musical journey since the foundation of the Form & Terra Records label
and the first record "Auf Los" and now delivers further highlights with "Adventures". Together with
a remix by Oliver Hess, the record has four driving tracks that will be released exclusively on vinyl.
The “Löwenburg” first appears on the horizon, and the closer you get to it, the more powerful it
appears. Arriving at the gates, the lion extends his claws and with his pounding, multi-faceted beat
and bubbling, lively sounds pulls every dance-loving clubber into the castle with full force.
Oliver Hess waits here with his musical tools and refines the masonry of the "Löwenburg" with
crisp percussions and incredibly driving beats in his inimitable way. With a hammer and chisel, he
sharpens the original in his remix and opens up new sound paths to the castle's secret locations.
Through the dark corridors of the castle we get to the "Bergfried", the first track on the B-side.
Hypnotic synth runs and pulsating basses demand everything from every wall, no matter how thick,
and enjoy testing it for stability.
Finally, it goes deeper into the underground with "Der Stollen". Wherever digging deep, fascinating
things come to light in the club night: brilliant flashes of sound briefly sparkle like precious stones,
and rattling, tirelessly driving beats ensure that you lose yourself in the depths of the sound of the
Four exciting tracks that are ready for any club adventure. Vinyl only.
# Artist Title
1CieA1. Löwenburg (8:19)
2Oliver Hess RemixA2. Löwenburg (Oliver Hess Remix) (6:41)
3CieB1. Bergfried (6:45)
4CieB2. Der Stollen (7:46)