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    Touching Lie 
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    Myk Derill 
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12" 2 x 12" Techno WW EXCL
Berlin born and Munich based Myk Derill can`t ignore his roots. Every second of his album "Touching Lie" reflects the vibe of his origins with its rough, edgy and beat-dominated sound. "Touching Lie" is a masterpiece, well, almost a lesson in how to design modern techno with vault or basement--compatible music for the feet. At the same time there is enough soul and awareness of how to transport emotion in music that, per se, is produced machine based which is as non organic as it can be. However, Myk has proven for meanwhile far more than a decade, that, by all dedication to the machine as the chosen medium to transport his definition of music, he is truly capable of turning cold and raw patterns into something beyond a purely technocratic experience. His sound, though being that straight and forward, carries something organic inside. And this is what it`s called art, isn`t it?
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