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    Oceanview 1998 
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    Leap Records 
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TIP 12" Techno - Dub Techno/ Dub WW EXCL
Leap is back with a brand new four track Vinyl 12“ project entitled Oceanview 1998 from Manuel Tschenett aka Mantsche.
The vienna based producer Mantsche has been making musik since 2015. During his journey he stepped into the world of dub and got influenced by Artists like Rhythm & Sound, Basic Channel, Maurizio, Sound & Sequences and other dubwise artists. Since then he started to create deep dubbed out sounds with lots of noise, reverb and delay which symbolize a timless athomsphere. We opened with title track Deltoid, an immensive Dub Techno slice which steps with dark chords, diy spring reverb and maximum finesse. Next up comes Miosis which reflects the beauty of simple delayed saw waves and heavy bassline. Flip the wax and find Drive Dub, a fully low end off beat track with the power of reggae skanks. Last one is called Oceanview, an oldshool back to the roots dub techno track recommended for late night raves.
# Artist Title
1MantscheA1. Mantsche - Deltoid
2MantscheA2. Mantsche - Miosis Dub
3MantscheB1. Mantsche - Drive Dub
4MantscheB2. Mantsche - Oceanview