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    The Condition Remixes 
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    Diamond Mouth 
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12" Tech House tech house WW EXCL
Label: Radikon
Artist: Diamond Mouth
Titel: The Condition Remixes
Release date: 25.06.2021
A1-Diamond Mouth - Stare At Me (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)
A2-Diamond Mouth - Divine Flow (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
B1-Diamond Mouth - Blade Of Light (Yubik Remix)
B2-Diamond Mouth - Divine Flow (Jonas Saalbach Remix)

At Radikon, we were mesmerized the first
time we heard Diamond Mouth’s angelic
brand of noisy, dream-like pop and have
asked some of our favorite artists to
reimagine the Danish duo’s singular
soundscapes for catalogue number 31.
Frankey & Sandrino’s rendition of ‘Stare at
Me’ shrouds the original’s lumbering
moodiness in layers of impatient
percussive salvos and sizzling electric stabs.
A monumental pad infuses the haunting
vocals with a sense of urgency, creating
a compelling emotional dichotomy to the
hypnotic original.
Setting the dissonant spoken word mantras
of ‘Divine Flow’ to a mechanical, throbbing
groove with pulsating blips and white noise
hits, Ruede Hagelstein retains the original’s
menacing quality. In a striking change of
pace, the track is enveloped in layers of
soothing pads and glittering percussion,
artfully mirroring the original’s progression
from dissonant uneasiness to divine bliss.
Yubik’s version of ‘Blade of Light’ imbibes
the original’s monumentality, while infusing
it with a powerful anthemic quality.
His signature drum and synth work adds
a beautiful layer of massive, all-encompassing
emotionality, and distills the original’s
complex soundscapes into raw dance floor
Contrasting to Ruede’s rendition, Jonas
Saalbach chose a different route for his
version of ‘Divine Flow’. Focusing on the
blissful, floaty energy in the second part
of the original, Jonas elevates the dreamy
original to shimmering heights of pure bliss
set to an effortlessly powerful groove.

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Mastering: BlackheadStudios
Text: Philip Forristall
Cover: Simon Kneip
# Artist Title
1Diamond MouthRdkn31- A1-Diamond Mouth - Stare At Me (Frankey & Sandrino Remix)-Snippet
2Diamond MouthRdkn31-A2-Diamond Mouth - Divine Flow (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)-Snippet
3Diamond MouthRdkn31-B1-Diamond Mouth - Blade Of Light (Yubik Remix)-Snippet
4Diamond MouthRdkn31-B2-Diamond Mouth - Divine Flow (Jonas Saalbach Remix)-Snippet