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    Knight Fever EP 
  • Artist
    Italo Brutalo 
  • Label
    Bungalo Disco 
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TIP 12" Miscellaneous - Disco / Nu Disco Disco WW EXCL
Knight Fever is the second release on Bungalo Disco. The four songs are a mixture between childhood dreams driving K.i.t.t. and a time travel from the 80s to the 20s and back – each track on its very own way.
»Taniacid« is a Neo Italo track with some spices of acid that will make you feel like driving in „Super Pursuit Mode“.
»Trust doesn’t rust« is more or likely an Italo Disco song, hard to say when it has been created. Not even Italo Brutalo himself knows it.
»Knightmares« – name is title. The psychedelic track contains just two elements. Less is more. An absolutely secret weapon on the dancefloor.
»Not a drop to drink« has originally been written on a very hot summer day in the mountains of Ibiza, what you might not expect due to its dark atmosphere with elements of old school electro music.
# Artist Title
1Italo BrutaloBD002 - A1 - Italo Brutalo - Taniacid - Snippet
2Italo BrutaloBD002 - A2 - Italo Brutalo - Trust doesn´t rust - Snippet
3Italo BrutaloBD002 - B1 - Italo Brutalo - Knightmares - Snippet
4Italo BrutaloBD002 - B2 - Italo Brutalo - Not a drop to drink - Snippet