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    On Met Les Voiles LP 
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    Les Coeurs Brises 
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    Hôtel Costes 
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12" Electronica - Ambient ambient / classical / electro WW EXCL
Hôtel Costes Presents... continues its Studio HC project this March with the ‘On Met Les Voiles’ LP by Les
Coeurs Brisés.
For the fourth long player in the Studio HC series Hotel Costes Presents... introduces a new collaborative guise
from some of the key figures from the project, namely Adrien De Maublanc, Adrien Boisseau and Julien
Quentin who here form Les Coeurs Brisés. The project was born out of heartbreak as Boisseau and Quentin
both suffered breakups just before hitting the album was due to be recorded, the result is a raw, emotionally
fuelled long player much of which was captured in the moment with one take and embraces all the technical
glitches, grounding noise, unexpected quirks and nuances that come with recording on the fly.
‘On Met Les Voiles’ sees the trio once again exploring a modern classical/jazz meets electronic aesthetic,
ranging from delicate keys on closing cut ‘La Haut’ through to the more electronic leaning styles of ‘Dans La
Tempete’ and its swirling bass line and ‘De Bon Matin’ with its bumpy breaks, choppy bass stabs and airy piano
The artists also explore more glitched-out ambient leaning styles on tracks like opener ‘Tout Doux’ title-cut ‘On
Met Les Voiles’ and ‘Et Plonge’ which lay focus on textural synths, modular whirrs, minute percussive flutters
and stunning intricacies from the organic instruments. Once again Studio HC delivers a forward thinking take
on classic influences.

Track List:
1. Tout Doux
2. On Met Les Voiles
3. Et Plonge
4. Dans La Tempete
5. De Bon Matin
6. On Allait Y Aller Et
7. On A Reagarde
8. La Haut
Les Coeurs Brisés - On Met Les Voiles LP - Hôtel Costes Presents...

Gonno (Ostgut Ton, Endless Flight, International Feel)
Sound gorgeous, thanks for the beautiful music!
Roger Gerressen (Sushitech, Yoyaku, Irenic, Mosaic)
a3/b4 my picks
Alejandro Mosso (Hivern Discs, Meander, Third Ear)
Trop beau! Merci.
Raresh ([a:rpia:r], Amphia)
merci :)
Les Coeurs Brisés - On Met Les Voiles LP - Hôtel Costes Presents...

Tracey (Dial, Voyage Direct, INTERGRADED)
# Artist Title
1Les Coeurs BrisesA1 TOUT DOUX
2Les Coeurs BrisesA2 ON MET LES VOILES
3Les Coeurs BrisesA3 ET PLONGE
4Les Coeurs BrisesB1 DANS LA TEMPETE
5Les Coeurs BrisesB2 DE BON MATIN
6Les Coeurs BrisesB3 ON ALLAIT Y ALLER
7Les Coeurs BrisesB4 ET ON A REGARDE
8Les Coeurs BrisesB5 LA HAUT