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    Nothing Good Happens Before Midnight 
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TIP 12" 2XLP Techno Techno/ House WW EXCL
RAWAX presents Simoncino's new album called "Nothing Good Happens Before Midnight"! A massive work by Nick who teamed up here on 2 tracks with Luke Hess! The Album will be out first week of April.
Worth to check!

Picture by Kratom IQ (https://www.kratomiq.com/)

Teaser: https://bit.ly/36f4lIs
Artist: Simoncino
Title: Nothing Good Happens Before Midnight
Label: RAWAX
Format: 2xLP
Genre: House/ Techno
Release date: 01.04.2021
A1. Simoncino - Bang The Drums
A2. Simoncino - Psyco Village
B1. Simoncino - 105 In Music
B2. Simoncino & Luke Hess - Tape I
C1. Simoncino - In The Spirit
C2. Simoncino - Akaweba
D1. Simoncino - My Fev Girl Is The Next
D2. Simoncino & Luke Hess - Tape II

Worldwide exclusive distributed by www.dbh-music.com
# Artist Title
1SimoncinoA1. Simoncino - Bang The Drums
2SimoncinoA2. Simoncino - Psyco Village
3SimoncinoB1. Simoncino - 105 In Music
4SimoncinoB2. Simoncino & Luke Hess - Tape I
5SimoncinoC1. Simoncino - In The Spirit
6SimoncinoC2. Simoncino - Akaweba
7SimoncinoD1. Simoncino - My Fev Girl Is The Next
8SimoncinoD2. Simoncino & Luke Hess - Tape II