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    Theories And Fundamentals (Part 1) 
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    Wave Particle Singularity 
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TIP 12" Techno - Minimal Minimal Techno/ House WW EXCL
A1. Photoelectric
A2. Measurements
B1. Super Determinism
B2. Theory of Love

One of the most important debates in the history of science took place between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr about whether light is to be expressed as a wave, or a particle. Today, RAWAX is happy to welcome Wave Particle Singularity with a quantum oriented EP elegantly marrying interstellar waves and quantum harmonies.
# Artist Title
1Wave Particle SingularityA1. Wave Particle Singularity - Photoelectric
2Wave Particle SingularityA2. Wave Particle Singularity & Adnan - Measurements
3Wave Particle SingularityB1. Wave Particle Singularity - Super Determinism
4Wave Particle SingularityB2. Wave Particle Singularity - Theory of Love