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    EhsaaSaat EP (incl. Patrice Scott & Donald Lee Roland II RMXS) 
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    Salar Ansari 
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    Analog Room 
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TIP 12" House House WW EXCL

Recorded in Detroit, MI.

Analog Room Director and co-founder Mehdi Ansari expands his dedication to the electronic music scene of the Middle East. After six years of weekly events, presenting quality and cutting edge electronic music from around the globe, the educating continues with the launch of Moozikeh Analog Room. Moozikeh (“Music of” in Farsi) Analog Room launch is to showcase the sounds and artists that Analog Room is all about. The first release is an EP by Analog Room’s co-founder and resident artist Salar Ansari who has been producing for over a decade. Salar’s sound is influenced by a very unique mix of residencies from Tehran and Dubai to Detroit, Michigan. It took all these years for Salar to reach a place where he is happy to share his work with the world. In this release he speaks jazz in house music by a very romantic conversation of percussions, horns, keys and bass. The release contains of 2 special remixes by Patrice Scott and Donald Lee Roland II where both explain their angle of these heavenly compositions.

ARTIST: Salar Ansari
LABEL: Moozikeh Analog Room
TITLE: EhsaaSaat
RELEASE DATE: 12th of January 2019

A1: Aura
Written and Produced by: Salar Ansari
Fender Rhodes: Luis Resto Electric
Bass: Pathe Jassi
A2: Aura (Patrice Scott Remix)
Remixed by: Patrice Scott

B1: Water
Written and Produced by: Salar Ansari
Fender Rhodes: Luis Resto
Electric Bass: Pathe Jassi Soprano
Tenor Saxophone: Rafael Statin

B2: Water (LEXI’s Flip)
Remixed by: Donald Lee Roland II
Synth Bass: Ian Fink

Recorded in Detroit, MI.
# Artist Title
1Salar AnsariA1. Salar Ansari - Aura
2Salar AnsariA2. Salar Ansari - Aura (Patrice Scott Remix)
3Salar AnsariB1. Salar Ansari - Water
4Salar AnsariB2. Salar Ansari - Water - Lexiis Flip