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    Cameron James Laing 
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12" Miscellaneous - Pop Dance-pop Techno House Synth-pop DE EXCL
British born, Berlin based singer songwriter, Cameron James Laing steps up for an outing on Suara. The original, 'Her', is an emotive and enchanting mixture of soulful vocals, acoustic guitars and swelling strings, beautifully produced and expertly executed.

Roman Poncet then flips the original into a bumping, breaksy, glitched out roller, twisting and manipulating Cameron's vocals to add a further dimension to the mix.

On the B side Prins Thomas brings his trademark Scandanavian touch to 'Her' edging the tempo up and anchoring the song to a dynamic bass, alongside echoing out elements of the guitar and strings to create a version that wouldn't be out of place on the Balaeric Islands.

Closing out the e.p. Peter Pardeike takes you back to the club, placing a rhythmic arp and weighty stabs behind a pounding kick and crisp hats, to provide a big room version of Cameron's original.

DJ Support:

Lane 8
peter pardeike remix is perfect for me thanks

superb remixes !

Oliver Deutschmann
Really like that first Poncet mix!

Roberto Capuano
Poncet's remixes are my fav here!

Eelke Kleijn
Fantastic remix by Prins Thomas!

Roman Poncet mixes for me thanks

Special Stuff

Arjun Vagale
Fantastic remix from Roman!

Vinicius Honorio
Nice remixes pack, Roman Poncet for me!

Edu Imbernon
Sweet Package!

Balthazar & JackRock
Roman Poncet main mix for me

Andre Crom
nice pack roman's mixes are quality as usual. will play!

Bastian Bux
Florian Kupfer Remix is magic!

Roman Poncet doing the business on this.

Martin Landsky
both roman poncet versions for me.... !!!

Marco Effe
Lovely mix from Roman Poncet !

Roman Poncet Remixes for me.

thanks a lot for this!!!

Very nice & deep stuff - for our sets we absolutely like the Roman Poncet Remix!

Roman Poncet Remix and Dub for us.
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